Cricket 22 Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: March 23, 2022
Cricket 22
  • First Released: Dec 1, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3

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Setting up that perfect Camera


Being a skill-based game, Cricket 22 can be a bit difficult for certain players if their settings are not set to optimum settings. Things like camera angles can make parts of the game a little bit more difficult than they have to be, so doing some research on the best settings to use can benefit you if you are looking to become one of the best. Some guides on Youtube can help out with that.

Welcome to Gaming showing us how to set up the best camera angles.

Setting up the game


Referring to the previous tip “setting up that perfect Camera”, the settings of the game can make a big difference in the learning curve of the game. If the settings are not ideal, it can make the game a lot harder to learn. Searching for players who advise on these settings will be a great benefit to your skillset when learning the game.

Twistie3 goes through all the settings that will help with lowering the learning curve.

Practice makes perfect


Cricket 22, much like its predecessors, offers a mode to train your abilities and improve your skills. This is the best way to hone your skills and learn the game, both for batsmen and bowlers. Taking time to learn the mechanics of these positions will help you climb to the top of the ladder in career mode.

Learn the bowlers habits


One of the best ways to get better at Cricket 22 is to practice and learn how specific bowlers work. There are many ways to do this, however, there are only a select few ways that are the best and most efficient. One of these ways is to keep trying with those mini-games that are offered, these help you hone that eye and make you a better batsman. The best way though is to play test matches, the reason these are the best way is that you do not have to hit every ball, you can focus on blocking and then trying out different hits as you feel more comfortable. These offer a bigger timeframe to learn and try new things.

Build up that confidence


Batsmen in Cricket 22 have a really interesting mechanic, their confidence meter. The confidence meter starts off on red when a batsman is fresh on the field, as the batsman warms up and faces more balls, the meter will eventually turn from red to orange, then to yellow, and finally to green. Once green, it is time to look for the big plays. The green confidence meter means that the batsman is warmed up and at the peak of his performance, so use that to your advantage.

Watch that field


If you take a look at your screen in-game, you will notice that you have a map of the field with the fielders’ positions, use this to your advantage. Keep your eyes open for spaces that you can use, as you hit into these spaces, you will notice that the fielders will reposition. Make sure to pay attention to the map of the field and hit into the spaces that the fielders have made.

Welcome to Gaming explaining about watching the field.



Cricket 22 offers an in-game mechanic called aftertouch. Aftertouch is basically the direction the ball goes directly after it has landed on the ground. Learning how to master this action can help you advance in the game and climb the way to the top of the ladder. Taking the time in arcade mode to test out aftertouch will help you develop your bowling skills and help you take out those pesky All-Star batsmen.

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