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  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Cryptic Studios
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB T
  • First Release (Any platform):

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Horse Cheats

At the end of a quest during the early levels, you will receive a mount coin. If you use the coin to buy a horse from the mount merchant before you accept the right horse for you quest from Sergeant Knox, you will be able to sell your horse. Then accept the quest and return to the mount merchant, a free mount coin will appear in your coins!

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Trophy guide Trophies

Platinum Trophies:

  • Master of the Realm : Collect all other trophies.

Gold Trophies:

  • Dungeon Master : Complete 25 epic dungeons.
  • Generational : Reach level 60 with two heroes.

Silver Trophies:

  • Epic Hero : Reach level 60 with a hero.
  • Paragon Hero : Reach level 30 with one character.
  • Plague Tower. Sage : Collect 250 pieces of lore.
  • Would you look at it? Just look at it! : Discover all scrying stones in 14 zones.
  • Bump in the Night : Defeat 1 Beholder, 1 Gelatinous Cube, and 1 Mimic with the same character.

Bronze Trophies:

  • A Hero Emerges : Reach level 10 with one character.
  • Aberrations : Defeat 500 Aberrations.
  • Adventure of a Lifetime : Complete the tutorial.
  • Ancient : Equip an artifact.
  • Bandits : Defeat 500 Bandits.
  • Barrow Scholar : Learn all about the Barrows.
  • Brilliant : Earn 50,000 Astral Diamonds on one character.
  • By Your Side : Collect a companion.
  • Cornering Karzov : Complete the quest: Cornering Karzov.
  • Daily Affirmation : Learn about invocation.
  • Devils : Defeat 500 Devils.
  • Dragon's Bane : Defeat 1000 Dragons.
  • Dragons : Defeat 50 Dragons.
  • Drow : Defeat 500 Drow.
  • Dungeoneering : Complete 10 normal dungeons.
  • Eye Chirurgeon : Stand eye to eye with your greatest fears.
  • Faith in the Fallen : Take a leap of faith.
  • Fists of the Warband : Complete the quest: Fists of the Warband.
  • Foulspawn : Defeat 500 Foulspawn.
  • Giants : Defeat 500 Goblins.
  • Grimstorm Keep : Complete the quest: Grimstorm Keep.
  • Illithid Enclave : Complete the quest: Illithid Enclave.
  • Kobolds : Defeat 500 Kobolds.
  • Let's Ride! : Equip a mount.
  • Lizardfolk : Defeat 500 Lizardfolk.
  • Lycanthropes : Defeat 500 Lycanthropes.
  • Orcs : Defeat 500 Orcs.
  • Plague Tower : Complete the quest:
  • Scoundrel's Retreat : Complete the quest: Scoundrel's Retreat.
  • Source of Corruption : Complete the quest: Source of Corruption.
  • Spiders : Defeat 500 Spiders.
  • Temple of the Primordial : Complete the quest: Temple of the Primordial.
  • The Clockwork Tomb : Complete the quest: The Clockwork Tomb.
  • The Drowned King : Complete the quest: The Drowned King.
  • The Edge of the Underdark : Complete the quest: The Edge of the Underdark.
  • The Icy Guardian : Complete the quest: The Icy Guardian.
  • The Sanatorium : Complete the quest: The Sanatorium.
  • The Shadow Falls : Complete the quest: The Shadow Falls.
  • Trolls : Defeat 50 Trolls.
  • Undead : Defeat 1000 Undead.

The following trophies require the "Legendary Adventures" bonus downloadable content:

Silver Trophies:

  • Double Legend : Reach Level 70 on Two Characters.
  • Four Dead Dragons! : Defeat all four dragons in the Dragonflight in a single encounter.
  • Master of Demogorgon : Earn Gold victory in Demogorgon (Master).

Bronze Trophies:

  • Evil Dragon Godesses Not Welcome : Defeat Tiamat.
  • Legendary Hero : Reach Level 70 with one character.
  • Tamer of Demogorgon : Earn Gold victory in Demogorgon.
  • Castle Never : Complete the Epic Dungeon, Castle Never.
  • Maze Master : Complete the Maze Engine campaign.
  • Friendly Goliath : Learn everything there is to know about Lans Thuliaga, the goliath warrior.

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Questions and Answers

does  anyone  know  how  to  turn  the  treasure  maps  over  on  this  game.  what  are  the  keys.
i  have  looked  everywhere  and  cannot  find  them - Dave, 1 year ago - Reply  

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