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Last Updated: October 6, 2022

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  • Genre: Fighting, Adventure, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,PC,Nintendo 3DS,Wii U,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Beenox Studios,High Voltage Software, Inc.
  • Publisher: Activision,Square Enix
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T
  • First Released: Apr 16, 2014

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Infinite XP Hints

To earn infinite XP, begin "Raid on Oscorp." After you go through the air vents, you'll see a skippable cutscene and then have five enemies to deal with. Use stealth to take down the first four. The fifth can be handled any way you like. Next, pause and choose to restart from your last checkpoint. You'll keep the XP you earned and return to the point after you left the vent, allowing you to fight the same five enemies again. Repeat as needed.

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Aerial Break Achievement/Trophy Hints

The "Aerial Break" achievement/trophy can be tricky, but you can get it at the start of the mission "The Kingpin of Crime!" You'll see a tutorial to help you fight the armored enemy. Disable its armor and then use your Web-Strike.

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Friendly Fire Achievement/Trophy Hints

For the "Friendly Fire" achievement/trophy, you'll want to pay attention to the levers in the boss fight room in "Maximum Carnage." If you stand beneath a lever, you can pull it when Carnage is near to shoot him with fire. During the second section of the battle, keep an eye on Carnage. When he jumps up the wall, activate all of the levers. Attack Carnage with a Seismic Blast to force him into the first. If you can do this three times, you'll get the achievement/trophy.

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Trophies Trophies

Icon Title Description Type
Does Everything a Spider Can!
Unlock all trophies
Completed the game on Human difficulty
Completed the game on Hero difficulty
Super Hero
Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty
Collected all Spider-Man comic books
Retrieved all parts of Black Cat's journal
Special Agent
Retrieved all parts of Menken's journal
Retrieved all parts of Detective's journal
I'm on a Roll!
Achieved a combo streak of 42
Stay Down!
Performed 15 signature moves
Destroyed 20 body armors
Know Your Enemies
Unlocked all character bios
Completed all photo challenges
All Tied Up
Defeated 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns
Hunter of Killers
Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols
Drop It!
Disarmed 50 enemies
Defeated Shocker
The Hunter, Hunted
Defeated Kraven
Lovers' Quarrel
Defeated Black Cat
Is It Over?
Defeated Cletus Kasady
You Are Under Arrest
Defeated Kingpin
The Green Goblin
Defeated Green Goblin
Switch Off
Defeated Electro
Now It Is Over
Defeated Carnage
Unlocked all suits
Completed all hideouts
Completed all combat challenges
Can't Hit Me
Achieved 30 multidodges
Timing Is Everything
Achieved 100 critical hits
Lightweight Champion
Defeated 100 enemies
Middleweight Champion
Defeated 300 enemies
Heavyweight Champion
Defeated 500 enemies
Hero of the People
Saved 50 civilians
Ultimate Spider-Man
Reached maximum levels for all suits
State of the Art
Unlocked all concept art
True Hero
Heroism to the maximum
Completed 10 deadlock situations
Completed 10 building on fire situations
Guardian Angel
Completed 10 rescue situations
Completed 10 petty crime situations
Completed 5 races
Master of the Web
Performed 50 signature moves
Friendly Fire
Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him
Acquired the Seismic Blast ability
Acquired the Ionic Web ablity
Aerial Break
Destroy any armored enemy using Web-Strike
Completed a hideout without being spotted


Alternate Costumes Unlockables

  • Amazing Spider-Man (2012 version) - You'll get this when you start the campaign.
  • Amazing Spider-Man (2014 version) - You'll get this when you start the campaign.
  • Vigilante - You'll get this when you start the campaign.
  • Ricochet - This one is given to you during the campaign.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) - You'll get this once you finish the sixth chapter.
  • Spider-Carnage - You'll get this when you complete the game.
  • Superior Spider-Man - This is your reward for completing the 12 combat challenges.
  • Hornet - This is your reward for completing the 15 racing challenges.
  • Big Time - You'll get this when you clear a Russian hideout.
  • Flipside - You'll get this when you clear a Russian hideout.
  • Spider-Armor - You'll get this when you clear a Russian hideout.
  • Spider-Man 2099 - You'll get this when you clear a Russian hideout.
  • Scarlet Spider (2012 version) - You'll get this when you clear every one of the Russian hideouts.
  • Cosmic Spider-Man - You got this costume if you preordered the game from GameStop.
  • Iron Spider Armor - You got this costume if you preordered the game from GameStop.
  • Noir Spider-Man - You got this costume if you preordered the game from GameStop.
  • Symbiote - You got this costume if you preordered the game from GameStop.
  • Electro-Proof - You got this costume if you downloaded the game from the PlayStation Network.


I'm on a Roll Achievement/Trophy Hints

The "I'm on a Roll" achievement/trophy is more easily earned during a combat challenge. Combat challenges are accessible from the arcade machine in Stan's Comic Book Store. Fight the enemies in the challenge normally, until only one remains. Then, use Web-Strike on the enemy until you get a combo streak of 42.


Sneaky Achievement/Trophy Hints

The southernmost Russian hideout is the easier one in which to get the "Sneaky" achievement/trophy. - It should be noted that if you clear a hideout, you can't return to clear it again.) You need to clear the hideout and reach your objective in this case, the container on the ground without being noticed. The guards' awareness level is indicated by a meter in the upper left corner of your screen. Make your way along the ceiling with Web-Rush and take care of the guards without letting that meter increase. If it gets above zero, just restart.


Audio Logs Guides

Follow the instructions below to find all of the audio logs.

Raid on Oscorp Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - Once you rescue the hostages, you'll be able to get the log from the desk on the left side of the room.
  • Audio Log 2 - In the same room, there is a hallway to the right, with a log in its back corner.
  • Audio Log 3 - In the generator room, there is a fan on the right side. Freeze it up with Web-Shoot and go through to find the log by the pipes.

Into the Lion's Den! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - Turn right in the subway after you get past the first guard, and find the guard carrying a flashlight. Deal with him and search the room. The log is on a crate in the back.

No One Is Safe! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - A log is hidden behind the pillars on the balcony above the stage.
  • Audio Log 2 - Another log is in the doorway to the left of the stage.
  • Audio Log 3 - Go through the double-doors to the right of the stage and turn right to find the log.
  • Audio Log 4 - After you rescue the hostages, but before you reach the prop that looks like a marble staircase, search the props/sets you see to find the log.
  • Audio Log 5 - Climb the marble staircase prop and jump to the scaffolding to find a log on the right.
  • Audio Log 6 - Just past the fence that surrounds the shipping yard, a log is hidden behind the cab of a truck parked alongside a second truck.

Claws of the Cat! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - Start at the stairs in the room with the Wooly Mammoth. Turn left. The log is behind the case with the green background.
  • Audio Log 2 - The next log is in the case through the door behind the Wooly Mammoth.

My Ally, My Enemy! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - You can grab a log from next to Harry before you start talking to him.
  • Audio Log 2 - There is another log in the study, on top of the desk by the piano.

The Kingpin of Crime! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - As you make your way up the ramps in the building, you'll pass a wall with a hole in it. Go outside and head right to find the log on the ground.
  • Audio Log 2 - From the same ramp, head left to find a log hidden in the debris in the area below.
  • Audio Log 3 - When you reach the hallway filled with all the shipping containers, head outside. There, you can go along the tower to eventually reach a truck with the log on the hood.
  • Audio Log 4 - The next log is on the desk in the underground vault.

Maximum Carnage! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - The final log is within the electrified cage. You can access it through a hole in the side.


Black Cat Journals Guides

Follow the instructions below to find all of the Black Cat Journals.

No One Is Safe! Journals

  • Black Cat Journal 1 - The journal is on the balcony facing the stage.
  • Black Cat Journal 2 - Through the double-doors to the right of the stage, the journal is directly to your right within the maintenance hall.
  • Black Cat Journal 3 - The next journal is on the backdrop that includes a wooden staircase.

Claws of the Cat! Journals

  • Black Cat Journal 1 - Star from the bottom of the stairs in the Wooly Mammoth Room. To your left, there is a journal behind the case with the blue-green background.
  • Black Cat Journal 2 - Another journal is in with the dinosaur eggs in the case, in the room through the door behind the Wooly Mammoth.

Free Roam Journals

  • Black Cat Journal 1 - A journal is hidden above the "Le Venin" sign at Times Square.
  • Black Cat Journal 2 - Start at Times Square. Get onto the rooftops and go northeast until you reach a blue tower. The journal is on one of its landings.
  • Black Cat Journal 3 - Start at Times Square again, but head along the road going northeast. You'll eventually reach a building with two tunnels. The journal is in it.
  • Black Cat Journal 4 - Another journal is hidden behind the shrubbery and benches in the small park in the city's northeastern section.
  • Black Cat Journal 5 - Finally, travel to the far southwest section of the city and search they alleyways to find the last journal.


J. Jonah Jameson Photos Guides

Follow the instructions below to find all of the objects you need to take photos of for J. Jonah Jameson.

Raid on Oscorp Photographs

  • Photograph 1 - Once you see the hostages, the game will prompt you to follow the pipe. Do so, but when it turns left, jump down below. Take a picture of the Vulture wings.
  • Photograph 2 - When you reach the generator room, use a zip-line to reach the area just above the generator, and leap to the right to land on a walkway. Approach the window and take a picture of Doc Ock's robotic tentacles.

No One Is Safe! Photographs

  • Photograph 1 - Look underneath the prop/set that has an attached staircase and take a picture of the fishbowl helmet.
  • Photograph 2 - Head right in the shipping yard, and take a picture of the Rhino suit hidden among the shipping containers.

Claws of the Cat! Photographs

  • Photograph 1 - Take a picture of the blue-and-white emblem painting on the left side of the room with the Wooly Mammoth.

My Ally, My Enemy! Photographs

  • Photograph 2 - Take a picture of the pumpkin on the bookshelf in the study.

The Kingpin of Crime! Photographs

  • Photograph 3 - Once you pass the first sniper in the area with the catwalks, take a picture of the green striped shirt in the sandy patch down on the ground floor.

Maximum Carnage! Photographs

  • Photograph 1 - When you reach the end of the long, bottomless hallway you have to swing across - after the electrified cage room), take a picture of the Ravencroft's "Venom Wing" sign to the right.

Free Roam Photographs

  • Photograph 1 - Take a picture of the O in the Oscorp headquarters.
  • Photograph 2 - Take a picture of Stan Lee's Comic Stand.
  • Photograph 3 - Take a picture of the Daily Bugle sign, which can be found in the east section of the city.
  • Photograph 4 - Take a picture of the Fisk Tower logo on the ground floor of the Kingpin's building, once you've finished your campaign business there.
  • Photograph 5 - On the rooftops around Fisk Tower, you can find a club called The Wake. Take a picture of The Wake's logo.


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