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Last Updated: October 7, 2021
Monster Harvest
  • First Released: Aug 30, 2021

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Disruptive In-Game Bugs/ Glitches


It’s always frustrating when all your progress in the game is wasted due to some game-breaking bugs & glitches which seem to pop up out of nowhere, undoing all your hard work involved in growing Planimals and restoring the farm.

After combining a list of user-submitted reports and feedback, here are the most notorious bugs & glitches that continue to run rampant throughout the game today:

  • The in-game keyboard may sometimes disappear/ lag horribly
  • Become stuck on the loading screen after booting up a saved file
  • Spawning into inaccessible areas of the map after entering a new location
  • Key items are locked from being obtainable again if you were not able to accept them previously due to a full backpack/ inventory
  • Non-interactive NPCs (no dialogues, etc.)
  • Massive input lags while opening up the Menu or Storage
  • In-game character stops gaining Experience (EXP) after a while
  • Hybrid plants may stop growing after reaching a certain period of time in the game

The Various Types of Slime


The world of Planimal Point is teeming with opportunities for you to experiment with the mysterious Slimes that can be found roaming throughout the town.

With plenty of distinct advantages to gain from utilizing these unique elements, understanding their special types can help you to easily plan your next Planimals to recruit, or just simply to maximize your crop harvests instead.

  • Different Types of Slimes
    • Red Slime
      • Combining a Red Slime with one of your crops will turn them into a Combat Planimal which can aid you during battles in the Dungeon.
    • Green Slime
      • A Green Slime accelerates the growth of your crops for harvesting.
    • Blue Slime
      • Blue Slimes turn your crops into farm Planimals which produce other useful items for use or sale, every day.
    • Super Red Slime
      • Upgraded versions of the Red Slime, Super Red Slimes evolve your crops into powerful Planimals known as Megamals.
    • Super Green Slime
      • Super Green Slimes drastically improves your crop's growth, changing them into trees that produce more harvests.
    • Super Blue Slime
      • Niftier versions of the Blue Slime, Super Blue Slimes transform your farm Planimals into ride-able mounts.

Combinations of Slimes on crops are also possible, with the Green Slime capable of merging with either the Red Slime or Blue Slime to quickly create the respective Planimals instantly.

Returning Ploughed Soil to Normal


Sometimes, while you quickly plough your farmland to plant more seeds, you might accidentally till the wrong spot which could have been planned for something else.

If you've previously played Harvest Moon games or even Stardew Valley, this is an annoying yet recurring mistake that you occasionally make, especially if you are rushing to do other tedious tasks.

In Monster Harvest, here's how you return the affected ground into normal again:

  • Equip your Pickaxe.
  • Use the Pickaxe on the ploughed dirt, and the ground will be changed back to its natural condition again.

It's the work of magic, so don’t ask us how this happens!

Installing an Automated Irrigation System


Manually watering your plants on a daily basis becoming a boring chore?

Once you are able to craft Pipes out of your resources and materials, you can plan out a comprehensive irrigation system that will water your plants automatically every day!

If you're wondering how, here's a general guideline:

  • Make sure to have a lot of Titanium in store (1 Pipe requires 2 Titanium).
  • Craft a few Pipes inside your Backpack.
  • There is a nearby water source/ lake situated around your farm; plough the local land to plant seeds while leaving the side lanes undisturbed (for you to move and place the Pipes).
  • Place the Pipes on the ground beside the planted seeds, and connect the Pipes to each other, with the ending Pipe attached to/ submerged inside the lake mentioned earlier.
  • If done correctly, your crops will now be watered automatically every single day!

Quick Money-Making Habits


While just starting out on your new farm, money is one of the most restrictive resources that you might have in the beginning.

You COULD salvage valuable materials and sell them off at the Consignment Board, but this would make it harder for you to craft important equipment and upgrade tools later on.

If you're looking for some easy-peasy ways to make quick bucks in Monster Harvest, here are some habits that could land you those dollars fairly quickly in the long run:

  • Pick up EVERYTHING that you see lying around Planimal Point which is not considered essentials (such as Flowers and Fruits), to be dropped and sold at the Consignment Board (might even complete some Notice Board Quests!)
  • Catch some fish to drop off at the Consignment Board.
  • Plant as many crops as you can to quickly make profits!
  • Use Hybrid Seeds (sold by the hooded figure, Cassidy located deep in the Dungeon) to yield the most harvest.

Energy Management Tips


In Monster Harvest, your most essential resource is basically your Energy.

Energy management becomes vital for all your daily planning because every action that you do in the game consumes it, leading you to need to sleep every now and then to replenish it, fast-forwarding the time.

You can replenish bits of Energy by consuming food on the fly, but certain activities like crop harvesting eventually require you to progress in time, meaning that sleep is inevitable, one way or another.

It is advisable to keep track of your everyday priorities first by having a daily to-do list, in order to maximize your Energy consumption.

Still, some beneficial habits can also help significantly in conserving your Energy use:

  • Forage sellable drops, like Fruits, that are found within the world, to be sold at the Consignment Board (does not use any Energy!).
  • Continuously expand your farm and plant new crops repeatedly every day, with the yields easily dropped off at the Consignment Board nearby.
  • Eat food to replenish a bit of Energy in order to prolong your working time, and keep some in the Backpack.
  • Try to complete your daily chores as much as possible during the Morning, and go straight to bed to sleep until the Evening (don't choose 'Next Morning'!) when your Energy bar reaches around 25%.
  • Once you wake up during the Evening, you will have approximately 50% Energy (+25% Energy after sleeping till Evening) to explore the Dungeon and do other tasks too!

In Monster Harvest, time does not progress while you are moving around in the game.

Instead, it only advances after you sleep, which is strictly dependant on your overall Energy consumption.

Hence, mastering your Energy consumption means directly controlling time in the game!

Consider committing to a few days of hard ‘work’ while you take one day off afterwards to explore other parts of the game before repeating the cycle again on the next day.

Right or Left?


Early on in the game, you will be offered two (2) choices of un-blocking different paths (costs $1,500 each) which lead to a couple of exploration areas in Planimal Point.

On the right leads you to the Glowing Glade which unlocks the Furniture Shop afterwards.

On the left hides Calming Cove which unlocks the Fishing Rod for use.

Judging from this alone, you might have already guessed that Calming Cove is the better option between the two, as the Furniture Shop might not offer you much help in the beginning stages of your journeys.

Instead, the Fishing Rod opens up opportunities for you to catch fish anywhere around town which can also lead to small income gains in the long run!

Death is only the Beginning


In any video game, the death of your pet companion is always a heartbreaking situation to deal with.

In Monster Harvest? Not so much.

Throughout the game, your beloved Planimals are susceptible to permadeath every time during combat, and that is done on purpose by the developers.

Each of your Planimals slain leaves behind a Heartslime which upgrades your farm land’s level as a whole, benefitting your future Planimals acquired from crops!

This means that if your farmland is Level 1, it will then be upgraded to Level 2 which in turn creates Level 2 Planimals from your plants/ crops!

This is done easily by submitting your collected Heartslimes to a nearby signpost (denoted by a ‘Heart’ sign) planted on the farm.

The more Planimals that die during your adventures, the stronger your other baby Planimals become!

Guess being a heartless trainer does have its boons after all.

Strike First during Battle!


Planimal combat in Monster Harvest is a simple and unsophisticated turn-based battle, with each of your Planimals only having a maximum of three (3) attacks/ abilities to choose from.

However, there is a way for you to ensure your Planimals attack first, which becomes handy in order to attain the victory moving forward.

Here's how:

  • In the Overworld (the main map where you explore the game), simply walk towards a wild Planimal roaming the area and then swiftly strike it first using your sword (initiating combat).

If you’ve managed to upgrade your sword, the initial damage can even be transferred into the actual battle, allowing your Planimal to strike first while also benefitting from the enemy's reduced HP as well!

Seems like pre-emptive hits are definitely a thing in Monster Harvest.

Ore Gathering Advice


Are you looking for rare Ores to upgrade your tools?

Specifically, higher-tier Ores are located deep inside the lower (or upper?) floors of the Dungeon.

This is why the Dungeon becomes another important aspect of the game’s grind too, where invaluable materials like Titanium and Mystic Ore can only be found here within the next consecutive floors of the Dungeon.

As exploring in the Dungeon can also consume your Energy levels due to activities like mining, it is almost always advisable for you to:

  • Replenish all of your Planimals’ HP first.
  • Ensure around 50% Energy or more is still left for you to roam the Dungeon during the Evening (capable of gathering materials for longer).
  • Empty your Backpack at home if you have to, to maximize space for material gathering.
  • Gather as many Ores as you can, and either sell them at the Consignment Board to make better money or keep them inside your Storage for your farming and tools later.
  • DO NOT LEAVE the Dungeon until you are satisfied with your Ore counts, as you are only allowed to enter the Dungeon once per day.

Planimal Party Line-Up


Planimal combat is a vital aspect of Monster Harvest because certain valuable materials are only located within the Dungeon where wild Planimals are known to attack you on sight.

To this end, your Planimal's party order becomes extremely important because the game's combat mechanics are slightly different than those seen in other familiar video games such as Pokemon.

Generally, only the first (1st) Planimal on the party will be chosen to fight during battle, and you are unable to change your Planimals midway during combat.

If the first Planimal dies (permanently), only then will your second Planimal on the party replace its fallen comrade to continue on with the fight.

Hence, it is essential that your intended Planimal to be used for battling is placed as the first one on the party, and subsequent ones will only start replacing it according to their sequences as well (2nd, 3rd, etc.).

If your primary Planimal is dangerously low on HP, immediately change its order on the party OUTSIDE of combat unless you purposely wish for it to die in order to obtain its Heartslime (to be used back at the farm).

Healing Planimals Trick


While exploring the Dungeon, your Planimals will undoubtedly become wounded after continuously battling wild Planimals roaming the dark caverns of the area.

There are no Potions or Herbs to restore your Planimals to maximum HP again in Monster Harvest, but there is one (1) in-game exploit that can help to replenish your beloved pets' vitalities again.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Ensure that the Planimal that you wish to heal is first on the party.
  • Go back to the lower levels of the Dungeon (e.g. Level 3 to Level 1) and defeat any weaker wild Planimals that you encounter.
  • Once your injured Planimal levels up (even by 1 level), its HP will be restored to full again!

Your Planimals are still at risk of dying by doing it this way, but at least they have a higher chance of levelling up while surviving battles against weaker wild Planimals in the Dungeon.

This is, in theory, possible to be done outside of the Dungeon too.

Maybe you can be the first one to confirm this for all of us!

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