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Last Updated: March 6, 2023
Back 4 Blood
  • First Released: Oct 11, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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Back for Blood again?


Although Back 4 Blood does not offer console command cheats, what you can do is to download a trainer. Trainers help out in single-player mode only, so do not try to use one in multiplayer, unless your end goal is to get banned. The trainer will offer things such as unlimited ammo, extra resources, unlimited health, unlimited clip, and extra damage. Just remember to download the trainer from websites you trust and know.

Let us look at all the things


There are quite a few outfits to be unlocked in Back 4 Blood, these can be unlocked by sinking a little bit of time into the game. For example, to unlock all eight characters, all one has to do is play through all 4 Acts in either Single player or Online co-op. Guns can be unlocked by earning Supply Points in the game, once you have earned a few, head over to your camp quartermaster and get to spending those points on guns.

Guns look good, my way


The guns in Back 4 Blood have skins which can be unlocked by some hard work and a longing for a personalised gun. Just like with unlocking the guns by default, all one has to do is save up your Supply Points that you earn by playing the game. Head on over to your camp quartermaster and you can purchase skins there. It seems like the hardest thing in this method is deciding which skin you want to purchase with all your points that you have earned.

Really old school saves.

Easter Eggs

If you were to play the garden party mission, keep your eyes peeled for a room where there is a typewriter just sitting there on top of a wooden box. This typewriter is a possible reference to the Resident Evil franchise in which you would use a typewriter to save the game. A beautiful nod to Back 4 Bloods horror game predecessors.

Friday the 13th on Elm street

Easter Eggs

During the “Abandoned Mission”. If you were to take a few seconds in between killing tons of enemies, once you get a breath. Take a look at the sign posts naming the streets, there are two that stand out, “Elm Street” and “Crystal Lake”. These two sign posts remind those (and give others PTSD) of the movies “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm street”. Where Elm street is self explanatory and Crystal Lake is one of the names for the summer camp in Friday the 13th.

Call the priest!

Easter Eggs

In the main lobby, look around for a table with a walkie-talkie, some binoculars, and some books. If you were to take a second to read the title of these books, you’ll notice one book has a strange name: “How to: Spin your head 360 Degrees while sitting in bed”. This is a nod to the movie “The Exorcist” and more specifically the scene where Regan spins her head right the way around.

Get that man some bubblegum

Easter Eggs

In a tent close to where you would edit your cards. There is a book in the bookshelf with the title “How to kick ass when you are all out of bubblegum”. This is a reference to “They Live” by John Carpenter where they say the line “I have come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I am all out of bubblegum.” As well as the game Duke Nukem, where the famous line is also spoken by Duke himself.

Can I get a Cornetto?

Easter Eggs

Placed in the map “The Handyman” in Act 2, towards the start of the mission, take a look at the notice board and you might just notice something more than important notices. On the noticeboard is a sticky note attached that has the quote “You’ve got some red on you” which is quoted from “Shaun of the Dead” of the Cornetto Trilogy.


Easter Eggs

In the level “Abandoned”, take a look in the closet. If you are looking for a change in clothes, you will be in for a big surprise. There will be one shirt hanging up, if you take a closer look at that shirt you will notice that it has a striking resemblance to the shirt worn by Freddy Kreuger. Looks like some people will not be sleeping tonight.

One Pianist to Another

Easter Eggs

In the level “Making the Grade”, head to the school auditorium next to the gym. Keep your eyes peeled for a piano, once you have found it, head over to it and interact with it. If you listen closely, the tune that is played is the theme music for the game Left 4 Dead. This is quite an appropriate easter egg to pay homage to previous zombie killing games that lead up to Back 4 Blood.

Where are the rest of them?


In Back 4 Blood, there are a few secret hidden locations to find hidden secrets. Finding these places can be a little bit difficult if one does not know exactly where to look. Looking for users and players who create content will help you out a ton with this, watching youtube videos can help you visualise exactly where to go and what to do.

HarryNinetyFour shows us where exactly to look for all the golden skulls.

What am I doing and where am I going?


Starting new games can be daunting, especially when you get thrown into the deep end. Content creators are here to help. There are tons of guides out there that teach newer players where to go and more specifically what to focus on. These players have spent hours and hours of their lives on these games and creating content so that you don’t have to. Searching for these content creators can help you save minutes, if not hours, of frustration.

DryBearGamers explaining their beginners guide to Back 4 Blood.

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