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Last Updated: February 6, 2023
  • First Released: Mar 25, 2019
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG)
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Missing items from backpacks


I had several items in my prospectors backpack, weapons, armor meals, ect. Signed out of the game while I was in the new land Abrassar, and the time before in Chessnee so it's happened TWO TIMES now, came back and GONE! Poof!! No armor, weapons, foods where's my my stuff and my character is Naked! Except for a hat and boots!

Glitch needs to fixed this in the new DLC expansion system for the PS4.


By: James Davis Comment


Easter Eggs

The Giant Iron Key weapon lets you wield a large key as a sword. This might be a reference to the Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts.

Skeleton Costume

Easter Eggs

It is possible to get a costume set called Merton’s Bones that gives you the appearance of a skeleton. The pieces of this set are Merton’s Ribcage, Merton’s Shinbones, and Merton’s Skull. Merton also has a weapon in the game, Merton’s Firepoker. Whether or not this is a specific reference to something or just a fun costume is unclear at this point.

Code Sonic

Easter Eggs

If you name your character Code Sonic, your options menu will include the “Super Speed” option that lets you sprint super-fast and also changes your sprinting animation into a roll like Sonic the Hedgehog’s.

This was originally revealed as part of a puzzle, with a code fans deciphered to get instructions about asking the developers about Code Sonic.

Works  on  Xbox  one  9/27/2021
John Donron, 2 years ago - Reply

Runic Alphabet

Easter Eggs

The runes used in the game are a full runic alphabet that translate to words often in French, but occasionally in English.

Unlock Skills


You begin the game with four basic skills: push/kick, fire/reload, dagger slash, and throw lantern. You can unlock additional skills by completing quests, buying skills from Trainers, and learning skills from Teachers.

Tier 1 skills are unrestricted. Tier 2 skills, however, are Breakthrough skills, which require you to spend a Breakthrough Point to learn. You have 3 total Breakthrough Points.

Learning a Breakthrough skill unlocks that skill tree’s Tier 3.

The available Teachers are:

  • Adalbert, teaches Cabal Hermit skills
  • Eto Akiyuki, teaches Kazite Spellblade skills
  • Jaimon, teaches Mercenary skills
  • Alemmon, teaches Philosopher skills
  • Styx, teaches Rogue Engineer skills
  • Flase, teaches Rune Sage skills
  • Galira, teaches Warrior Monk skills
  • Ture, teaches Wild Hunter skills

The available Trainers are:

  • Burac Carillon
  • Cyril Turnbull
  • Elatt
  • First Watcher
  • Friendly Immaculate
  • Highlord Cyr
  • Markus
  • Mofat
  • Oda
  • Sagard Battleborn
  • Second Watcher
  • Smooth
  • Soeran
  • Taleron
  • Vendavel Prisoner
  • Wandering Mercenary

Breath of the Wild reference

Easter Eggs

In a purchasable house, you can find an item called “Bread of the Wild.” This bread is a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Pet Shark

Easter Eggs

It is possible to get a pet crescent shark from any point after the start of the game, as long as the time of day is between 15:50 and 16:00. Once you have the shark, it will float through the air behind you and follow you. This pet was added as a special reward for solving an out-of-game puzzle, and fans worked together on Discord to figure out the puzzle and locate the pet shark.

However, if you don’t want to solve the puzzle, you can use the video guide below to find out how to get the shark right away.

Compass Puzzle and Secret Room

Easter Eggs

The compass puzzle was a long, complex puzzle and the final puzzle given to the community to solve. After being directed to the logo as a clue, which led to the compass idea, fans worked together for months to figure out the puzzle. By solving the puzzles, you will reach a secret room that includes loot and a dancing NPC who was originally a story quest NPC used as a tool during the game’s development.

Defeat Scenarios


There are no manual saves. Regular auto-saves ensure you will need to accept the consequences of your decisions. There are no traditional game over situations, either. Instead, being defeated leads to a Defeat Scenario—a scenario where you will regain consciousness in a certain situation, which can range from being helped by a friendly NPC to being captured by enemy NPCs.

However, if you are playing in Hardcore Mode, there is a 20% chance that your defeat will result in a permanent death rather than a defeat scenario.

Legacy Chests / Legacy Upgrades


When you create a new character, you can select “Legacy” on the character creation screen to inherit items from a previous character. To set up a Legacy, the first character must deposit items into the Legacy Chests located in the game. There are four Legacy Chests:

  • Inside a locked area in the Cierzo Storage
  • Inside the Vigil Pylon in Enmerkar Forest
  • Inside the Slide in Abrassar
  • Inside the Spire of Light in the Hallowed Marsh

Each can hold one item, allowing the second character to inherit up to four Legacy items. The new character must travel to each chest to get the item from inside of it. Removing the items won’t remove them from the first character’s game, and the first character making changes won’t remove them from the Legacy character’s game either.

Certain items will be upgraded when obtained through a Legacy, giving an advantage to using the Legacy Chests:

  • Fur Armor becomes Black Fur Armor
  • Fur Boots becomes Black Fur Boots
  • Fur Helm becomes Black Fur Helmet
  • Pearlbird Mask becomes Black Pearlbird Mask
  • Butcher's Amethyst becomes Butcher's Cleaver
  • Steel Sabre becomes Cerulean Sabre
  • Troglodyte Staff becomes Crystal Staff
  • Simple Bow becomes Gold Bow
  • Primitive Club becomes Gold Club
  • Felling Greataxe becomes Gold Greataxe
  • Worn Guisarme becomes Gold Guisarme
  • Fishing Harpoon becomes Gold Harpoon
  • Hatchet becomes Gold Hatchet
  • Machete becomes Gold Machete
  • Mining Pick becomes Gold Mining Pick
  • Pitchfork becomes Gold Pitchfork
  • Quarterstaff becomes Gold Quarterstaff
  • Plank Shield becomes Golden Shield
  • Copal Armor becomes Green Copal Armor
  • Copal Boots becomes Green Copal Boots     
  • Copal Helm becomes Green Copal Helmet
  • Master's Staff becomes Ivory Master's Staff 
  • Black Pearlbird Mask becomes Jewel Bird Mask
  • Desert Boots becomes Master Desert Boots
  • Elite Desert Tunic becomes Master Desert Tunic
  • Elite Desert Veil becomes Master Desert Veil
  • Kazite Armor becomes Master Kazite Armor
  • Kazite Boots becomes Master Kazite Boots 
  • Kazite Cat Mask becomes Master Kazite Cat Mask
  • Kazite Mask becomes Master Kazite Mask
  • Kazite Oni Mask becomes Master Kazite Oni Mask
  • Black Plate Armor becomes Orichalcum Armor
  • Black Plate Boots becomes Orichalcum Boots
  • Black Plate Helm becomes Orichalcum Helmet
  • Clansage Robe becomes Red Clansage Robe
  • Wide Blue Hat becomes Red Wide Hat
  • Cleaver Halberd becomes Sanguine Cleaver
  • Fang Axe becomes Savage Axe
  • Fang Club becomes Savage Club      
  • Fang Greataxe becomes Savage Greataxe     
  • Fang Greatclub becomes Savage Greatclub
  • Fang Greatsword becomes Savage Greatsword
  • Fang Halberd becomes Savage Halberd
  • Fang Shield becomes Savage Shield
  • Fang Sword becomes Savage Sword
  • Fang Trident becomes Savage Trident
  • Prayer Claymore becomes Sinner Claymore  
  • Mushroom Halberd becomes Spore Halberd 
  • Mushroom Shield becomes Spore Shield
  • Arcane Hood becomes White Arcane Hood
  • Arcane Robe becomes White Arcane Robe
  • Kintsugi Armor becomes White Kintsugi Armor
  • Kintsugi Boots becomes White Kintsugi Boots
  • Kintsugi Helm becomes White Kintsugi Helmet
  • Wide Black Hat becomes White Wide Hat
  • Troglodyte Pole Mace becomes Withering Pole Mace
  • Troglodyte Trident becomes Withering Trident

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