Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Mega Park Secret Area/Secret Tape Hints

The secret area in Mega Park can be tricky to access if you don’t know where to look. First, you will need to be supersized. Then go to the grate in the area with the pipes and Slam down onto it. This will let you break through into the secret room, which also contains the secret tape. As soon as you enter, look up to find the tape on the pipes.

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All Collectible Locations Hints

Every area in the game has hidden VHS tapes and DVDs for you to find, as well as a special type of collectible that varies depending on which area you’re in (pizza boxes in Mega Park, tiki heads at Bonfire Beach, etc.), which you’ll want to find to completely clear each area. These are connected to the various missions, so you’ll want to find the collectibles in order to maximize your score/ranking.

If you’re having trouble finding any of these collectibles, use the video guide below to help.

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Basic Tips Hints

Each level has traditional missions (finding the collectibles, as well as the letters to spell out SKATE and COMBO) as well as secondary missions, which vary.

Completing missions reward you with both stars (1-3 per mission, depending on how well you perform) and points. Stars are used to unlock new levels, while points can be applied to improve your skater’s stats.

You can replay missions to attempt to earn more stars than you did the first time. This also lets you earn more points.

Try to use points to round out your weaker stats, rather than focusing on your higher stats. Making up for your skater’s weaknesses is a good way to improve your overall skating abilities.

Slam is a new move that lets you quickly return to the ground. It can be an effective way to come down after an aerial combo.

Wall-running is automatic, rather than requiring specific timing like in previous games.

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