Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: August 30, 2022
Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires
  • First Released: Dec 22, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Da Qiao


General Da Qiao cannot kill the head chef with a bow and arrow, the arrows fly past the player and no damage is done. This is a glitch as all the other players can be killed with her arrow.

Money Cheat


How to gain maximum money.

The first step is for a player to complete Chapter 2 of the game. Once the player has completed chapter 2. 

A merchant with a fishing quest will offer the player 4 Ultimate Baits to use after the player has captured the town of Luoyang. 

The player must keep these ultimate baits to use in a moat. The player must look on the map and find a town with a moat or river running through it.

The town of Luoyang has a moat running through it. A player must locate the moat on the outskirts of the town and use the ultimate baits that occur on the bottom left-hand corner of their screen in the moat.

Once the player starts fishing, the player will start to catch items that they can sell. They must leave the moat after catching items and head back to town where they will have an opportunity to sell their items for gold.

In order for a player to keep repeating this money trick indefinitely, they must gain the ability to purchase Ultimate Baits in Chapter 3 and repeat the method as many times as they need.

Kent Hammer Gaming illustrates how a player can gain max money by fishing.

Shu Soldiers glitch


If a player uses Wang Yi and fights Shu soldiers. The player must run away from the soldiers. They will follow her and won't attack the player

If a player using Yang Wi stands still, after running away from the soldiers. The soldiers will run around her and inflict no damage.

The player may then destroy the soldiers with their weapons.

Jumping off cliffs


Players may jump of cliffs by themselves or on a horse and suffer no damage as a result of the fall.

Sword of Heaven 89 takes us through a montage of glitches on Dynasty Warrior 9 Empires

How to get all three Legendary Horses and Weapons.


There are 3 legendary Horses in the Dynasty Warrior series. These legendary horses belong to the following generals; The Red Hare belongs to Warlord Lu Bu, The Hex Mark Mount Horse belongs to Lu Bei and The Shadow Mare belongs to Cao Cao. 

The first step is for the player to go to explorer mode in the game and load the free-form map of China.

Once a player has loaded the map, they will be given a few options. The player must choose the option to go meet and talk to Generals by clicking on their icon on the map.

A general will only be available at certain times depending on their tasks. The first step is for a player to select a general and meet with them and gain reputation points. The player must gain a 100% reputation with the generals by meeting and talking to them.

The next step, once a player has gained 100% reputation points or S rank with a general is for the player to look for a diamond-shaped icon with an exclamation mark above the general's icon.

The player must get to S rank with General Lu Bu, General Lu Bei, and General Cao Cao.

The next step is for a  player to click on the general's icon and there they will be given an option to either marry the general or become sworn brothers.

A player must click on either option. It is important to remember that a player is only allowed to marry one general and have 3 sworn brothers.

Now that a player has become sworn brothers or married the 3 generals that own the legendary horses, this will trigger a special event and the player will be given different items from the general. 

The player will either be given a horse, special weapons, items for the house, or secret plans from the general.

Another technique that a player can utilize to get the Hex Mark Mount horse is to complete Liu Bei and Pang Tong’s Story Modes. 

After completion, a player may purchase it from any reliable retailer. 

The Red Hare Mount horse can be acquired after completing Guan Yu, Lu Bu, and Dong Zhuo’s Story Modes. 

A player may then purchase it for 100,000 Gold from any reliable merchant.

The Shadow Runner Mount horse can also be unlocked by completing Cao Cao’s Story Mode. After that, a player may purchase it from any reliable retailer.

SwitchStrats provides a player with a technique on how to obtain all 3 legendary horses.

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