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Last Updated: June 23, 2022

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  • Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy, Tactical, Simulator, Puzzle, Sport
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: PopCap Games, Inc.
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Ratings: ESRB E10+
  • First Released: May 4, 2009

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Garden Ops Cheat Quick Coins Cheats

  1. In Garden Ops choose the sunflower, then plant the garden.
  2. As soon as the last zombie is alive, shoot him two times.
  3. Then lure him to a Scaredy Shroom, and also heal him while he's getting eaten by the zombie.
  4. Note it will work on split screen as well.

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Slender Man Easter Eggs

If you head to the forest you'll be able to see the Slender Man.

It's best to use a cactus when doing this (any kind).

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Sticker Packs Hints

Use coins to buy sticker packs, which provide you with power-ups such as turrets and secondary aids. Instead of buying cheap packs all the time, save up more coins to buy the more expensive packs and unlock powerful units.

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New Abilities Hints

When you unlock a new ability, you should watch the cutscene to pick up tips on how to use it effectively.

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Pre-game Glitch Glitches

When I first started the game I was able to walk around an open map as the peashooter and kill randomly spawning zombies while the game loaded.

My game took about 30 minutes to load so I decided to explore the map. I went into the cannon near the play ground and shot myself into the hills in the upper left.

To my surprise I ended up inside of the hill. I walked around the entire map and ended up jumping back into the map at the graveyard.

I thought this was interesting and just wanted to share. Thank you.

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Using Barricades Hints

  1. You must be a cactus to do this.
  2. Use walnut barricades to get on top of buildings by jumping on top of them.
  3. This works best for garden ops.

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Easter Eggs Easter Eggs

A billboard filled with advertisements and messages includes references to several things, including Achievement Hunters, "What Does the Fox Say," and a picture of a PopCap employee marked as "missing."

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Out Of Bounds in Installing area Glitches

Once you pick your plant, go to the cannon in the yard then interact with it (B - Xbox One / O - PS4) and hold up-right. If you do this correctly you will be out of bounds.

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Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Easter Eggs

In the Gardens and Graveyards map Sharkbite Shores, there is a ship with the words King of Red Dandelions on it, in a reference to the King of Red Lions from the game Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.

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Two Times Health Heal Hints

You must be a scientist and have a buddy who's also a scientist.

Place down a zombie heal station and have your buddy place a zombie heal station right next to your zombie heal station.

Now go between the two heal stations to get 2 times the health!

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Mega shark Easter Eggs

load up garden ops and go in the ship then there is a booth with a camera and face it then on the d-pad press up down left right then go outside look at the island in front of the ship wait a second and you will see a shark

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Shark Bite Shores Glitches

If you don't like the sunflower or have life flowers, just jump in the water when the round is over!

Hope you like it. Note this only works on split screen.

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1,000 Coins in Garden Ops Hints

  1. Pick a garden and plant any plant (recommended plant is bamboo).
  2. Then get the zombies to chase you. That will make the plants attack the zombie, the result is 10 coins.
  3. Try doing it on a golden garden and get some extra coins from Zomboss.

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Miscellaneous Hints and Tips Hints

  • Even if you intend to use an offensive strategy, keep some players in defensive positions. If a health point appears, set up players (especially planted Peashooters or underground Chompers) nearby. Defend your spawn points, because health spots are most likely to appear around there.
  • The Cactus's Garlic Drones attack can give you a huge advantage. Use drones whenever you can, either to defend areas or to get additional kills. Their size and speed makes them difficult to fight against.
  • Use secondary pots to add spawnable plants to your defenses whenever you can.

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Plants - Strengths and Weaknesses Guide Guides

All varieties of plants have their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Peashooter - This is a basic ground soldier, with low strength and long reloading times, but it is a good choice for beginners. It can be used as a long-range fighter when needed. Its hyper ability increases its speed and allows it to jump on top of buildings. Its Chili Pepper Grenade does high damage when it explodes, and in Garden Ops mode, it will attract zombies. When it uses its ultimate skill, it plants itself in the ground and becomes an immobile gatling gun.
  • Cactus - This is a long-range sniper that can also be effective at close range when necessary. It is one of the slower plants and has low health, but it is very useful. It can also plant mines and Tallnut barricades, as well as deploy Garlic Drones to attack from the air, call down Corn Strikes, and act as a scout.
  • Sunflower - This is a healer with chain-healing skills. While its basic attacks are short-range and weak, it can create healing points to support the team. Its ultimate skill allows it to plant itself in the ground and shoot out a powerful sunlight attack.
  • Chomper - This is a great short-range fighter, although it has no long-range attacks. It swallows and kills zombies it approaches from behind, and it also has a stealth attack where it sneaks up on zombies from underground. It can damage zombies carrying shields from the front, as well. It is can be attacked while underground and it is immobile and vulnerable for a few seconds after it eats a zombie.

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Zombies - Strengths and Weaknesses Guide Guides

All types of zombies have their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Soldier - This is a basic ground soldier, with average strength and speed, but it is a good choice for beginners. Its rocket jump allows it to jump on top of buildings. It also can create a damaging poison cloud and shoot Zombie Propelled Grenades.
  • Engineer - This is a support class character, with long-range stun attacks and the ability to build defensive turrets. It also uses a shotgun and has a jackhammer attack.
  • Scientist - This is both a healer and a close-range fighter. It can create healing stations to support the team and also has powerful close-range attacks. Its warp ability allows it to teleport around the battlefield, and it also uses sticky grenades.
  • All-Star - This is a slow but powerful attacker with a football machine gun and a strong charge attack. It can attack for a few seconds before it needs to reload, and it can be a great choice for taking out clusters of enemies. This zombie has the highest health and can deploy a dummy to take more damage. Its tackle ability is both an offensive skill and a way to evade enemy attacks.

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Guide to Earning Coins Guides

Earn coins by accomplishing certain feats and performing certain actions in the game.

  • Get a Completion Bonus in Team Vanquish mode to earn 750 coins.
  • Get a Speed Run in Garden Ops mode to earn 250 coins.
  • Achieve a Vanquish Killstreak x4 to earn 100 coins.
  • Achieve a Vanquish Killstreak x3 to earn 75 coins.
  • Achieve a Vanquish Killstreak x2 to earn 50 coins.
  • Stop an enemy Killstreak to earn 50 coins.
  • Get a Perfect Wave in Garden Ops mode to earn 50 coins.
  • Get Zombie Resurrection to earn 50 coins.
  • Destroy a Flying Zombie to earn 50 coins.
  • Destroy a Garlic Drone to earn 50 coins.
  • Get Revenge from the Grave to earn 50 coins.
  • Save one of your allies to earn 50 coins.
  • Destroy a Healing Station to earn 25 coins.
  • Vanquish a Hero Zombie in Garden Ops mode to earn 25 coins.
  • Get a Player Vanquish to earn 25 coins.
  • Get an Assist to earn 25 coins.
  • Get a Critical Vanquish to earn 20 coins.
  • Get a Multi-Vanquish to earn 10 coins.
  • Heal to earn 10 coins.
  • Summon a Zombie to earn 10 coins.
  • Destroy a Potato Mine to earn 10 coins.
  • Capture the objective in Gardens and Graveyards mode to earn 10 coins.
  • Vanquish a zombie to earn 5 coins.

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Trophies Trophies

Icon Title Description Type
Fundead Legionnaire
Unlock all Trophies
Making Popcorn
As a Cactus, Vanquish 10 Players with the Drone's Corn Strike
As a Chomper, Swallow 10 Snared Zombies in a session
Split Pea Zombie Soup
As a Peashooter, vanquish 10 Players with the Pea Gatling in a session
Stuck on You
As a Scientist, Vanquish 10 Players with the Sticky Explody Ball
Garden Dioxide
As a Soldier, Vanquish 2 Players using a single ZPG strike
Sun Heals
As a Sunflower, Heal Teammates 25 times using the Heal Beam in a session
Offensive Line
As an All-Star, Vanquish 5 Players using the Sprint Tackle in a session
The Astral Plane
As an Engineer, Build 3 Teleporters in a session of Gardens & Graveyards
Zombie Defense
As an Engineer, Build 3 Zombot Turrets in a session of Gardens & Graveyards
Jackhammer Rush
As an Engineer, Vanquish 10 Players while riding the Jackhammer
Challenge Accepted
Reach Level 10 with any Character
Going Strong
Reach Rank 50
Zombot Removal
As a Plant, Destroy 10 Zombot Turrets in Gardens & Graveyards
No Teleporting Allowed
As a Plant, Destroy a Teleporter in Gardens & Graveyards
Plant Perfect
As a Plant, Achieve a Perfect Win in Gardens & Graveyards
Rocket Man
Vanquish 10 Players and 10 Plant Pots with the Soldier's ZPG
Zombie Vanquished
As a Plant, Vanquish a Player in any Competitive Mode
Garden Weeder
As a Zombie, Capture an Objective in Gardens & Graveyards
Plant Vanquished
As a Zombie, Vanquish a Player in any Competitive Mode
Garden Tour
Be on the Winning Team for 25 matches of Gardens & Graveyards
TVM Veteran
Be on the Winning Team for 25 matches of Team Vanquish
Garden Crazy
Complete a Garden Ops match on Crazy Difficulty
Garden Hardcore
Complete a Garden Ops match on Hard Difficulty
Garden Normal
Complete a Garden Ops match on Normal Difficulty
Boogie Your Brains Out
Vanquish a Disco Zombie in Garden Ops Mode
Gargantuan Task
Vanquish a Gargantuar in Garden Ops Mode
Brain Freeze
Vanquish a Yeti in Garden Ops Mode
Super Boss
Defeat a Super Boss Wave in Garden Ops Mode
Striking First
Earn a 1st Strike Master Boast 3 times
The Healing Touch
Earn a Heal Master Boast 3 times
Most Valuable Vanquisher
Earn a Vanquish Master Boast 1 time
Hang in There
Earn a Revival Master Boast 5 times
Streak Boaster
Earn a Vanquish Streak Boast 1 time
I Helped
Earn an Assist Master Boast 5 times
Grow 5 Plant Pots in a session
Grow a Friend
Grow a Plant Pot
Crazy Dave Squad
Reach Level 5 with Every Plant Class
Zomboss Recruit
Reach Level 5 with Every Zombie Class
Hunting Season
Vanquish 100 Soldiers, 100 Scientists, 100 Engineers and 100 All-Stars
Zombie Friends
Summon 5 Zombies in a session of Gardens & Graveyards
I'm Lonely
Summon a Zombie in Gardens & Graveyards
Getting Started
Reach Player Rank 5
Consume This
Use 10 Revive Consumables
Consume This Too
Use 10 Skip Challenge Star Consumables
Weed Whacker
Vanquish 100 Peashooters, 100 Sunflowers, 100 Chompers and 100 Cacti
Legionnaire of Doom
Grow a Doom-shroom, Bamboo Shoot, Fire Peashooter and Ice Peashooter
Ahoy Matey
Summon a Barrel Pirate and Map Pirate Zombie in Gardens & Graveyards
Gnome Bomber
Pick up a Gnome Bomb
Running of the Gnomes
Plant 5 Gnome Bombs
Defuse the Situation
Defuse 3 Gnome Bombs
Drop That Gnome
Vanquish 10 Enemies while They are Carrying a Gnome Bomb
Garden Gnomer
Be on the Winning Team for 15 matches of Gnome Bomb
Heave Ho
Vanquish 500 Pirate Zombies
The Last Second
Defuse a Gnome Bomb with Less Than 3 Seconds Remaining
Hole In One
Push the Golf-Bomb into the Hole in Cactus Canyon

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Crazy Character Changer Glitches

I have no idea how this happened, but there is some weird character glitches going on with this game...

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