Crime Boss: Rockay City Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: August 8, 2023
Crime Boss: Rockay City
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Mar 27, 2023
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure
  • Themes: Action
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Beginners Guide


Defend Territories

One of the main pillars of making money is the Territory system. Players must be cautious of rival gangs trying to recapture and contest these same territories while also expanding and capturing new territories and all the accompanying advantages. While more soldiers must be left behind to defend already-captured territories, you will need money and soldiers to take new territory. The goal of the game is to capture Rockay City in its entirety, so finding a balance between offensive and defensive forces will be essential.

Team Management

Members For Hire and Upgrades, which offer available companions to recruit for missions along with their own particular perks and weapon load-outs, will be accessible from the "Team" section. Lower-tier team members will cost less but only have basic equipment, whereas more expensive team members will have more perks and higher-level equipment. The level of enemy these members will face must also be considered when planning and arming them, as tougher, better-armed opponents will destroy lower-tier members.

Loadouts for Weapons

Picking the right tools for the job is a crucial step in planning. Ensure the crew has a diverse arsenal of effective weapons at various ranges. Melee and silenced weapons are essential for players who want to finish missions more covertly. You may need Light Machine Guns and a high fire rate to take on the hordes of enemies you’re likely to encounter during turf wars and some larger heists.

Boss Tiers

Travis can be upgraded with Boss Levels in addition to his standard benefits, which will lessen the likelihood of a permadeath occurring and give players additional benefits and bonuses on subsequent playthroughs. Players are given a choice of three perks for their crew members when they reach the boss level. If Baker is killed while on a mission, these will instantly take effect and continue to grant the perks.

The Key Is Stealth

It is usually preferable to attempt to complete each mission—even low-level robberies—in stealth. While not always possible, especially when playing with AI friends rather than co-op players, engaging in constant firefights can be very detrimental and hinder players' progress. When one enemy detects the player's presence, many more will spawn from almost every conceivable angle in multiple waves. Sneaking and bagging bodies and properly disposing of them will reduce the likelihood of an engagement.

Increasing Your Level

Earlier players must prioritize leveling up Travis Baker, as his death resets the plot, undoing hours of work. Starter bonuses like Toughen Up (boosting starting health) and Comeback King (extra revives) are vital. Upgrade crew members' unique advantages to fight effectively against tougher foes.

Making Cash

Players will need a source of income to unlock heists or conquer new areas in Rockay City, and eventually, they will need a sizable income to take on some of the game's more difficult challenges. Players will need to drill into a designated safe that is located somewhere on the map to steal money during smaller missions like robbing warehouses. These missions can frequently be finished in complete secrecy and are much more enjoyable in co-op mode. Players can also find extra loot during each mission, including money, jewelry, and valuables they can sell for more money.

Various Heist Types

The main campaign includes three main categories of heists: standard robberies, turf wars, and large heists. The gang will primarily use the money made from the routine robberies to expand into new areas, upgrade their equipment, and unlock bigger heists. They will also bring in money depending on how often and in which particular areas Turf Wars are held. The set-pieces of the story are large heists, which feature more dramatic and intense scripted events than other heists and greater rewards.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Many details can be overlooked, but they can significantly enhance your enjoyment. The main objective of every mode is to steal things. Even though you play as a gangster in the campaign mode, stealth is the key element. Going all out in each heist will result in your eventual defeat. You will compete to rule Rockay City in the Baker's Battle mode against four other gangsters and a sheriff. You will discover some unique mechanics as you play the game more, significantly improving and simplifying your subsequent runs. 

Activating Characters in Crime Time

Crime Time is the quick-play mode, where you can pull off a heist without facing consequences. This implies that, if you so choose, you may also engage in a gunfight. However, you will see that most of the crew is locked in this mode and can only be unlocked in the campaign mode. In the game, special crew members come in two different varieties. After you have given each crew member in the campaign mode the highest level possible, they become unlocked. On the other hand, crews with narratives like Jupiter or Ranger are locked in until all five of their missions have been completed.

It is Important To Advance Early

Unique buffs ease new campaigns. After a few days, police and enemies increase, making it more challenging. Gangsters elevate soldiers' ranks. Winning a turf war requires capturing many turfs early, even using all means to eliminate a rival gangster with low-tier troops.

Buzzsaw Or Drill Draws Enemies

Missions may require you to buzzsaw through an armored door or drill into a specific cabinet. As seen above, the area where the item needs to be placed is highlighted in white. Even so, setting up the machinery before disposing of all the intruders is risky. Guards, police, or gangsters will arrive at the location as soon as the machinery starts. With a question mark on their head, you can see where they are. However, doing so can also quickly and covertly take out all adversaries at once.

Avoid Cameras

In terms of detection, cameras—especially if they are directly above a door—are much worse than NPCs if you are sneaking around. To open most doors, you must play a mini-game that gives the camera time to turn around and detect you. It can be difficult for players to avoid these eyes. The best way to get under most cameras is to wait for them to turn away before doing so. It is much better to destroy the camera or find a different way if it is located under the surveillance room door. You might receive one strike from a destroyed camera.

The Power of Intimidation

The intimidation mechanic is challenging; tie up NPCs instead of killing them—lower discovery risk. Remember, gangsters, police, and SWAT can't be intimidated, but regular guards and NPCs can. If you intimidate the latter, they'll draw and fire. Alarms sound when shots are fired or police complete radio calls—time to kill if unable to intimidate a target. Close approaches may trigger melee instead of gunfire from enemies.

Going After Extra Loot

There will always be a white and yellow bar at the bottom left of your screen whenever you are taking part in a heist where you are supposed to steal things. The yellow bar indicates the loot inside the escape van, while the white bar depicts the total amount of loot stolen. However, these bars display the loot required to complete the task. After these bars are all filled, you can still find loot if you return to the building. Surplus Loot is what this is known as, and a level upgrade raises the cost of it. Even though surplus loot typically pays much less than objective loot, if you have the time, collecting everything is worthwhile.

Early Success in the Game

Sending soldiers to attack another gangster's territory costs a lot. Steal unique items like Dragon Dogs for over $500,000. Early on, these missions were unavailable. Regular heists offer less money. Use the mechanic for a significant bank advantage. Face Hielo, shown in yellow, is disliked by Baker. Weaken Hielo after taking some of his turf. Completing tasks grants a seven-day peace treaty. Accepting cash is crucial. Boss-level upgrades boost starting money for subsequent campaigns.

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