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Last Updated: February 13, 2022
  • First Released: Nov 5, 2020
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Purchasing various cars without wasting Cash


When you enter a race, players are able to purchase cars associated with that specific event. If you have enough money it is advisable to purchase a vehicle right at the end of the list.

These vehicles will be more expensive however are much better than wasting time with those of lower skills.

A good tip is to purchase the fastest car and the car with the best handling in every class giving you more versatility in each race.

Purchasing a car can be difficult to not waste the money in the game, but still getting value, watch as Jumbo goes into detail on purchasing cars in Dirt 5



Dirt 5 drifting is quite realistic compared to other games. To perform the perfect drift as you approach a sharp turn: swing out wide, slow down a little bit and pull your e-brake to drift while still holding the momentum.

Drifting is definitely not easy but once you have mastered it, you will perform much better in races

Still struggling to play Dirt 5 and have fun? Conner goes through some details on how to become a better racer.

How to get all 375 Stamps


By completing races in Dirt 5, you earn stamps which you can use to track your overall progress in the game. In total there are 375 stamps, once you have collected all of the stamps the game is 100% complete.

Stamps can be earned by coming first, second or completing the race. First place will reward you with 3 stamps, by coming second you can claim 2 stamps and if you place in any other position but still complete the race you will receive 1 stamp.

Therefore, to fully finish the game you will need to place first in every race to unlock all of the stamps.

Playgrounds Mode


Playgrounds is the newest mode in Dirt, allowing you to design, create, and edit your own events. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the game and its controls is to take part in other players’ custom events and once you have some experience create your own events.

You are able to create 3 different types of events in Playground:

Smash Attack

Players strive to collect the designated objects as fast as possible while avoiding penalty objects.

Gate Crasher

Create difficult routes, time trials and high-speed runs for players to compete in by driving through gates placed by you throughout the arena.


Design a track for drifting, donuts, jumps, and other features of interest to score the most points, based on speed, style, and flow, in the fastest time possible.

In this video Phil Maggs an official developer for Dirt 5 helps in tutorial to create the ultimate stage in playgrounds mode

Dynamic Weather


Unlike many other games, the weather in Dirt 5 does affect your vehicle. When you are unsure of how to handle your car in certain types of weather it is advisable to rather take it slow and gain experience which will become valuable when facing more difficult races later on in the game.

Heavy rain will make it easy to lose control of your car, therefore you should avoid oversteering.

Racing in a blizzard will require you to keep the momentum going in order to not get stuck.

Snowstorms and sandstorms require you to be on high alert as you won’t be able to see much in front of you.

Pure Play does a complete showcase of the Dynamic Weather system



Throwdowns are special one-on-one events where whoever reaches the finish line first wins. These races aren’t available at the beginning of the game, they are unlocked at different stages for every player by completing certain actions while playing career mode. They have their own dedicated tab alongside the events tab.

Throttle Control, Don't full send.


Instincts have most players holding the accelerator and not letting go. Don't worry any gamer would do this at first. 

However, in Dirt 5 the trick is to learn how to utilize throttle control. The key to winning a race at the best time possible is to know when to speed up or when to slow down.

Use straight roads to gain as much speed as possible but slow down before corners; this will ensure you don’t crash into a wall or spin out of control which would cause you to lose all momentum and possibly your position in the race.

A few basic tips, Avoid Collisions, Handling Terrains, and Car Types


Avoid collisions

Bumping into other players will cause you to spin out or lose momentum which can be detrimental to your position in the race. Unless the objective of the race is to trade paint, it is advisable to keep the race as clean as possible. 

Different terrains

Dirt 5 has many different terrains which will require different skillsets. You will tackle asphalt, dirt, mud, snow, and ice and each comes with its own unique challenges. Holding traction on certain surfaces is much easier and some have you sliding around.

Rain or snow can also affect the terrain. It is advisable to practice on each terrain and no matter what terrain, to try and keep the momentum going.

Various car types

Dirt 5 has a large variety of different vehicles. Learning the handling of these vehicles and what classes suit which terrain is one of the most important tips to succeed in this game. Racing on asphalt will require a really fast car whereas racing on snow will need a vehicle with a lot better handling.

Practice makes perfect


As with most racing games, the best way to improve is to keep practicing, dirt 5 doesn’t offer much of a tutorial to learn the ropes however they do have an Arcade mode.

Arcade mode is perfect to gain experience as you are able to pick the location, difficulty, and conditions of the race. If you are battling in career mode or multiplayer mode playing Arcade can be highly advantageous to master your skills so that you are able to continue in the other modes.

Moose Hunting

Easter Eggs

In one of the Sweden maps, there is a chance a moose will show up. Although it is not clear this is the Easter Egg referred to by the Codemaster Developer. There may be more unlocking to do when working on this Easter Egg. 

Hopefully, we will one day know what this is all about. 

For Reference a Codemaster developer told me there is an easter egg that hasnt been found in Sweden...so I went hunting....doubt Moose' lay eggs though....

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