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Last Updated: November 2, 2021

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  • Ratings: PEGI 7,
  • First Released: Jun 21, 2021

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Retro Mode and Classic Mode Easter Eggs

You can toggle between the new game and “Retro Mode” at any time by pressing the right trigger. Retro Mode is not identical to the original release of the game, but essentially changes the graphics to a retro style like the original.

Meanwhile, “Classic Mode” is a fairly faithful recreation of the original that keeps the new version’s smoother controls but removes the new additions that it added.


How to unlock Classic Mode Unlockables

When you beat the game, you will unlock Classic Mode.


Secret Island Hints

There is a secret area that you can access in Level 3. Defeat the first octopus. Once it’s gone, a pot should remain. Go down to enter the pot and it will take you down into another part of the level. Continue on through to the new exit and you’ll find yourself on the secret island. This is a secret level that contains money and a one-up and will also award you a trophy/achievement for reaching it.


All Collectibles Hints

There are 15 collectible items for you to find across the game. You must find them all in a single playthrough.

  • Stage 1 – video game
  • Stage 3 – box
  • Stage 4 – yellow ring
  • Stage 5 – new console
  • Stage 6 – pendant
  • Stage 7 – ninja star
  • Stage 8 – magical medallion
  • Stage 10 – dice
  • Stage 11 – game cartridge
  • Stage 12 – bike*
  • Stage 13 – Egle’s hammer
  • Stage 14 – candy stick rose
  • Stage 15 – ship
  • Stage 19 – roast chicken
  • Stage 20 – skateboard

* Note that the bike in Stage 12 is missable. To get it, you’ll need to use a helicopter. This means you’ll need to go into Stage 12 with enough coins to get either the helicopter or the cane to use to reach the collectible, and make sure to still have it when you reach the collectible area.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the collectibles, use the video guide below for help.


How to easily win janken matches Hints

There are bosses that challenge you to jankenpon, aka rock-paper-scissors. However, the first three rounds for each boss are set, so if you memorize what they are, you’ll know how to counter them and win each janken fight easily since you only need to win two out of three (all three are listed here for your convenience, however).

Gooseka’s first three picks are always: Scissors, Paper, Paper

You should play: Rock, Scissors, Scissors

Chokkina’s first three picks are always: Paper, Rock, Paper

You should play: Scissors, Paper, Scissors

Parplin’s first three picks are always: Scissors, Paper, Scissors

You should play: Rock, Scissors, Rock

Gooseka’s second match first three picks are always: Rock, Rock, Rock

You should play: Paper, Paper, Paper

Chokkina’s second match first three picks are always: Scissors, Scissors, Paper

You should play: Rock, Rock, Scissors

Parplin’s second match first three picks are always: Scissors, Paper, Rock

You should play: Rock, Scissors, Paper

Janken’s first three picks are always: Rock, Rock Scissors

You should play: Paper, Paper, Rock


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