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Last Updated: November 1, 2023
EA Sports FC 24
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Sep 28, 2023
  • Genres: Simulator, Sport
  • Themes: Non-fiction
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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The 5 Moves You’ll Need to Master


Ball Roll: A Game Changer

Defending has become more challenging, but mastering skill moves can give you a significant advantage. The Ball Roll, a two-star skill move, is one of the most efficient and easiest skill moves in the game. It allows you to shield the ball while changing its direction, creating new passing and shooting angles. Dodging defenders and creating space with this move can be game-changing.

Step Overs: Accelerate with Style

Step Overs, another two-star skill move, are highly effective for acceleration in open spaces. They consist of two parts and offer various combinations. Executing them correctly can help you bypass defenders on the wing and create goal-scoring opportunities.

Heel To Heel: A Quick Escape

The four-star skill move, Heel to Heel, provides a rapid push in the direction you're facing. This move is excellent for tight situations, allowing you to quickly push the ball on a short line. However, be cautious, as a defender's move toward the endpoint can lead to losing possession.

Drag Back: The Forgotten Skill

The Drag Back, a two-star skill move, has been somewhat forgotten in recent years, making it a deadly surprise for opponents. It consists of two parts and offers multiple variations. The full dragback is an excellent way to switch directions and open up space when the defense overcommits to one side.

Fake Shots: Regaining Their Effectiveness

Fake shots have regained their effectiveness, particularly at the start of the game. They offer variations, with normal fake shots and the scoop turn being notable. These moves are reliable for making sharp turns and getting past defenders, especially when performed at a 90° angle.

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3 Easy Tricks That Instantly Make You Better at Attacking!


Creating Movement: A Vital First Step

Creating movement is crucial for a successful attack. If your attack lacks dynamism and pressure on the opponent's backline, you'll struggle due to the new zonal defense pressure system. To start creating movement, use your fullbacks actively in your attack. They provide additional support, creating man-advantage situations. Initiating runs manually with L1 or LB is essential throughout the pitch, but it's particularly effective when utilizing fullbacks, as demonstrated in the example.

Attack the Space: Tip Two for Success

With step one completed, tip two focuses on attacking the space. While the runs you create pressure the backline, not every through pass will be easy to execute, as opponents will defend against them. However, controlled sprinting (R1 or RB) can help you quickly attack space while maintaining ball control. This method allows you to apply pressure on the opponent's defense in two ways: through passes and advancing towards the goal. You force the defender to make a decision, and your job is to recognize it and act accordingly.

Be Versatile: Tip Three for Versatility

The final third offers numerous attacking options, including cutbacks, early inside passes, through balls, long shots, and more. Being versatile is key. Don't stick to a single strategy; instead, keep your opponent guessing. You've already applied pressure on them and made them anticipate your moves. To maintain the element of surprise, vary your approach. Sometimes, run to the byline, and other times, play an early inside pass. Not every attack will succeed, but decisive and varied play will lead to scoring opportunities. Remember, making the right decision every time is challenging, but playing decisively is your path to success.

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Mastering Objectives for Rewards


Foundation vs. Milestones

Foundation objectives and milestones represent two distinctive paths to pursue. Foundation objectives require a relatively small time investment and yield modest rewards, such as a couple of hundred coins, bronze packs, and occasionally silver or gold packs. However, they often lack the higher probability of obtaining valuable items. On the other hand, milestones offer better rewards, potentially reaching up to 1,500 coins, but demand a considerable time commitment. Achieving milestones may require playing hundreds of games across various modes.

Optimal Grinding Strategy

To optimize your objective completion, consider focusing on the Seasonal Live and Season Progress sections. These categories typically provide a superior return on your investment of time and effort. By strategically selecting objectives in these areas, you can maximize your rewards while efficiently progressing in the game.

Building an Objective Team

One key strategy is to construct an "objective team." This comprises a starting eleven tailored to meet the requirements of specific objectives. Your Objective Team should be flexible, as objectives change regularly depending on the weekly or daily challenges EA presents. Most of these challenges are manageable and often revolve around playing games with certain players from specific leagues, nationalities, or qualities. The objective is accumulating as many completed objectives as possible, frequently organized into groups, unlocking larger and more enticing rewards.

Prioritizing Experience Points (XP)

A significant aspect of this strategy is prioritizing experience points (XP). XP is valuable for ranking up your season progress, which opens the door to better rewards. While club items can be less desirable, the true focus should be accumulating XP. The higher your XP, the faster you can advance in Season Progress, where you'll find the most rewarding items and player packs.

Pack Rewards vs. Player Rewards

In the FIFA Ultimate Team experience, you'll often face the decision between choosing player rewards or pack rewards. It's generally more advantageous to select packs. Even untradeable players from packs can be useful, as they can be incorporated into your team. Furthermore, selecting packs has the potential to yield players with ratings higher than 87, making them a valuable addition to your squad.

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5 Incredibly Useful and Game-Changing Dribbling Techniques


Controlled Sprint: The Game Changer

The game introduces two new dribbling techniques which can significantly impact your gameplay. The first one we'll explore is the controlled sprint. This technique allows you to sprint with the ball while maintaining tight control. Unlike regular sprinting, where speed sacrifices ball control, the controlled sprint offers a revolution in dribbling. By holding R1 or RB, your player accelerates while keeping the ball close. Practice this new dribbling style with different players to get a feel for it.

1. Practice Controlled Sprint

Controlled Sprint is entirely new, offering unique turning and direction-changing abilities. It's vital to understand what you can achieve with it. In matches, it's particularly effective in the midfield to apply pressure on the defensive line while maintaining ball control.

2. Attacking with Controlled Sprint

To maximize its effectiveness, ensure there's enough space in front of you. Observe the opponent's defenders to bait them into making moves. By switching directions skillfully, you can weave around defenders and penetrate the defensive line, creating scoring opportunities.

3. Recognizing Technical Playstyles

Keep an eye out for players with a technical playstyle, especially play style plus players. They are even faster and more agile in controlled sprints, allowing them to execute extraordinary maneuvers.

Effort Dribble Touch: Changing Directions

The second impactful dribbling technique is the Effort Dribble Touch. It allows you to flick the ball and change direction swiftly. To execute it, press the R1 or RB button and flick the right stick in the desired direction. The timing and direction of the flick determine the success of this move.

4. Practice Effort Dribble Touch

The Effort Dribble Touch can provide quick contact with the ball, allowing sudden direction changes. Smaller direction changes are generally more effective, resulting in lighter touches. It may take practice to master this move, but the potential benefits are worth it.

Combining Techniques: Pro Tip

A pro tip is to combine the Effort Dribble Touch with controlled sprinting. Start with a slight direction change and use controlled sprinting to bait the opponent. Then, quickly change direction with the Effort Dribble Touch, leaving defenders in the dust. These combinations can be deadly when executed effectively.

Controlled First Touch: A Strategic Move

Controlled First Touch is another technique related to the Effort Dribble Touch. It allows you to control the ball in a specific direction as you receive it. The animation depends on your player's speed, the ball's incoming direction, and your right stick's flick direction.

5. Utilizing Controlled First Touch

This move is excellent for situations where the opponent is aggressively challenging you. When receiving a pass, flick the right stick in the open space to burst into that direction, leaving the opponent behind.

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