Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance - Deluxe Edition Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: November 15, 2021
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance - Deluxe Edition
  • First Released: Jun 21, 2021

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Bonuses and Equipment


Short rest and Loot Bonuses 

After specific combat encounters, you will reach checkpoints that will give you the option to take a short rest or receive a loot bonus.

The short rest will help you regain your max hp and consumables. The loot bonus raises the chances of acquiring more rare equipment. You can increase your loot bonus at most 3 times 

Good equipment with different characters   

When you begin the game you will notice that all the sections of the map in the camp are locked. When you complete these sections you will permanently gain access to these sections. You will also be able to use them on your other characters.  

Fextralife is a well knows D&D player and has some more good tips to keep in mind

Stats Upgrade


You can change your attributes by changing your skin. This will cost 45 gold. But, this can make your stats on your armor go up or it can make them go down. This won’t work with every piece of your armor pieces.

Unlimited Epic and Legendary Crystals


Go to the Merchant and under the Upgrade material tab, you can choose your crystals. As long as you have enough gold, it doesn't matter if you have enough crystals to do the transfer. You can upgrade or downgrade any of these crystals. 

For more details on the Crystals Glitch, watch this in detailed video.

Gray Stalkers


This glitch will depend on the highest level of difficulty you can complete. 

You will start at the rest stop, put your game on the highest level of difficulty option that you can. You will get an epic drop that will drop at the level that you selected at the rest stop. Once you have killed yourself you will spawn at the rest stop. You can then go back and take out the gray stalkers and then check your loot.

Karpo gaming looks into multiple glitches within the game such as this, as olde ones no longer work.

Environmental Hazards


While exploring the locations you will need to be careful of environmental hazards. Especially in higher difficulty levels because they can greatly damage your hp. You can disable the hazard by checking your surroundings. 

You are not able to remove the frozen ground in that area. You will need to look nearby for a flaming sword. When you approach you can strengthen your sword and warmth for a while. This will allow you to explore the frozen area.  

Fire will appear often in your surroundings and can be in the form of traps that will spit fire or liquid lava. To preserve your hp stay away from the fire in that area. 

Poisonous plants are passive until you get close to them. Then after a short pause, they will spray poison in the area around them. To preserve your hp run ahead and do not stop.

Purple liquid leaks from the characteristic sculptures in the contaminated area. Be careful because the sculptures are hidden and you will need to destroy it to stop the toxin. 

Green toxins can be located on many maps and can be eliminated. Find a nearby barrel and blow it up to burn out the toxin. 

Combat and Loot



The first thing you should do when you start the game is widening your field of view in the settings. This will allow you to see more of the battlefield. You will be able to see around you at the same time do not use the lock-on system as this will ruin your field of view. 

Avoid button-mashing rather focus on learning specific combos and using them in battle. Especially when you are fighting specific heroes. There is plenty to learn and as you unlock combos you will also gain different abilities as well as combo abilities. In the beginning stick to 2 or 3 well-learned combos. You use in battle and you get used to these combos you can add 1 or 2 more at a time.  

What to spend your loot on?

The best thing is to focus on your moves. Then you can upgrade your current potions. Buy some new potions, make sure you are buying different potions. Don’t just buy the health potion. You can then move on to upgrading your gear. 

In the earlier stages of the game upgrading the gear you already have may not be the best idea. Until you get through most of the acts. As you play the game you will receive better gear by doing the acts but the move sets and the potions upgrades will be permanent. 

NorZZa has spant thousands of hours on this game, watch Norzza share some of the things you may want to know starting out.

Ten Towns

Easter Eggs

The game takes place in Icewind Dale. This is a snowy tundra in the North Faerûn which is home to a group of settlements known as the Ten Towns. The town has been mentioned in a couple of Dungeons and Dragons books like Rime of the Forstmaiden.

The settlements don’t appear in the game. They are referred to by many characters. For example, the capital Bryn Shander is mentioned in the introductory statement. He recaps the events of the book, the Crystal Shard which is given by Drizzt. 

The Fifth Companion

Easter Eggs

You may have noticed that Regis is strangely absent. The reason is likely to be because of the time that the game takes place Regis has a lack of marital capability. Regis weapon was the Ruby Pendant that influenced the minds of his enemies. 

The  Merchant, Kartick makes reference to Regis being somewhere in Ten Townes and may appear later in the DLC roadmap. 

Akar Kessell’s Past

Easter Eggs

Akar was a young man who is said to have no talent, no skills, and entitled personability. As an apprentice wizard, he killed his mentor, the only man to ever give him a chance. Akar stumbled upon and come into possession of the Crystal Shard. 

Akar is an inexperienced wizard and is drunk with power. Hel uses the artifact to launch a war on Icewind Dale, but thanks to the efforts of the Companions, he is defeated. Akar and the Crystal Shard disappear under an avalanche. The Shard was lost and Akar is presumed dead.

A Cult of Mages who worship the Crystal Shard, the Order of the One Light, which is the fourth campaign. This is a story about the Mages who find and resurrect a powerful tyrant. They turned Akar into an undead being possessing immense magical powers that he could never master in his life. 

In this new state of being, while also being bitter and resentful, Akar is still retaining all the pettiness he had during his lifetime. He attempts to regain his former glory by reuniting himself with the Crystal Shard that was destroyed.

Kelvin’s Cairn

Easter Eggs

Kelvin's Cairn Camp is where you start every game in Dungeons & Dragons and is the main hub of the world. Kelvin Duarol was an immensely powerful frost giant who wielded the powerful artifact, the Crystal Shard. 

The barbarian legend says that the giant was so powerful that he managed to enrage the God Tempus. Tempus is known as the God of war and is primarily concerned with honorable battles. The frost giant fights Tempus and Tempus defeats the frost giant. 

The God of war gathered stones from around Icewind Dale and piled them on top of the frost giant’s dead body so that his death could be sited. This site was later called Kelvin Cairn and this is where the champions rest between battles. 


Easter Eggs

In the first book, Icingdeath is the dragon killed by both Wulfgar and Drizzt. This is the reason Icingdeath, known as Ingeloakastimizilian doesn’t make an appearance. After the death, Drizzt names the magical scimitar from the dragon’s horn, Icingdeath which he then uses as his main hand weapon. 

Icingdeath is mentioned when a goblin mistakes a white dragon as Icingdeath and another Goblin corrects him. The other reference to Icingdeath is in Drizzt’s armor sets. The Dragonbane, which reflects Drizzt’s part in the Dragons death, even though he didn’t deliver the final blow.   

Drizzt’s Armor

Easter Eggs

There are many armor sets in the game that is in reference to the events in the books. Drizzt’s Warden of Mielikki set is a reference to his worship in the Forest Queen.  

The Lich Weapon Set


The weapon set is not a set of weapons but skins. Players are able to unlock a Lich-themed scimitar, bow, or hammer. The skins are not available from the beginning of the game. You can apply them to a weapon other than the standard weapon set. You will need a new weapon that is of uncommon quality or higher.

If you have cleared your first mission you will probably get a weapon with the right quality. You can then go to the merchant and change the appearance of your weapon and get the Lich skin.

Axiam goes into detail on how to get the unlockable

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