Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: May 10, 2022
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance
  • First Released: Jun 21, 2021
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance cheats


Unfortunately, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance does not offer cheats easily, but for those of you who are inclined enough to pursue cheats, there is a way to make them accessible. To access the cheats:

  • download the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker (UUU) and install it.
  • Launch the Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance application.
  • Open UUU and select the “General” tab, select the games’ processes and inject the DLL.
  • Return to the Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance and watch for a pop-up saying that the UUU is working.
  • Select the Tilde (~) key to access the in-game console.

Doing this will give you access to cheats within the game that can make your life that much easier. Here follows a list of what to type in and what cheat it gives you:

  • God - makes the player invincible.
  • Damage Target # - Deals a specific (the number you typed in) amount of damage to a target.
  • Teleport - Teleport to the location the character is aiming at.
  • sg.PostProcessQuality 0 - Unobscures the player map.
  • Time speed # - slow down, speed up or stop in-game time.
  • ToggleDebugCamera - gives you access to a free-roam camera.
  • Pause - pause the active gameplay.
  • Stat fps - enable or disable the on-screen FPS display.
  • Stat unit - enable or disable the on-screen frame times display.
  • Show debug - enable or disable the on-screen coordinates display.

Regis, The fifth Companion

Easter Eggs

Eagle-eyed fans of R A Salvatore’s series noticed that not all of the Companions of the Hall are present. There is one, Regis the halfling rogue, that is strangely absent. Many speculate that Regis is missing because of his lack of martial training during the time that game is set. There is a reference to his character however, Kartik, the deep gnome merchant, makes reference to him being elsewhere in the Ten Towers.

Unlocks and Upgrades Worth Focusing On


Throughout Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, there are very many unlocks and upgrades to get, this can be very confusing for newer players because choosing what to get and what to upgrade can be a daunting choice. Thankfully, content creators are here to help make that decision a lot easier. The main potions that you will want to upgrade are your Health Potion, Stamina Potion, Potion of Heroism, Elixir of cleansing, and Elixir of Resistance.

Complete Optional Objectives


During each mission in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, you are offered optional objectives. These Objectives, as the name suggests, are optional, meaning you do not have to complete them to complete the main quest. The optional objectives are recommended however, they offer the player a lot of loot and experience that would be missed if you were to ignore these side objectives. Playing through missions and focusing on the side objectives will open up a world of rarer loot and some nice leveling experience that you just can not find anywhere else in the game. So focus on doing some of those smaller, pesky side objectives to gain levels and loot a lot faster.

Fextralife explains the use of Optional Objectives during missions.

Tough Terrain


Throughout the world, there is hazardous terrain that will take a nice chunk out of your health bar when you are not prepared. Keeping your eye out for these terrains will be beneficial for your playthrough. Certain terrains such as traps can be disabled nearby, or poisonous ground can be cleared by detonating a barrel nearby. Keep your eye out for these terrains as they can be the difference between life and death when you unknowingly wander into them. Frosted Terrain can not be cleared, to survive frozen terrain, you will need to gain the warmth buff by standing beside a flaming sword, which should be nearby.

Fextralife teaches us about harmful terrain.

Focus on upgrading moves


When starting out on a new character, you have little to no moves in your repertoire, focusing on getting moves is one of the most important things to do when you end up fighting most of the time. They will make the combat that much easier, so gaining experience and leveling up to grow your moves tree is one of the more important focuses when starting a new game.

Fextralife explains the use of upgrading moves.

Explore The World As Much As You Can


Exploring the world that is offered in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is one of the better ways to keep up to date with your fighting world. Not only do you become familiar with the world, but you will also come across loot that you might not have found earlier. You will also find Attribute shrines which will award you with one attribute point to spend. In addition to the Attribute Shrines, you will come across inconspicuous breakable objects such as barrels that will drop sacks of gold when you break them. So make sure that you explore the world and find all the loot that you can.

Fextralife shows us why we should explore the world.

Keep an eye out for crystals


Throughout the levels that you play in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, there are red crystals forming on the terrain, these crystals are important for your growth and weapons. Destroying the red crystals will drop different colored crystals such as blue and purple, these will help with your rare and epic weapon upgrades. They will upgrade Rare and Epic weapons by corresponding levels, visiting merchants will enable you to trade for crystals of the color that you want, so keep your eye out for merchants that can give you the color that you are looking for.

Fextralife teaches us about the different coloured crystals.

Choose the Loot Bonus


After some combat encounters, you will reach a checkpoint that will give you the option to rest, which will replenish your consumables and give you some health points back. The other option you get is to choose the “Loot Bonus” which will not replenish consumables or give you rest, what it does do is give you a higher chance of coming across more rare items and collectibles. Choose the Loot Bonus as often as possible, as the levels do drop consumables as you go, so the longer you go on choosing the loot bonus, the more rare items and collectibles will drop. But be smart about it, if you need to, choose the rest option, as if you run out of consumables, that could mean the end of the line for you.

Fextralife explains why it is better to choose the loot bonus over the rest.

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