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Last Updated: October 8, 2022
Just Cause 4
  • First Released: Dec 3, 2018
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB T

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Unlockable Weapons


Several weapons can be unlocked by completing certain training missions or securing regions.

  • SMG-2 – You must secure the Altoyaku Region.
  • PBX Auto-Slug 4 – You must secure the Riscos Altos Region.
  • 21-J Smart Rifle – You must secure the Paso Ventoso Region.
  • CC10 Shotgun – You must secure the Island Machaqwayes Region.
  • SW7-PBA Assault Rifle – You must secure the Gran Batalla Region.
  • AT7 RPG – You must secure the Delta Río Wanay
  • RG-PBA 9 Railgun – You must secure the Kunka Region.
  • PWC V4.2 “Wind Gun” – You must secure the Qachas Region.
  • DA 9.3 “Lighting Gun” – You must secure the Phuyu-Kuni Region.
  • PBX Mine Launcher 2A7 – You must secure the Las Tormentas Region.
  • PGL-6 Grenade Launcher – You must secure the Laderas Rojas Region.
  • LRD-3 Sniper – You must complete Training: Intel Grab.
  • Defender Machine Gun – You must complete Training: Bridge Defense.
  • PBX Super-Sniper 4 – You must complete Training: Wrong Side of the Tracks.
  • AT3-X RPG – You must complete Training: Top Brass.

Unlockable Vehicles


By completing stunts, you will unlock new vehicles.

  • Prisa Hidalgo (car) – El Lucero Stunt
  • Prisa Viajero (bus) – Hermosa Car Stunt
  • Pasofino (pickup truck) – Boca Vieja Car Stunt
  • Kerner Charmant (limousine) – Quya Car Stunt
  • Prisa Fresca (car) – Sachayuyu Car Stunt
  • Pugilista (SUV) – Punto Oeste Speed Stunt
  • Prisa Calzada (van) – Aburrida Speed Stunt
  • Prisa Fresca X (car) – La Explanada Car Stunt
  • Prisa Viento (SUV) – Casas Soleadas Car Stunt
  • Cadadía ‘83 Hatchback (car) – El Abismo Stunt
  • Caravana Camper (van) – Encrucijada Car Stunt
  • Calzada Ambulancia – Joya Del Sol Speed Stunt
  • Sol 21 Sport Sedan – Nueva Voz Centro Car Stunt
  • Emsavion News Helí – Lago Bonito Helicopter Stunt
  • Kerner ‘16 Vigeur (car) – Tributario Wanay Speed Stunt

License Plate Names

Easter Eggs

There are license plates in the game that read JC7 C4US, others that read 4VA LNCH, and others that read 5QR 3N1X. These are references to Just Cause (the game/series), Avalanche Studios (the developer), and Square Enix (the publisher), respectively.

Toy Car Vehicle

Easter Eggs

If you go to the city of Quya in the northeast of Solís and search the section of the city above the stadium, you can find a small toy car. However, even though it looks like a toy, it’s actually possible to use it like any other vehicle in the game. It’s almost incredibly fast, to the point where it’s difficult to control.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Easter Eggs

Near the eastern edge of the Picos Helados region, you can find a cauldron and a hammer/pickaxe. If you interact with it, Rico will end up stuck in the cauldron and you’ll be forced to use the hammer to move around. As you play through this side-scrolling level, game designer Bennett Foddy will provide narration about easter eggs, the game, and more.

This is a massive reference to his indie game Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, in which the gameplay is exactly like that, including the narration.

Jurassic Park reference

Easter Eggs

In the northeast Delta Rio Wanay area, you can find an abandoned facility with a logo that says “Project Solisian Amber.” This facility is modeled after the velociraptor compound from Jurassic Park, and the logo is a nod to the amber the dinosaur DNA was found in. Signs warn of dinosaurs, and if you interact with the console, you hear the “magic word” line from Jurassic Park.

Mile High Club

Easter Eggs

The Mile High Club (which is itself named after a slang reference to having sex on an airplane) that appeared in Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3 returns again here in the Umina area. There are returning characters, references to Just Cause 3’s Panau Sonic company (which is also a nod to the company Panasonic), and other little references to the Just Cause series itself.

Cow Gun (Location and Effects)

Easter Eggs

Northeast of Vaivenes, you can find a special gun outside a farmhouse. This is the cow gun. If you shoot someone with it, they will turn into a bipedal, humanoid cow. They will continue to behave as though they are humor. Using the cow gun’s alt fire, you can also turn Rico into a cow.

The cow gun may also double as a reference (or at least a follow-up) to the DK Pistol from Just Cause 3, which had a similar humorous effect.

While the cow gun normally has no effect against non-humans, if you shoot a cow with the cow gun, the cow will turn into a human—specifically Di Ravello from Just Cause 3, who will continue to walk on all fours like a cow.

PUGB frying pan

Easter Eggs

In the Abundancia area, go to Don Hector village and you can find a frying pan and a small crate on a balcony. These are both references to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While you can’t do anything with the crate, the frying pan can be used as a melee weapon.

Now, when you die or quit the game, you will lose the frying pan. However, it should respawn at the same location, so you can return to the village to get the frying pan again if you want.

Developer's Dog

Easter Eggs

The dog at El Abismo is modeled after one of the developer’s dogs.

Visit the Moon (Both Moons)

Easter Eggs

In the Quacha area, you can find an area of the mountain that looks different than the rest and is marked with an X. If you blow it up, you can access a tunnel. The tunnel leads you to a room where scientists are talking, surrounded by glass panels. On the other side, there is the moon. If you destroy enough of the glass, you can jump through and land on the small moon. You can walk around on it, or also fly around it (since the area has low/no gravity), and there is also a flag on the moon.

There is also a second small moon floating out above the middle of the ocean, near a section with some floating rocks.

In addition to being a fun Easter egg, these moons may also be a reference to an interview ahead of Just Cause 3 in which the developers said the only thing too crazy for the Just Cause series would be Rico going to the moon, which itself was a reference to the James Bond movie Moonraker.

(Note: the player in the first video below is playing as a cow due to using the cow gun.)

Take On Me

Easter Eggs

In the Abundancia area, go to the Vista Futura city and enter the partly-built building, where you’ll be able to hear the song “Take On Me” from the pop band A-Ha playing. If you go downstairs, you’ll find yourself in a rendition of the song’s pencil sketch style video.

Ride of the Valkyries

Easter Eggs

While fighting in a helicopter, Rico will start humming “Ride of the Valkyries.” This also occurred in Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3.

Laugh Track

Easter Eggs

If you shoot the clown poster behind the dumpster at the Joya Del Sol amusement park, it will trigger a laugh track that plays whenever Rico is falling or crashing. This effect will remain active until you disable it from the audio settings.

(Note: even restarting won’t disable the laugh track. It must be handled from the options menu.)

Paper Goats

Easter Eggs

On the mountain in the eastern side of the Quachas area, there are three large goat statues that appear to be made out of paper or foil. Paper sheep can also be found in another area.

All Hidden Tombs and Solutions


There are seven Hidden Tombs as part of a side quest. Once you finish “Behind the Lines,” a new quest will become available called “The Secret History of Solís.” This will introduce you to Javi and his mission to find every Hidden Tomb of Otorongo, as well as giving you the retractor skill for your grappling hook. In addition to the tomb at the start of the quest, there are six more for you to find.

Each tomb also has a puzzle you must solve. If you’re having trouble finding all of the tombs or solving their puzzles, use the video guide below for help.

All Ancient Statues


There are 12 Ancient Statues that you can find. Each Ancient Statue you find gives you 300 mod points for the retractor, and finding all of them also rewards you with a trophy/achievement. Each Ancient Statue is paired with a guide statue you can use the retractor to pull up from underground, which will then point you in the direction of the ruins for the Ancient Statue, which you will then uncover by using a crank. However, finding these guiding statues is not necessary.

If you’re having trouble finding all of the Ancient Statues, use the video guide below for help.

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