Tower of Fantasy Unlockables on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: January 17, 2024

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Unlockable Items


Weapons and Relics

  • Characters: Each character wields a unique weapon with its own playstyle and combo set. You unlock them through gacha pulls with "Red Nuclei" or special events.
  • Weapon Advancement: Each weapon has multiple progression stages accessed through "Gold Nuclei." This unlocks new skills, stat boosts, and visual enhancements.
  • Relics: These equipable items enhance your character's stats and abilities. Obtaining them involves exploration, puzzles, and boss fights.

Gameplay Progression

  • World Exploration: Uncover hidden areas, complete objectives, and activate map nodes to reveal the world's secrets. This grants rewards like currency, materials, and lore entries.
  • Exploration Puzzles: Solve environmental puzzles to access hidden chests containing valuable loot.
  • Boss Battles: Defeat challenging enemies for high-tier rewards like Red Nuclei and unique gear.
  • Story Progression: Advance through the main storyline to unlock new areas, features, and lore.

Character Customization

  • Avatar Outfits: Collect cosmetic items like clothes, hairstyles, and accessories to personalize your character's appearance.
  • Gadgets and Vehicles: Unlock various gadgets and vehicles to access hidden areas, navigate faster, and gain combat advantages.
  • Housing System: Build and decorate your own house using blueprints and furniture acquired through various activities.

Other Unlockables

  • Recipes: Discover recipes for cooking and crafting, allowing you to create various consumables and equipment.
  • Music Tracks: Collect music tracks throughout your journey to listen to in your haven.
  • Achievements: Complete various in-game challenges to earn titles, currency, and other rewards.

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