The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: July 19, 2022
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
  • First Released: Aug 29, 2019
  • Genres: Simulator
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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The Curator Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

In the game Dark Pictures Anthology, there is a curator that appears at different intervals in different stories. 

The curator's appearance signals that it is possible for your character to die during the different chapters.

In the chapter called Little Hope, at the end of the story if you get a bad ending where the character Mary is accused, and her execution is ensured. All the characters in the game will die except for Anthony, who will be seen walking to the porch to possibly die.

Anthony is seemingly going to die in the next scene, and the Curator will appear watching him from a distance.

The Hidden Object Guru shows you where to find the curator in The Dark pictures anthology game.

Trash can glitch


When playing "Dark Pictures Anthology Little hope," there will be a chapter called Coop, where you will encounter a glitch near a school.

There will be a trash can that you will have to try to move. The trash can is near the school.

As you try to move the trash can, the game will disconnect.

When you try to reload your saved game, you will not be able to interact with anything. If you are on PC mode and press escape, the game will freeze.

Diethebest shows you all the glitches and bugs in the Dark pictures anthology.

Little Hope Ending Glitch


When you are on the last stretch of the game in the edition called Little Hope.

You must load the last chapter in Little Hope and spawn to the checkpoint, and as soon as you have spawned, you will fall right to the ground.

This glitch prevents you from completing the game.

SK OughtaK shows you a glitch that prevents you from finishing Dark Pictures Anthology.

How to save all the characters in Dark Pictures Anthology


In the game, you will be faced with demons, and you will have to defeat these demons in order for all the characters to survive.

Each character will have their own fight that will lead them to make decisions that will either make them ask for help or attempt to be heroic and face their own demons.

Here is a guide to ensure all the characters survive.

At the end of the game, the character John will be faced with his own demons, and instead of running, you must fight back.

This is where Angela's demon will reappear. You must stand by John and choose to reassure and assure Angela survives the fight, and she will make it to the end game. 

You must also choose John to help Angela and not the run option.

When you are in the Textile mill and using the character Daniel, you must complete the QTE when Daniel is on the pipe. You must click reassure to ensure that Daniel will survive to the end of the game. You must also complete the QTE to ensure that Daniel survives the fight.

After the Church scene in the game. Daniel and Taylor will be separated from the main group, and Taylor will be attacked by her demon.

The Demons will either be the fire or the hang demon, depending on your decisions earlier in the game.

Daniel will come running looking to help Taylor. You must use sound to locate and help Taylor. At this point, you will find Taylor being attacked by a demon, where you must choose to be heroic to ensure that she survives to the end of the game.

Make sure you complete all the QTE’s so she can survive to the end of the game.

The last character is John, and after he faces his demon, everyone will rush into the ruined house, and they will start to halt the demon by closing the door. You must choose to be heroic and hold the door, and John will survive to the end of the game.

AMharbinger shows you how to ensure that all the characters survive to the end of the game.

Beginner Tips


Before you start to play Dark Pictures Anthology, you must go into the settings menu and go to the accessibility option

You must turn "ON" the option that says 'Disable QTE Timeout'. This will only affect your solo story and movie night. 

Once you have done this, it will ensure that you don't miss any quick time events.

This tip doesn't work, however, for Heartbeat QTE's.

Make wise decisions


When you make a decision or take action, the game will automatically save that almost instantly. 

Any decisions that you make are final and cannot be undone, so if you make any mistakes during the chapter.

You will have to exit the scene, go into the main menu and go to scene selection to start that chapter again. 

If you are doing a general playthrough, then mistakes will not matter, mistakes only matter if you are aiming for a certain achievement.

TheRadBrad shows us some tips during gameplay.

Use Relationship secrets


It is important to know the relationships and secrets you have discovered during the game.

You must press either "control RB" or "control back." This will enable you to view your character's relationship with other characters in the game.

It will also show you the current traits of your character and the picture frames you have found.

The secrets you have discovered and a bearing page are also available for you to view when you use the page.

These pages will give you insight and knowledge as to why a particular event may have happened in the game or will happen.

Game Guides Channel shares with you some secrets in the game.

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