Chocobo’s for Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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To activate Chocobos there is a side-quest in Chapter 3: The Open World. As part of the Friends of a Feather side-quest you are asked by Prompto to visit the Wiz Chocobo Post, at the end of the quest there is Beast Hunt where you get to take down a lvl 15 behemoth, if you defeat it you then find yourself being able to rent Chocobos which are much faster than running (even with Infinite sprint) from Rent-A-Bird machines. It costs 50 Gil per day to rent a Chocobo and after the rental period has expired the Chocobo will return to the outpost. 

Sprint wears off after your Chocobo reaches sprint step 8. Chocobos retain sprint speed when gliding, and also recover stamina. Braking or halting your Chocobo gives a boost which allows a small amount of stamina recovery.

Faster Chocobo Riding

Press sprint
Between the Chocobo's 7th and 8th step, jump and glide.
Immediately after the Chocobo lands, press Halt (brake) to make the Chocobo slide.
Sprint again and repeat.

Chocobo Levels

Chocobos have 10 levels that you can achieve by riding them for certain periods of time. You start at level 1, but not that the Riding Time counter is reset after the last level is earned. So after earning Level 3, you would need to ride for an additional 8 mins to gain level 4. To get to level 10 you will need to have completed 2 hours and 18 minutes of playtime riding a Chocobo!


  • Level 2 - Ride for 2 mins - New Ability: Dash De Chocobo (You can summon your chocobo to flee once per battle)
  • Level 3 - Ride for 6 mins - Max Stamina +10, Running speed increased (20mph)
  • Level 4 - Ride for 8 mins - New Ability: Kick De Chocobo (Your Chocobo can join you in battles and deliver a devastating kick)
  • Level 5 - Ride for 12 mins - Max Stamina +10, sprinting Speed increased (28mph)
  • Level 6 - Ride for 16 mins - New Ability: Dance De Chocobo (Your Chocobo can buff you to increase your health regeneration in battle)
  • Level 7 - Ride for 20 mins - Max Stamina +10, Jump Height Increased (8' 8")
  • Level 8 - Ride for 20 mins - New Ability: Rush De Chocobo (Your chocobo can unleash a flurry of attacks)
  • Level 9 - Ride for 24 mins - Max Stamina +10, Stamina Recovery Rate x2
  • Level 10 - Ride for 30 mins - Link De Chocobo: Your chocobo can perform Blindside-Link attacks with Noctis


Chocobo Pears

There are 7 pears hidden during Chocobo races, they can be used to give your bird a new coloration when you visit the Chocobo Salon. These are found outside of the normal race so to get them you need to throw the race and just look for the pear.

Cieldalaes Pear

Prompto and Full Field.

After the final bend, a dirt path heads off to the right, between that and the main course is a fenced off area and the yellow pair is by a tree.

Xelphatol Pear

Gladio and Iris.

The southernmost point of the route has a dirt path going off to the left followed by a flat rock that curves round the corner, behind that rock is the Xelphatol pear.

Han Pear

Ignis and Rocky Road

After the race begins go to the right and off the road and there is a pear before the bushes.

Doman Pear

Prompto and Ignis

Only available when raining.

As the final corner begins to curve, go left past a short stone wall into the centre of the course. After the bushes there are some rocks with a green pear in the middle.

Mamook Pear

Chocobo Hoops.

At the start take a left and the pear is next to a tree and the wall hidden in some grass.

Only available during rain.

O'Ghomoro Pear

Prompto, Ignis and Full Field

Only available at night (8:30pm - 4am).

On the last corner turn right back to where the sign up desk for the race is, the pear is by the Cobcobo races sign next to the road if you head to the road from here.

Val Pear

Rocky Road.

Only available at night (8:30pm - 4am).

Go towards the first hoop then right and the pear is near an edge.