The Last of Us Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Toolboxes to Upgrade Weapons Hints

There are five toolboxes you must find in order to upgrade all of your weapons. They must be picked up in the correct order, during your playthrough.

  • Toolbox 1 - This is found in Chapter 4: Bill's Town - Graveyard. Go to the first floor of the church and locate the armory. The toolbox is in the corner beside the metal shelves.
  • Toolbox 2 - The next is in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken. As soon as you enter the garage, look left to find the toolbox.
  • Toolbox 3 - The third is in Chapter 6: The Suburbs - Sewers. Stick to the path after the flooded area, until you spot a room to your left. The toolbox is inside.
  • Toolbox 4 - This one is in Chapter 8: The University - Science Building. Once you reunite with Ellie in the building, head down the long hallway. At the very end, there is a locked room to your right. Force it open with a shiv to reach the toolbox inside.
  • Toolbox 5 - The final toolbox is in Chapter 10: Bus Depot - Highway Exit. The toolbox is in the large tent on the left side of the Triage area.

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Unlockable Safes Hints

There are several safes you can unlock, if you also find the combination.

  • Chapter 3: The Outskirts - During the stealth section with the Infected Clickers, move along the left wall until you reach a store. Inside, climb onto a counter to reach the shelf above, where the safe combination is hidden. Take it back to the point where you started to sneak, and enter a store along the right. Get past the Runner to reach the safe by the counter.
  • Chapter 4: Bill's Town - Once you reach main street, follow it all the way to the barrier to collect the combination. Backtrack until you reach the truck across from the pizza parlor. Go around the back of the truck to find the safe.
  • Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Climb the ladder to the upper floor of the hotel. From there, go up the stairs to your right. The combination is in the corner of the room. Return to the lower, flooded level, and go through the door behind the counter left of the entrance. The safe is in the next room.
  • Chapter 6: The Suburbs - In the empty neighborhood, enter the house beyond the fenced-off one, and go to the third floor. The combination is on the desk. Go back downstairs to the second floor, where you'll find the safe in a bedroom.

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