Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: November 17, 2022
Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol
  • First Released: Jun 28, 2021

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Add cheats using a Trainer


Zombies ate my neighbors and ghoul patrol has no official cheats; however, cheats can be added manually using a Zombies ate my neighbors and ghoul patrol trainer, which can be installed on the Plitch, CheatsHappen, or FearLess Cheat Engine page.

The following cheats are available with the trainers:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Game Speed
  • Refill Health
  • Low Health
  • Set Rifle Ammo (1-9)
  • Godmode
  • Set Cans (1-9)
  • Set Medkit (1-9)
  • Invincible 
  • Victims Count (set to 1 rescue someone and exit will spawn)
  • All items

Bonus Levels and Their Locations


Below is a list of bonus levels and their locations:

  • Level 1 - in the top center by a house. Pick up either a bazooka or monster potion in order to break the hedge. 
  • Level 9 - in the top center by the toxic containers. Use either a monster vial or shoot through to access it.
  • Level 12 - You should save all the cheerleaders, and you'll be taken to the bonus level automatically. This bonus level, however, doesn't count toward accessed maps.
  • Level 17 - in the top center behind the cob-webs next to the room with a monster vial.
  • Level 22 - through a hidden passage in a laboratory. There is also a hidden, powerful flamer next to the bonus level you can pick up.
  • Level 33 - in the top left corner, in the water area.
Snorlagg shows you the Bonus stages

Levels that can be unlocked and the password to unlock them


Listed below are levels that can be unlocked with their passwords:

  • Level 25 - password PYLQ 
  • Level 13 - password BFCB 
  • Level 29 - password YLZD 
  • Level 33 - password FZVM 
  • Level 17 - password FKYQ 
  • Level 21 - password DXBR 
  • Level 41 - password FRPJ 
  • Level 37 - password FZVM 
  • Level 9 - password NBGW 
  • Level 45 with all 10 victims - password BLHR 
  • Level 9 with all 10 victims - password WBGR 
  • Secret level - password BCDF 
  • Level 5 - password XHRS 
  • Level 25 with all 10 victims - password GYLM 
  • 3 bonus levels - password XDSJ 

Sound Effects That Can Be Heard

Easter Eggs

When the LucasArts logo appears on the screen, immediately pressing the following buttons will let you hear the following sound effects:

  • If you press the L button, you will hear a person scream.
  • If you press the R button, you will hear a dog bark.

Do The Bonus Level First


Hitting the bonus level first allows you to stock up on items such as the bazooka.

There is a secret token that opens the bonus level “Day of the Tentacle” in the first level. To unlock it, you will need a monster potion or a bazooka to destroy the hedge wall in the top center. Both these items are rare in the first round as they don’t exist as standard pickups and may spawn from cabinets and trash cans if you are lucky. 

Using the password BCDF allows you to open the bonus level first. Once you open the bonus level, you should stock up on items such as the bazooka and then start at the first level to replay the bonus level again.

Always Rescue First and Gather Later


Your victims act as your lifeblood in the game. You start with ten per level and if you decrease to zero victims to rescue in a level it will be game over. Once certain score thresholds are hit victims can be returned, however it is in your best interest to rescue them as fast as possible and aim to not lose a single cheerleader, baby, or tourist.

Not all Victims are at risk, therefore you should prioritize your rescues based on monsters and victim exposure. For example trampoline Kids are generally safe from any harm, thus allowing you to put your focus on more exposed victims, for example victims that are out in the open. 

You can keep victims safe and out of reach by putting them behind locked doors, however some monsters can still reach them. You should also not neglect pool guys on levels with fishmen either, guys floating in the swimming pools early in the game are generally safe. Not so much as you progress.

Until you have spawned the exit door you should not worry about scoring monster kills or gathering items with victims being your priority, that way you’ll always have a quick way out when needed.

Always Use The Radar


The radar is a proximity-based window that lists the current victim count as well as their relative positions to you in a certain range, thus being helpful on more maze-like levels. You should activate your radar and start rescuing civilians as soon as you go into a level.

You should use a combination of your radar, situational awareness, as well as a caution to make sure you keep your victim count high. Victims are worth various points, so you’ll need to make sure you maximize your run at every level. Remember to rescue based on the victim's vulnerability. 

Run Away When In Doubt


Computer memory in classic gaming consoles can be limited. You can therefore use this to your advantage to maximize your gameplay. Enemies that fall a certain range off-screen will despawn. Below is an example of why this can be helpful: 

A dog is crowded by zombies, and you are separated from the dog by a wall. If you can get the dog and the zombies off your screen, then the zombies may despawn. This will give you the opportunity to find another way to the dog. Monsters may vanish, but the victims will not, as their positions are preset.

Certain Weapons Are Stronger Than Other


Below is a list of key weapons in the game:

  • The most used is the water gun. The water gun contains Holy Water and can kill a zombie in a single shot. It is also capable of causing damage to most of the other monsters. 
  • The fire extinguisher which freezers and weakens monsters. It is a great way to control the attacks of the sub-bosses.
  • The weed whacker which creates damage in front of you and is powerful in shredding monsters. It helps when you are dealing with sinister alien weeds.
  • The bazooka, which you should use sparingly, as it is one of the very few items that can destroy barricades. 

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