Unique Loot Treasure Location Guide for Thief on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Unique Loot Treasure Location Guide

Unique Loot treasures are hidden in each level, guarded by puzzles. Use the guide below to help you find and obtain each piece of Unique Loot. You should make use of Focus, when necessary, to pinpoint their locations.


  • Unique Loot: The Glittering Plumage
  • Location: When you encounter the room filled with caged birds, you are in the right area. The birds will alert the guards if you move too quickly.
  • Puzzle: Sneak past the birds until you reach the painting on the wall. Find the hidden switch on the painting and press it to reveal a safe. Unlock the safe. The item is inside.

Chapter 1: Lockdown

  • Unique Loot: Lyegrove's Jeweled Mask
  • Location: Enter the Serendi Jeweler Shop.
  • Puzzle: Make sure you are aware of the jeweler's movements. Either knock him unconscious or put out all of the candles. Open every drawer and look through every crate to get the item.

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust

  • Unique Loot: Soul of the Automaton
  • Location: Enter the Workshop and find the safe.
  • Puzzle: You must learn the combination and open the safe to get the item. The combination is 314.

Chapter 3: Dirty Ruins

  • Unique Loot: Ancient Figurine
  • Location: When you see the pedestal in a shrine at the Ancient Ruins, stop there.
  • Puzzle: Use Focus to see the symbols, and then align those symbols on the pedestal. Take the pedestal and insert it at the opposite side of the room to uncover the item.

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need

  • Unique Loot: Morendrum Medal
  • Location: Go to Eastwick's Office, but be careful, because there is a bird there that will notice any quick or sudden movements.
  • Puzzle: Use Focus to see a switch beneath a table. Press the switch, and it will reveal a safe in the wall. Pick the lock on the safe and grab the item.

Chapter 5: The Forsaken

  • Unique Loot: Mechanical Eye
  • Location: On the lower level of the High Road, you will reach a middle set of stairs. Head downstairs. There should be crates nearby. Climb onto them and go west from there.
  • Puzzle: When you see a place you can use a rope arrow, do so. Go up as high as you can until you encounter a walkway that holds the item.
  • Unique Loot: The Golden Keep
  • Location: It is in a showcase in Ector's Emporium.
  • Puzzle: There are several obelisks with switches you must press in the correct order: Kaitlin Court, Watch Station Plaza, and Moorsditch. Once you press them all, return to the Emporium to collect the item.

Chapter 6: A Man Apart

  • Unique Loot: Heart of the Lion
  • Location: Enter the Old Family Chapel.
  • Puzzle: First, you must rotate four disks on the side from which you can look inside. Leave the first from the top alone. Turn the second once to the right, and turn the third once to the right, as well. Turn the fourth two times in any direction. Once you have done that, go to the other side. There, turn the disks until they all turn red. This will unlock your way to the item.

Chapter 7: The Hidden City

  • Unique Loot: City Artifact
  • Location: In Treasure Run, go to the Loading Dock Exterior.
  • Puzzle: Enter the cave and use your Focus to locate the item. It should be easy to find.