WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: October 26, 2022
WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition
  • First Released: Oct 21, 2019
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Locker Cheats


WWE 2K22: Deluxe Edition is an awesome wrestling game. The game does not have cheats that can be used directly in the game. There are, however, locker codes that activate certain perks, and you can make use of a trainer.

The trainer we suggest you use is Plitch. They offer a great range of cheats, and it is easy to activate them. Plitch offers a total of 9 cheats, 3 free, and 6 premium cheats. The cheats are:

Free Cheats

  • Prepare
  • No special ( Opponents )
  • No Finisher ( Opponent )

Premium Cheats

  • Godmode ( player )
  • Unlimited Special ( player )
  • Unlimited Finisher ( Player )
  • Unlimited Stamina ( Player )
  • Easy Kill ( Opponent )
  • Unlimited Attribute Points.

You can use Plitch trainer cheats by installing Plitch on your PC or console. Search for WWE 2K22 and enter the game. Once in, all you need to do is activate the cheats when you want to. Locker codes are given after you finish certain challenges, but there is no need to do that.

Above is a video showing you how the cheats work on Plitch.

How To Use Locker Cheats


Locker codes give you various rewards that help you progress in the game. Here is a list of the active locker codes:

  • 22CASTLE
  • SSLAM22
  • WWEHIAC2022

With these codes, you receive different rewards, such as Emerald contracts, faction points, and character skins. The codes do expire, and more codes are released. Keep an eye out for new codes.

Here's a video showing you active locker codes and how to use them.

The Undertaker

Easter Eggs

In the WWE universe, the undertaker has been one of the most iconic wrestlers. WWE 2K22 has used many references to the Undertaker's entrances to the ring throughout the game. One noticeable entrance was taken from his career in the 90s.

During the ’90s, the undertaker was often seen entering the ring with Paul Bearer. Paul isn’t a character in the game, but if you want to see him in the game, download the CAW of the manager and add him to the tea with Phenom.

You will then see Paul bearer enter with the Undertaker holding the earn.

Not the Face

Easter Eggs

In reality, the fans of WWE generally show some bias towards wrestlers with a more appealing appearance. During matches, when an opponent repeatedly attacks a wrestler by hitting the face, the crowd shows their dissatisfaction by shouting not the face, not the face. 

This has been added to the game. If you are or face characters such as Angel Garza or Carmella and repeatedly aim for the face, you will find the crowd chanting, “not the face!”


Easter Eggs

Rey Mysterio has been a fan favorite in WWE for ages. One big mystery about the character has been his identity. In the famous Title vs Mask match, Rey Mysterio faced off with Eddie Guerrero. If he won, he received the Cruiserweight title. If he lost, he lost his mask.

In the game, the same happens. You generally win the match but if you lose, Eddie Guerrero removes Rey Mysterio’s mask.

VC Purchases


The main unlockables in WWE 2K22 are characters. You can unlock characters by using VC purchases or by going through your MyRISE or 2k Showcase. You can unlock 41 characters from the roster through VC purchases.

To find them from the main menu, go-to options, store, and VC Purchases. All wrestlers cost around 1000VC, and your managers typically cost 300VC.In total it will cost you 37,900VC to unlock all of the characters. Earning VC is done by completing challenges and winning.

Showcase Unlockables


You can also unlock 17 other characters by completing challenges in the showcase section of the game. 

For example, you can unlock Rey Mysterio ‘05 by completing Wrestle Mania 21 or Eddie Guerrero ‘97 by completing the Halloween Havoc 1997 ( this is where you unmask Rey Mysterio).

Unlock Arenas


You can unlock arenas as well. There are 5 unlockable arenas that can be unlocked through VC purchases, 11 arenas that can be unlocked in showcase mode, and another 9 to be unlocked in MyRise mode.

There are also three arenas that are unlocked through different storylines but haven't been pinpointed exactly which storyline unlocked the arena just yet. These are the arenas:

  • Evolution
  • BCW
  • Queen of the Ring

Championship Titles


There are loads of title belts that can be won or purchased through VC purchases. In total, you can purchase over 40 titles with VC purchase and 4 titles through the showcase. If you have to supercharge activated, you automatically have all of the VC-purchased titles.

For title belts, through the 2K Showcase, you need to complete challenges to get them. For example, if you complete the Judgement Day 2006 challenge, you win the World Heavy Weight Championship belt.

Change game settings


Before starting the game in full swing, we suggest you change the setting to best suit you. To familiarize yourself with settings we suggest you go into gameplay settings in the main menu. Here you can change difficulty, weight detection, graphics, and your controls.

Changing these settings to what suits you will help you get into the game faster.

Here's a video showing you the best control settings.

Play these Challenges in Easy Mode


We all love it when the wrestlers include a ladder in their match. This experience has also gotten better in games since they introduced it. It can be difficult to place the ladder and use it in a difficult mode. 

To learn how to use the ladder best, we suggest you start playing this match in easy mode. Once you have grasped the methods of using the ladder, then move to a more difficult mode.

The Royal Rumble can also be a bit overwhelming if started in a more difficult mode. Rather try this match on easy as well until you are used to it. 

How to Climb a Ladder


Ladders are a great additive to the game. To use the ladder, you need to pick it up using your pick-up button ( L1/LB ). You can either use it as a weapon by using the attack button while holding it or set it up in the ring and climb it to jump from it. 

Alternatively, you can also use the ladder to reach objects hanging above the ring, such as a Bank briefcase. 

Here’s a video showing you how to climb a ladder.

How to Break the Ring


Breaking the ring is always fun. For you to break the ring, you need to have the K.O option on. To turn it on, go to custom match rules in the menu. You will need a character that can perform a suplex or a move that slams the opponent onto the mat.

Deal some damage to your opponent and set them up on the ropes with your back to the center of the ring. Supplex them from this position, and the ring should break. 

Here's a video showing you how to break the ring.

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