Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: August 5, 2023
Bassmaster Fishing 2022
  • First Released: Oct 27, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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Fighting Fish and Drag Setting


Learn how to fight fish effectively. If the line tension is too high or low, adjust your reeling accordingly. If your drag setting is too high, you might need to lower it to avoid losing the fish. Keep an eye on the line tension meter and adjust your drag accordingly to keep the tension in the green zone.

Lure Selection


Use the pro tip lower selection when scrolling through fish species to see lure recommendations from the pros. While this is not the only lure they'll bite on, it can be helpful. Remember to match your lure choice based on the depth of the water you're fishing in. For example, use shallow crankbaits in shallow water and deeper ones in deeper water.

Deep Water Fishing and Dropshot Rig


For deep water fishing, set up a drop shot rig to catch fish that are 30-40 feet down. Make long casts and use a half-ounce weight to make the bait fall faster. Pay attention to your fish finder to identify the depth of the fish. Work the drop shot rig by popping it up and letting it sink, and repeat to entice bites from deep-dwelling fish.

Diving Crankbait Techniques


Use diving crankbaits to get down to the desired depth quickly. Change your reel speed to two or three when starting the retrieve, then quickly lower it back to one to make the crankbait dive deeper. Once you reach the desired depth, maintain a slow, constant retrieve for more effective fishing.

Watch this video for more tips on catching fish in Bassmaster 2022.

Get to Know Your Fish Finder


When you arrive at your fishing venue, take note of the UI on the top left of the screen. The left part of the display is your fish finder, providing information about the terrain, depth, water temperature, and any fish swimming around your boat. The size of the fish icons indicates their size, and the frequency of fish presence shows how busy the spot is.

Fishing UI and Basics


Before starting to fish, familiarize yourself with the fishing UI. The reel speed can be adjusted between one and five, and the drag setting determines how much resistance your reel applies to the line. Lower drag allows the fish to take out more lines, while higher drag makes it harder for them to do so.

The hook depth indicates how far the hook is from you in the water. Pay attention to the hook quality bar; getting perfect strikes is advisable to maintain a high hook quality. Manage the bar while fighting a fish by adjusting your drag, rod position, and reeling.

Check out this video for more tips on catching bass.

Snagging and Underwater Camera


When snagged, watch the visual guide to see your progress toward releasing the snag. Green indicates progress, while red warns that you might snap the line. Get ready to fish with three default load-outs.

Use the underwater camera to observe the environment, fish movements, points of interest, and how your lure behaves in the water. You can toggle between the underwater camera and the angler's perspective. The camera snapping back to your angle of view indicates a bite or snag.

Casting Techniques and Trolling Motor


There are various casting techniques to switch between, and you have three default load-outs to experiment with different fishing styles. While fishing, you can use the trolling motor to move quietly and slowly around the fishing area without returning to the driver's seat. Practicing your cast will help you get consistent in getting the right distance and accuracy.

Learn to Read the Water


knowing how to read the water is a game-changer for your angling adventures! It's like having a secret fishing map that boosts your catch success big time. First off, you'll know where the fish like to hang out - deep holes, shallow spots, or near structures. You'll also spot cool things like currents and water movement, helping you find those perfect ambush spots where fish are hungry and waiting.

Keep an eye on the water temperature too; different fish love different temps. Plus, when you see baitfish or insects around, you know the bigger fish are probably close by. Reading the water helps you predict fish behavior and makes your fishing trips way more efficient.

Learn from the Tournaments


As you play Bassmaster 2022, you’ll have the opportunity to compete in several tournaments. While competing, keep an eye on the behavior and gameplay of the NPCs. There is tons you can learn by watching other players, where they fish, and what lures they are using. 

Use Stealth Mode


Bass boats are designed to get you to the best fishing spots first. However, if you go rushing in you might spook the bass. Instead, activate stealth mode as you approach your fishing spot. This should keep the bass unaware and give you the upper hand in a tournament. 

Know When to Set the Hook


If you’ve ever experience fishing in real life you would know that you don’t always set the hook right the first time. Setting the hook requires a bit of patience till the right time comes and then you strike! Wait for the bass to fully take the bait before you strike. Watch your line or use the underwater camera. As soon as the lure or bait is in their mouth completely strike and let the fight begin!

Change Up Your Lure Action


Knowing how you’re lure works is key. Certain lures are made for a slow retrieve or a jerk movement as you reel in. These movements are key when you are trying to attract different fish. For example, a slow retrieve might work better for bass that are feeling more lethargic, whereas a fast static retrieve might be better for something like a pike. Check your lure specifications before choosing them to see the suggest retrieve method and the level it swims at.

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