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  • Genre: Action
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment America

Infinite XP Glitches

At Greenwich, you can do the Fisk Hideout mission over and over again to get 2500 XP every time, without needing to do the optional objectives. Keep in mind that since this is a glitch/exploit, it might be patched eventually.

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Landmark references Easter Eggs

Many of the landmarks in the game are references to other characters in the Marvel universe. These include the Avengers Tower, the Sanctum Santorum used by Doctor Strange, Alias Investigations where Jessica Jones runs her detective agency, the Rand Corporation run by Iron Fist, and several more.

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Proposal Easter Eggs

On the corner of Canal St. and Church St., you can find a movie marquee with the words “Maddie, will you marry me?” This was actually a real-life proposal attempt, put into the game at the request of a fan. Unfortunately, the relationship was not going well and ultimately didn’t work out. It’s possible that this proposal will eventually be removed from the game.

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Tony Stark and Reed Richards Easter Eggs

The post-it notes in Peter’s apartment that you can see at the start of the game include a reminder to contact “T.S.” about a job and another to ask “R.R.” about a suit. These are most likely references to Tony Stark and Reed Richards, respectively.

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Stan Lee cameo Easter Eggs

Just as he appeared in all Marvel movies, Spider-Man creator Stan Lee has a cameo in the game, appearing as a cook when Peter and MJ go out for dinner.

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Unlock All Outfits Unlockables

There are 28 unlockable outfits. These outfits can be unlocked by completing the indicated tasks below. Once unlocked, an outfit can be purchased with tokens. While several outfits have their own unique abilities, these abilities can be used with any other outfit once you’ve purchased it.

Classic Suit – Complete the mission “Something Old, Something New,” costs 2 backpack tokens and 2 crime tokens, gives the Web Blossom ability.

Classic Suit (Damaged) – Complete the mission “Something Old, Something New.”

Advanced Suit – Complete the mission “Something Old, Something New,” costs 1 backpack token and 2 crime tokens, gives the Battle Focus ability.

Scarlet Spider – Complete the mission “Something Old, Something New,” costs 3 crime tokens and 2 landmark tokens, gives the Holo Decay ability.

Noir Suit – Complete the mission “Something Old, Something New,” costs 2 backpack tokens and 2 base tokens, gives the Sound of Silence ability.

Anti-Ock Suit – Get it during the mission “Pax In Bello,” gives the Resupply ability.

Spider-Armor Mk II – Reach level 5, costs 1 landmark token and 2 research tokens, gives the Bullet Proof ability.

Secret War Suit – Reach level 7, costs 2 backpack tokens, 1 base token, and 2 research tokens, gives the Arms Race ability.

Stark Suit (Homecoming) – Reach level 10, costs 3 crime tokens, 1 base token, and 1 research token, gives the Spider-Bro ability.

Negative Suit – Reach level 11, costs 2 landmark tokens, 1 base token, and 1 research token, gives the Negative Shockwave ability.

Electrically-Insulated Suit – Reach level 13, costs 3 crime tokens, 1 base token, and 1 research token, gives the Electric Punch ability.

Spider-Punk – Reach level 16, costs 3 crime tokens, 2 backpack tokens, and 2 landmark tokens, gives the Rock Out ability.

Wrestler Suit – Reach level 19, costs 2 backpack tokens, 2 base tokens, and 2 research tokens, gives the King of the Ring ability.

Fear Itself Suit – Reach level 21, costs 6 challenge tokens, 2 base tokens, and 3 research tokens, gives the Quad Damage ability.

Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit – Reach level 23, costs 2 base tokens, 3 landmark tokens, and 4 challenge tokens, gives the Blur Projector ability.

Spider-Armor Mk III Suit – Reach level 27, costs 4 crime tokens and 2 base tokens, gives the Titanium Alloy Plates ability.

Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit – Reach level 29, costs 4 research tokens, 2 base tokens, and 2 crime tokens, gives the Low Gravity ability.

Iron Spider Suit (Infinity War) – Reach level 31, costs 4 crime tokens, 3 base tokens, and 3 challenge tokens, gives the Iron Arms ability.

Velocity Suit – Reach level 33, costs 4 challenge tokens, 2 landmark tokens, and 2 backpack tokens, gives the Blitz ability.

Spider-Armor Mk IV Suit – Reach level 35, costs 4 challenge tokens, 4 base tokens, and 3 landmark tokens, gives the Defense Shield ability.

Spirit Spider – Reach level 37, costs 6 crime tokens, 6 challenge tokens, and 6 base tokens, gives the Spirit Fire ability.

Spider-Man 2099 White Suit – Reach level 39, costs 4 challenge tokens, 4 base tokens, and 4 crime tokens, gives the Concussion Strike ability.

Vintage Comic Book Suit – Reach level 41, costs 4 challenge tokens, 4 backpack tokens, and 4 crime tokens, gives the Quips ability.

Last Stand Suit – Reach level 45, costs 20 crime tokens, gives the Unrelenting Fury ability.

ESU Suit – Reach level 50 and find all 50 photo spots.

Homemade Suit (Homecoming) – After the first backpack, find all of the backpacks in New York.

Dark Suit – Find all of the Black Cat collectibles in New York.

Undies – Complete the game 100%, gives the Equalizer ability.

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Trailer Easter Eggs Easter Eggs

The trailers for Spider-Man have already included several Easter eggs. In the E3 2016 trailer, Spider-Man’s web shooter resembles that from Captain America: Civil War, a sign reading “Osborn for Mayor” suggests either Harry or Norman Osborn will appear, and we get to see the Daily Bugle newspaper.

A later trailer released in October 2017 includes a brief shot of the Sanctum Sanctorum, the residence of Doctor Strange.

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GTA IV references Easter Eggs

The “Spider-Man P.I.” mission, in which you help a woman named Carmen, includes a heist room where you overhear characters named Niko and Deshaun talking, and they also mention someone named Roman. These names are all references to characters from Grand Theft Auto IV.

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All Black Cat collectibles Hints

There are 12 total Black Cat stakeout locations in the game. The first comes up during the story, after which the remaining 11 are marked on the map. In each spot, there is a hidden doll to collect. If you collect all 12, you’ll be able to go to Black Cat’s hideout.

Use the video guide below if you’re having trouble finding the stakeout collectibles.

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Optional Lab Puzzles Hints

In the Octavius Industries lab, there are 10 optional Spectrograph Research Projects (DNA sequence puzzles) and 10 optional Circuit Projects (electric circuit puzzles). Completing them rewards you with XP and research tokens, as well as a trophy/achievement if you complete all of them.

If you’re having trouble with any of the puzzles in the lab, use the video guide below for help.

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Secret Photo Spots Hints

There are 50 secret photo spots. You’ll need to find all of them if you want to unlock the ESU suit.

  • Harlem – 11 secret photo spots
  • Upper East Side – 4 secret photo spots
  • Central Park – 4 secret photo spots
  • Upper West Side – 5 secret photo spots
  • Hell’s Kitchen – 4 secret photo spots
  • Midtown – 3 secret photo spots
  • Greenwich – 3 secret photo spots
  • Chinatown – 8 secret photo spots
  • Financial district – 8 secret photo spots

If you’re having trouble finding all of the secret photo spot locations, use the video guide below to help you find them.

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