Psychonauts 2 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: October 15, 2021
Psychonauts 2
  • First Released: Aug 24, 2021
  • Genres: Platform, Adventure
  • Platforms: Mac,PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Developer: Double Fine Productions, Inc.
  • Publisher: Double Fine Productions, Inc.
  • Ratings: PEGI 7,

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Psitanium farming method


To unlock the cheat, buy the mental tax pin from Otto’s in-game shop vending machine. You will need to have a rank of 40 or above.

Find any long mental chain and without touching the floor use it to travel there and back a couple of times. If you travel along the chain, you can reach a Psitasium capacity. Upgrade your wallet to increase the amount of Psitasium you can carry. 
Using this glitch you can gain between 320 - 380 Psitasuim per minute.

This video shows you details on the best way to farm Psitasium

Cheats and how to turn them on.


You will need to type enablecheats and then enter the command

god - you will not take any damage.

teleport - you will be able to instantly jump to another location in the direction of your crosshair.

timespeed # - enables you to either slow down, speed up or stop time

toggledebugcamera - you will be able to fly in the game as a camera.

sg.PostProcessQuality0 - removes the depth of field blurriness.

Raz's Pregnancy

Easter Eggs

There is an unusual 2D drawing video clip about Raz's Pregnancy. The easter egg can be found while in Holli's Casino. You will need to go to teleport to the Maternity ward and make your way to the top of the tunnel.

At the top of the tunnel, closest to the neon sign, you will find a hidden pen. If you throw the pen at the neon sign using your telekinesis power a video will automatically begin to play.

The video starts with a comical clip of Raz laying on a hospital bed, as he questions how he could be pregnant, as the other psychonauts surround him. The crazy clip ends off with a screen flashing "Psychonauts 2, Pregnant Raz opening is a great idea!"

The Easter egg comes from a pun on the Adventure Time creator's name… Pen Ward, hence throwing the pen at the word "ward". There has been no official word from Pen Ward, or the creators of the game, on if the Pen had anything to do with this, but it is a welcome easter egg!

This Video shows you how to find the easter egg of Raz, with a big belly ready to pop his first child.

How to open the Comptons cook-off box


In Compton’s cook-off level, you will need to make your way past the blender and find a green bag. In the bag, you will find the steamer trunk tag and this will enable the free roam mode. You will also be able to get the rest of the collectibles.

The box would normally unlock if you beat the final cook-off challenge. Your player goes back to where the box would have been and the tag will be laying there. You will also get the green checkmark next to the level in the Intern handbook.

Learn how to open the box without completing the cook off challenge

Scavenger Hunt to collectibles


While exploring a range of areas, Raz will come across a scavenger hunt. You will not be able to continue the hunt if you have not completed the game or if you have not unlocked all the powers.

In the hunt, you will need to collect Norma’s clothes in 4 hub areas :



Questionable area

Green Needle Glutch 

Once you have completed the hunt you will get the PSI cadet ranks and ranger crueler.

A guide to the scavenger hunt

Cassie Memory of Psychic


Cassie’s mental world is based on literature, constructed paper, books, writing, and articles.

There are 2 memory vaults in Cassie’s collection that relate to her encounter with Maligula and her relationship with the psychic 6. You will need to break the safes to access the memories. 

Here is how to find the safes and access the memories

Post-credit conversations with the Psychonauts

Easter Eggs

Once you have finished the full game and the credits have rolled, you can return to the characters and there will be a post-credit conversation. With games like these, you don't want to stop playing once it has finished! 

Like your typical Marvel movie, Psychonauts has provided extra content to keep you engaged. 

When you visit Raz's dad Augustine you can speak about Nona and his memory issues. 

When you visit Lili and Truman you can talk about the Rhombus of Ruin, the brain integration issue, and certain adventures with Lili.

When you visit Nona and Ford, Nona will be a typical happy grandmother and have a couple of jokes between the couple. Ford hints at how much more the Psychonauts can do (maybe a hint at another game to come)

When you visit Gristol he will ask you to help him out of there and make other comments on the events of the game. Speaking about the trial Gristol gets frustrated and non-remorseful

when you visit Dr. Loboto you will have your expected conversation as Loboto is doing something out of the ordinary. 

When you visit Coach you will speak about Coach's tail as he offers his body part to you to try. 

There are many other Psychonauts to meet up with and have one last chat with. 

Watch as Babyzone has gone to each Psychonaut to have that final post-credit conversation.

Raz in the eyes of others

Easter Eggs

Clairvoyance is a power Raz can get, this will allow him to see in the eyes of other characters. This power is learned in Milkman Conspiracy and the badge is found on Boyd’s fridge. 

Activating this power will show a unique image of how each character sees Raz, for instance, Sasha sees Raz as a miniature version of herself. This little easter egg adds development to the characters and their relationship with Raz.

How Sasha sees Raz in her own eyes.

How each character see's Raz (may contain spoilers)

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