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  • Genre: Racing
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB RP
  • First Release (Any platform):

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Unlock All Cars Unlockables

There are 21 unlockable cars in the campaign, but the game doesn’t provide instructions on how to unlock them. Fortunately, the publisher revealed the answers online. To unlock these cars, you’ll need to complete the following challenges in Flatout Mode or completing Career levels (all cups on a given page for its category) while getting a gold rating:


  • Fedora X7 – Challenge 11
  • Shoven Doop – Career Derby Level 1
  • Gov’nor 500 – Challenge 7
  • Quarterback – Career Derby Level 1
  • Preacher – Career Derby Level 2
  • Anger M200 – Challenge 5
  • Ice Machine – Career Derby Level 2


  • Suburbia TJ – Challenge 16
  • Cookie – Career Classic Level 1
  • Alpha R477 – Career Classic Level 1
  • Scoundrel “Zen” – Challenge 24
  • Blackwood Turbo – Career Classic Level 2
  • Rage 72 – Career Classic Level 2
  • Parole 4000 – Challenge 21

All Stars

  • Big House ’52 – Career All Star Level 2
  • Juggernaut 5 – Challenge 33
  • Fin Du Monde – Career All Star Level 1
  • Gremlin DS – Challenge 28
  • Coffin 46 – Career All Star Level 1
  • Frenzy M600 – Challenge 42
  • Rocket Sorbet Van – Career All Star Level 2

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Stunt Mode Mini-Games Hints

In addition to the main events, there are also several mini-game events available in Stunt Mode, where you try to complete certain games by performing stunts. The Stunt Mode mini-games are as follows; Total Destruction (12,000 points for gold), Cup Pong (600 points for gold), High Jump (100 meters for gold), Rings of Fire (1400 points for gold), Stone Skipping (1000 points for gold), Curling (275 points for gold), Baseball (556 points for gold), Golf (400 points for gold), Finnish Pins (25 points for gold), Soccer (300 points for gold), Billiards (300 points for gold), and Long Jump (350 meters for gold). While most of these aren’t events that traditionally involve driving, they’re adapted here so that you have to fling your driver from the car in specific ways to earn points. The more points you earn or the better distance you achieve, depending on the game, the better your ranking at the end will be.

The video below includes gold scores for every stunt mini-game, so if you’re having trouble with one of them, take a look to see what techniques can help.

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