Follow the tips below to steal the ball from your opponents more often.

Do not press the steal button (X) over and over again. If you do that, or if you try to steal the ball when the opponent is in clear control of the ball or is protecting it with his body, your player won't steal the ball, but will perform a personal foul, instead. You have to watch the game carefully, wait for an opening, and press the button at the right time.

Use players who are better at stealing the ball, such as Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Russell Westbrook. Such players have a much better chance of success, especially if the opposing point guard is dribbling the ball.

Dribbers in general are easier to steal from. If the ball is close to you and the player's body is not blocking it, try to steal it. You'll have an easier chance of getting it during spin moves, and some players naturally have low "Ball Security" and can't protect it as well.

You don't always have to steal the ball from the player who has it. You can also intercept a pass from one player to another. Take your defender to a "passing lane," one of the areas near the paint from which players will approach the basket. Bounced passes are much harder to intercept, but you have a good chance to steal lobbed passes, especially if the receiving player is in the post.

Especially against AI opponents, you can use a double team L1 to trap the ball-handler between two defenders and force him to hold the ball with both hands. If you put enough pressure on him, he will make a lousy pass that is easily intercepted. Save this technique for when you have quicker players than the other team, or else they will learn how to overcome it through the use of quick passes.