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  • Genre: Simulator, Strategy
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E
  • First Release (Any platform): Jan 25, 2018

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Shipping Children? Easter Eggs

While the “Shipping children” innovation might sound odd, as it’s a law that prevents children from being sent through the mail, this is based on actual history, as there was a point in time when parents would transport their children by mailing them due to the cheaper costs of cargo versus passengers.

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Train Car Effects Hints

There are four types of train cars.

Dining Car – This is good for passenger routes, because it will help you earn more money.

Refrigerator Car – This is good for when you’re transferring food, to help earn more money.

Mail Car – This is good when you’re carrying lots of mail, and it will let you earn more money.

Caboose – This gives bonuses to your employees. Any employees on a train with a caboose will have an increase in their ability.

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How to Use Signals Hints

Signaling can be confusing when you first get started, but they can greatly help you with your tracks. Signals tell your trains how to behave, which lets you accomplish more complex or efficient setups. Supply towers and train stations also include signals automatically. However, keep in mind that the signal needs to be facing the train. A signal in the opposite direction will have no effect at all.

Check out the video tutorial below to see signals in action and learn some tricks you can use.

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Free vs Sandbox Hints

At first glance, Free Mode and Sandbox Mode might sound similar. However, Free Mode still had you use money, work toward goals, etc. Sandbox Mode gives you complete freedom, with unlimited money and all trains from the era unlocked. However, you won’t have trains from other eras.

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Employee Relationships Hints

The relationship of your employees is important. Certain employees will get along and have bonuses as a result, while others will not get along, which results in trouble and sabotage. This depends on your employees’ personality traits. For example, an employee with the Funny personality trait will get a bonus from an employee with High Spirits and give a bonus to a Happy employee. At the same time, however, that same Funny employee will hate a Dominant Employee, while a Serious employee will also hate them.

Boosts and penalties do stack, but they have diminishing returns. An employee boosted by two others won’t have as great a bonus from the second, and an employee with a negative effect from two employees won’t be affected quite as strongly by the second, and so on.

Match your employee carefully for the best possible setup. The ideal arrangement would be for every employee on a specific train to give a bonus to one other.

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