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Last Updated: February 22, 2023

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Final Fantasy XV
  • First Released: Nov 28, 2016
  • Genres: Fighting, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Platforms: Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Square Enix,Square Visual Works
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB T
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Infinite Health/HP and Mana/MP


Initiate a battle.

Take some damage / lose some health (note, it has been suggested that this step is not necessary, you may be able to perform this without taking any damage first).

Warp to a hanging warp point (one where Noctis hangs there with his sword).

Use a companion technique while you are regenerating (i.e. Prompto’s Stinger).

The “Point Warp’ regen effect will now stay with you the whole time, even out of battle.

Note: This cheat/glitch only works on a unpatched version of the game and may well be fixed.

500,000+ EXP / Easy EXP / EXP Farming


Using Debased Coin, Debased Silverpiece, Debased Banknote or Rare Coin as a crafting item when making spells. 

You can try to farm Rare Coins in the Cleigne region. Walk up to a blue treasure and save the game. Open the treasure and if it isn’t a Rare Coin when you open it reload the game and try again. Do this until you have a minimum of 24 coins. The process may take several hours.

Then craft Expericast Lv96 by combining one magic (fire, blizzard or thunder) with eight Rare Coins, you will then receive five Expericast spells. Continue to do this until you have used all the Rare Coins (2 more times) and also do the same with your other debased coins, silverpieces and banknotes. 

Lv96 is the highest you will ever need. Anything higher will be a waste. 

Then visit the Wiz Chocobo Outpost and buy the Fat Chocobo Triple Decker Sandwich for a 50% experience boost. (You must have unlocked this first by doing the side quests for the local restaurant owner until you complete the 3rd quest ‘A feathery feast’). You m ay also use Ignis’ Lasagna Al Forno (when he reaches Lv9). 

If you have a Moogle Chart, equip this also for a further boost. 

Travel north of the Hammerhead to fight the Lv38 Bandersnatch. Cast ALL of your Expericast magic in one battle with him, if he dies before you can use your Magic you can make him respawn by saving and reloading the game at Hammerhead. 

This technique should net you 500,000+ Exp. 

Finally rest at a hotel of your choice to cash in your Exp multiplier, Galdin Quay [10k Gil for 2.0 XP Boost] or a hotel later in the game in Altissa for 30k and 3.0 XP Boost.

Easy Gil / Gil Farming


Selling items is the quickest way to earn Gil. Killing enemies and selling the items they drop (basically some of these items are unusable but worth 100 Gil and up). 

If you’ve reached chapter 3, travel to Lestallum and find the guy with the neck bear at the bottom of some stairs on the left just after you park. He gives easy quests for a lot of money. 

Kill Sabertusk doggies and sell their claws for 90 Gils each.

Regalia Type F - Unlocking How To


The Regalia Type F is not part of the FFXV main storyline and isn’t available until late in the game, in order to unlock it you have to clear three Imperial bases or the course of the game. The first 2 are part of the main story and after completing them you’ll notice you’ve received quest items the Warped Wings and the Unstable Stabiliser. After you’ve completed the second base you will received a side-quest notification telling you that the third base is ready to be attacked. You can do this in your own time however it is more challenging than the first 2 so it is recommended that you are above level 45 before attempting it. After completion you receive a third key item a Strange Engine.
Take all three of these items to Cindy and she will give you the Regalia flying car!! 

The Regalia Type F does not need refuelling, and unlocking it grants you a Trophy.

Quick Looting


You can hold X/A to loot all the items on the floor instead of having to repeatedly tap the button.

First Focus - The Exploration Tree


The exploration tree’s upgrades will allow you to gain more AP from camping and other everyday activities, ‘Happy’ and ‘Happier’ camping should be the first abilities you focus on gaining, the pay-off in the long run is worth it.



Enemies present in the dark are far more powerful (several levels higher) than enemies which appear during the day, this makes travelling at night more dangerous however, but potentially more rewarding. 

If you show the shop menu in the car whilst driving this will prevent any enemies spawning on the road!

Locked Dungeon Vault Doors


First you must complete all 14 chapters of the game, then after completing Duarell Caverns, Balouve Mines, Castlemark Tower and Crestholm Channels you can visit Ezma in Meldacio Hunter HQ (very north of Cleigne) and she will give you a vault key to unlock secret dungeons and a new quest entitled “Menace Beneath Lucis” and your quest log will fill with new trials inside many dungeons of the game.

Secret dungeons are accessible through locked vault doors at the end of some of the dungeons in the game, there are eight sealed vault doors. 

  • Keycatrich - Level 55
  • Grotto - Level 65
  • Fociaugh - Level 65
  • Daurell - Level 72
  • Balouve - Level 78
  • Steyliff - Level 86
  • Crestholm - Level 92
  • Costlemark - Level 99 

These dungeons are long, winding and full of high level enemies and contain some of the highest level weapons and items in the game. If you finish them all you will be rewarded with a hunters medal worth 50,000 Gil or which can be used to craft a Limit Break Spell which allows you to perform attacks that break the 9,999 damage limit barrier.

Wedge and Biggs - Star Wars

Easter Eggs

In Ch 7 when playing through Party of Three at the entrance to ruins you meet Aranea and 2 guards, if you speak to them you’ll find their names are Wedge and Biggs which refer to Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter from Star Wars - A New Hope.

MP3 Music Player


There is an MP3 player available for purchase for the car (~100 Gil). You use L2 to activate it and the D-Pad to change between songs, the MP3 player is usable on foot.

Combat Wait Mode


There is an option in the settings to enable ‘Wait Mode’ which makes in-game combat more turn based and akin to classic Final Fantasy games, this may suit your play style better. During the ‘wait’ in wait mode you can get the examine the battlefield and see enemy vulnerabilities.

There is also an ascension ability tree which you can spend some AP on to increase the amount of time in wait mode.



Occasionally before a fight, your party members may suggest a strategy to defeat the enemy. You’ll get extra AP for following the suggestion.

Defense Moves


Tap Square/X to ‘roll-dodge’ and avoid incoming attacks.
Hold Square/X to evade or phase through attacks, phasing costs MP and beware that some attacks moves cannot be phased through.

Scraps of Mystery


You’ll find a scrap of paper lying on the ground in an outpost or a service station or a town and when you pick it up you’ll get a new quest entitled the ‘Scraps of Mystery’ with a number appended to the end. There are 14 scraps of mystery quests to finish to complete the map.

The following video explains where to find all of them and how to start the quests for each one.

Treasures/Items and their Gil Sale Value and Location


Reward Items

These treasures are given as rewards.

  • Sky Gemstone - 2,500 Gil

Complete the Kitty Catering quest in Galdin Quay, after this a cat will appear at the Cape Caem lighthouse during “Brave New World”, the car starts the “Feline Feast” quest. A vendor at Cape Caem outpost sells luxury cat food for 20000 Gil, but you can get it by catching a fish to give to Monica once you reach a certain Fishing level. The other Sky gemstone is available at the start of Ch 12 after you exit the train and speak to Maria there is a gemstone to her right.

  • Wind Up Lord Vexxos - Justice Monsters Five - 50000
  • Hunters Medal - Menace Beneath Lucis - 50000

Buyable Items

These treasures must be purchased.

  • Repair Kit - Hammerhead - Mini-mart Coernix Stations, Old Lestallum - JM Market - 50 Gill

Found Items

These treasures are found lying around Eos, listed are their location and Gil sale value.

  • Fossil Wood - everywhere - 1 Gil
  • Sharp Bone - in Leide - 16 Gil
  • Fossil Shell - Galdin Quay, Glacial Grotto, Fociaugh Hollow - 25 Gil
  • Metal Scrap - in Leide - 25 Gil
  • Building Stone - in Duscae - 50 Gil
  • Tiny Feather - in Duscae - 90 Gil
  • Beautiful Bottle - in Duscae - 120 Gil
  • Debased Coin - everywhere - 150 Gil
  • Guant Feather - Hammerhead region, Verinas Mart - Ravatogh
  • Electrolytic Condenser - in Leide - 200 Gil
  • Iron Shavings - everywhere - 200 Gil
  • Strong Bone - in dungeons - 200 Gil
  • Star Shell - Galdin Quay - 210 Gil
  • Rusted Bit - everywhere - 300 Gil
  • Quality Building Stone - Hammerhead region, Rock of Ravatogh - 350 Gil
  • Ammonite Fossil - in dungeons - 400 Gil
  • Debased Banknote - in Cleigne - 500 Gil
  • Laser Sensor - in Imperial bases (Gralea) - 500 Gil
  • Shattered Timepiece - 500 Gil
  • Dragon Scales - Kitty Catering - 500 Gil
  • Splendid Building Stone - in dungeons - 600 Gil
  • Broken Harmonica - Lestallum Deadeye’s Lair - 600 Gil
  • Debased Silverpiece - Celigne outposts - 600 Gil
  • Chrome Bit - 800 Gil
  • Beetle Shell - Meldacio Hunter HQ, Daurell Caverns - 800 Gil
  • Ancient Dragon Tooth - Cauthess Rest Area, Fociaugh Hollow, Daurell Caverns, Meldacio Hunter HQ - 800 Gil
  • Mythril Shaft - in dungeons - 900 Gil
  • Dynamo - Callatein’s Plunge (outside Glacial Grotto), Gralea Insomnia - 900 Gil
  • Rare Coin - in Cleigne - 1000 Gil
  • Glass Gemstone - Lestallum Cape Caum Rock of Ravatogh - 1100 Gil 
  • Graleon Medal of Distinction - East of Lestallum Gralea - 1500 Gil
  • Earth Gemstone - in Cleigne - 1500 Gil
  • Magnetron - Gralea - 1500 Gil
  • Hydraulic Cylinder - North of Fort Vaullerey - 1600 Gil
  • Imperial Medal of Honor - Gralea - 2500 Gil
  • Platinum Ingot - Gladio’s Survival Skill - 10000 Gil
  • Mythril Ingot - Gladio’s Survial Skill - 20000 Gil
  • Magitek Core - Gralea Insomnia, “Stealing the Past” - 25000 Gil

Monster Drops

These treasure items are found after defeating the related enemies however some can also be purchased from the listed vendors

  • Scorpion Barb - Reapertail - 40 Gil
  • Cactuar Noodle - Slactuar - 50 Gil
  • Centipede Legs - Hundlegs, Wiz Chocobo Post region - 60 Gil
  • Hard Whiskers - Mesmenir, Magnanir - 70 Gil
  • Crab Carapace - Stoneshears, Rubyshears, Sparkshears - 75 Gil
  • Sabertusk Claw - Sabertusk, Burbost Souvenir Emporium - 90 Gil
  • Jumbo Needle - Gigantuar - 100 Gil
  • Hardened Hoof - Dualhorn - 100 Gil
  • Voretooth Bristles - Voretooth, Yellowtooth - 120 Gil
  • Centipede Feet - Redlegs - 120 Gil
  • Garula Tusk - Garula/Green Garula,  Burbost Souvenir Emporium - 140 Gil
  • Havocfang Hide - Havocfang - 150 Gil
  • Curved Fang - Voretooth, Saberclas, Longwythe Rest Area - 150 Gil
  • Insect Stinger - Killer Bee- 150 Gil
  • Sharp Tail Feathers - Daggerquill, Dynoaevis - 150 Gil
  • Bulette Carapace - Bulette - 160 Gil
  • Mesmenir Horn - Mesmenir, Magnanir - 160 Gil
  • Scorpion Stinger - Saphyrtail - 190 Gil
  • Hairy Horn - Dualhorn - 190 Gil
  • Crimson Tongue - Spiracorn, Megalowclaw, Falxfang - 200 Gil
  • Slimy Oil - Gigantoad, Hekatontoad, Gaiatoad - 210 Gil
  • Supple Tail - Spiracorn, Duplicorn - 230 Gil
  • Barbed Scythe - Killer Wasp, Soldier Wasp - 240 Gil
  • Scaled Skin - Mushusuu, Mushmahhu - 240 Gil
  • Garula Fur - Garulessa - 250 Gil
  • Rough Scales - Gurangatch - 250 Gil
  • Arba Spur - Arba, Arbagadol - 290 Gil
  • Anak Fetlock - Burbost Souvenir Emporium, Anak Stag - 300 Gil
  • Centipede Jaw - Hundlegs - 320 Gil
  • Basilisk Plumage - Basilisk - 350 Gil
  • Enormous Stinger - Brutal Bee - 360 Gil
  • Giant Crab Pincers - Malmalam Thicket, Shieldshears, Mightyshears - 375 Gil
  • Small Beak - Regaltrice - 400 Gil
  • Sahagin Scale - Sahagin, Albinogin - 450 Gil
  • Translucent Skin - Quetzalcoatl - 600 Gil
  • Giant Hoof - Kujata - 650
  • Great Garula Tusk - Great Garula, Totomostro, Coernix Station (Alstor region) - 700 Gil
  • Prawn Antennae - Karlabox, Rogue Karlabos - 700 Gil
  • Thunderoc Feather - Thunderoc, Copperoc - 700 Gil
  • Deadly Stinger - Killer Queen - 700 Gil
  • Treant Branch - Treant - 800 Gil
  • Centipede Teeth - Redlegs - 800 Gil
  • Monster Claw - Bandersnatch - 900 Gil
  • Anak Antlers - Burbost Souvenir Emporium, Anak Stag - 900 Gil
  • Tough Shell - Skarnbulette - 900 Gil
  • Greatsnake Scale - Midgardsormr, Hvitromr - 1100 Gil
  • Cockatrice Tail Feathers - Cockatrice - 1100 Gil
  • Hard Scale - Alphagin - 1100 Gil
  • Shield Spike - Bulette - 1200 Gil
  • Big Scorpion Stinger - Reaperking - 1200 Gil
  • Barbed Poison Needle - Mushussu, Mushmahhu - 1250 Gil
  • Crooked Helixhorn - Spiracorn - 1300 Gil
  • Sturdy Helixhorn - Duplicorn, Leukorn - 1350 Gil
  • Malboro Eye - Malboro - 1400 Gil
  • Mandrake Flower - Mandrake - 1400 Gil
  • Giant Hairy Horn - Ashenhorn, Grandhorn, Dualhorn, Galdin Quay region - 1400 Gil
  • Coeurl Whiskers - Coeurl, Elder Coeurl, Totomostro - 1500 Gil
  • Sharp Bristles - Voretooth - 1500 Gil
  • Sharp Scythe - Killer Wasp - 1500 Gil
  • Rough Shell - Karlabos - 1600 Gil
  • Thick Hide - Aspidochelon - 1600 Gil
  • Treant Trunk - Treant - 1600 Gil
  • Monster Jaw - Bandsersnath - 1600 Gil
  • Wyvern Wing - Wyvern - 1600 Gil
  • Fine Tail Feathers - Kingatrice - 1650 Gil
  • Giant Curlhorn - Arba, Arbagadol - 1700 Gil
  • Strong Pincers - Shieldshears - 1875 Gil
  • Cockatrice Crest - Cockatrice - 1900 Gil
  • Great Anak Antlers - Anaklaban, Nankadom - 1900 Gil
  • Sharp Head Fin - Seadevil, Coraldevil - 1900 Gil
  • Drooping Whiskers - Jormungand - 1950 Gill
  • Catoblepas Fang - Catoblepas - 2000 Gil
  • Heavy Scale - Seadevil, Coraldevil - 2000 Gil
  • Worn Incisor - Aspidochelon - 2050 Gil
  • Malboro Vine - Malboro Sprout, Malboro Brat - 2250 Gil
  • Spiked Armor - Skarnbulette - 2300 Gil
  • Downy Feather - Regaltrice - 2300 Gil
  • Beautiful Plumage - Royalisk - 2350 Gil
  • Curved Hollowhorn - Kujata - 2400 Gil
  • Dragon Horn - Jabberwock, Manxom - 2400 Gil
  • Fine Crest - Kingatrice - 2400 Gil
  • Magnificent Tail Feathers - Kingatrice - 2450 Gil
  • Behemoth Horn - Behemoth, Behemoth King, Burbost Souvenir Emporium - 2500 Gil
  • Griffon Feather - Griffon - 2600 Gil
  • Fine Slimy Oil - East of Lestallum, Gaiatoad - 2600 Gil
  • Scarlet Splinterbone - Quetzalcoatl - 2750 Gil
  • Beautiful Hide - Havocfang - 2750 Gil
  • Zu Beak - Zu - 3000 Gil
  • Gorgeous Plumage - Royalisk - 3305 Gil
  • Griffon Claw - Griffon - 3400 Gil
  • Magnificent Crest - Kingatrice - 3400 Gil
  • Strong Whiskers - Taelpar Rest Area region Coeurl, Elder Coeurl - 3400 Gil
  • Fearsome Hoof - Molokujata - 3500 Gill
  • Large Hollowhorn - Molokujata, Phalaris - 4000 Gil
  • Hardened Hide - Manxom, Jabberwock - 4400 Gil
  • Colorful Griffon Claw - Griffon - 4800 Gill
  • Divine Whiskers - Jorgamund - 4950 Gil
  • Rotten Splinterbone - Mictlantecihuatl - 6000 Gil
  • Dragon Claw - Wyvern - 8000 Gil
  • Adamantite - Adamantoise - 15000


These treasures are found when fishing.

  • Bluegill Scale - 2 Gil
  • Barrelfish Scales - 2 Gil
  • Alstor Bass Bones - 5 Gil
  • Catfish Barbel - 10 Gil
  • Snakehead Teeth - 10 Gil
  • Phoenix Bass Bladder - 50 Gil
  • Snakehead Scales - 100 Gil
  • Bluegill Fin - 100 Gil
  • King Catfish Heart - 500 Gil
  • Arapaima Scales - 1000 Gil
  • Murk Grouper Eye - 1000 Gil
  • Jade Gar - 2500 Gil
  • Mirrorscale - 2500 Gil

War - What is it good for?

Easter Eggs

Absolutely nothing… say it again! Uh-huh war… Noctis says ‘War what is it good for?’ when entering Keycatirich Trench Dungeon whilst discussing with his companions.

Domestic @ Chocobo Post

Easter Eggs

Near Wiz Chocobo Post there are a man and a woman who’s conversations you can listen into. If you keep returning to listen you’ll hear the conversation turn from flirtatious into something a little darker.

Royal Arms / Armiger Weapons / Phantom Weapons - Locations


The royal arms in FFXV are special weapons found in the tombs of the ancient kings. There is an initial quest given by Cor to locate them.

They can only be wielded by Noctis at the cost of HP drain.

There are 13 royal arms to collect.

The Sword of the Wise in the Tomb of the Wise

North of Liede accessed as part of the main story, you talk to Cor Leonis inside the tomb to acquire the sword.

The Blade of the Mystic in the Tomb of the Mystic

After fighting Archaen in “The Archaean” you discover this tomb.

The Greatsword of the Tall in the Costlemark Tower Dungeon

In the ‘Of Gods and Kings’ quest you trave to the Tomb of the Tall to discover it has been pillaged. You must read a note there and travel to Costlemark Tower Dungeon where you defeat the Jabberwock (at night).

The Mact of the Fierce in the Tomb of the Fierce

Located at the top of the Rock of Ravatogh Dungeon.

The Sword of the Wanderer in the Tomb of the Wanderer

There is a dungeon behind a waterfall after completing “The Sword in the Waterfall” quest, the tomb is located inside there.

The Star of the Rogue in the Tomb of the Rogue

Located inside the Myrlwood dungeon near Vesperpool.

The Axe of the Conqueror in the Tomb of the Conqueror

Inside the Keycatrich Trench. This is the first dungeon and to get into it you need to do the main quest during Ch 2.

The Shield of the Just in the Tomb of the Just

This tomb is out in the open just west of The Disc in Thommel’s Glade.

The Scepter of the Pious in the Tomb of the Pious

Located inside Malmalam Thicket Dungeon.

The Trident of the Oracle

Given after defeating the Deathclaw during the “Breath of the Glacian” quest.

The Katana of the Warrior

Defeat Marlboro during the “Hand of the King” quest to get this.

The Sword of the Father

This is acquired near to the end of the main quest.

The Bow of the Clever

In Liede inside Belouve Mines.

Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes?

Easter Eggs

Prompto repeats this classic line from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark during the mission “The Price is a Pauper” when you are near to the end of the cave.



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  • The World Wanderer (Platinum): Collected all trophies.
  • Learner's Permit (Bronze): Drove the Regalia.
  • Chocobo Jockey (Bronze): Rode a Chocobo.
  • Quadruple Threat (Bronze): Equipped four weapon slots.
  • New Power (Bronze): Learned first ability.
  • Self-Improved (Silver): Activated 20 ability nodes.
  • Self-Mastered (Gold): Activated 50 ability nodes.
  • Angling Rookie (Bronze): Improved fishing level for the first time.
  • Survival Rookie (Bronze): Improved survival level for the first time.
  • Photo Rookie (Bronze): Improved photography level for the first time.
  • Cooking Rookie (Bronze): Improved cooking level for the first time.
  • Angling Expert (Bronze): Reached maximum fishing level.
  • Survival Expert (Bronze): Reached maximum survival level.
  • Photo Expert (Bronze): Reached maximum photography level.
  • Cooking Expert (Bronze): Reached maximum cooking level.
  • Just Hangin' Around (Bronze): Performed first point-warp suspension.
  • Brother-in-Arms (Bronze): Issued first ally command.
  • Blind Spot (Bronze): Performed first blindside link.
  • Noct You Like a Hurricane (Bronze): Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.
  • The Power of Kings (Bronze): Called forth the Armiger for the first time.
  • Magical Worker (Bronze): Crafted a spell for the first time.
  • Black Mage (Bronze): Used magic for the first time.
  • Divine Intervention (Bronze): Summoned one of the Six for the first time.
  • High Five for Justice! (Bronze): Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.
  • Spinning a Yarn I (Bronze): Completed first sidequest.
  • Spinning a Yarn II (Bronze): Completed 5 sidequests.
  • Spinning a Yarn III (Bronze): Completed 10 sidequests.
  • Spinning a Yarn IV (Bronze): Completed 20 sidequests.
  • Spinning a Yarn V (Bronze): Completed 40 sidequests.
  • Weaving a Tapestry (Silver): Completed 80 sidequests.
  • My First Hunt (Bronze): Completed first hunt.

Additionally, there are 20 secret trophies:

  • Insomnia's Waking Nightmare (Bronze): Completed the Prologue.
  • Departure (Bronze): Completed Chapter 1.
  • No Turning Back (Bronze): Completed Chapter 2.
  • The Open World (Bronze): Completed Chapter 3.
  • Living Legend (Bronze): Completed Chapter 4.
  • Dark Clouds (Bronze): Completed Chapter 5.
  • A Way Forward (Bronze): Completed Chapter 6.
  • Party of Three (Bronze): Completed Chapter 7.
  • Seaworthy (Bronze): Completed Chapter 8.
  • Callings (Bronze): Completed Chapter 9.
  • The Heart of a King (Bronze): Completed Chapter 10.
  • In the Dark (Bronze): Completed Chapter 11.
  • End of Days (Bronze): Completed Chapter 12.
  • Redemption (Bronze): Completed Chapter 13.
  • Homecoming (Silver): Completed Chapter 14.
  • Chosen King (Gold): Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty.
  • Regalia Pilot (Silver): Flew the Regalia Type-F.
  • Faithful Heir (Silver): Collected thirteen royal arms.
  • Immortal Photobomb (Bronze): Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo.
  • Tortoise Toppler (Gold): Defeated the adamantoise.

Infinite or Endless Sprint


Noctis can be made to sprint almost infinitely. Firstly you need to make sure that you enable the ability to view your stamina bar in the game settings, then, sprint around and just before your stamina bar is depleted tap the sprint button again and you should perform a boost which will refill your stamina all the way back to green again. This can be done an infinite amount of times. It takes practice, but this is a technique worth mastering 

Doing this on a mountain climb (i.e. the Volcano) can cause a bug where Noctis will walk normally and lost no Stamina.. 

If you don’t like the stamina bar enabled and find it a little distracting, just pay attention to Noctis’ posture, when he starts to tire he’ll stand a little more upright, that is when you should tap sprint again.

Easy AP / AP Farming


Just northeast of the camp in Three Valley there is a Yellow Fork Path with a giant set of ribs in the middle of it (see the image below). You need the Shield of the Just and you need to warp strike with this weapon to cause an area effect which immediately kills the Sabertusks there. You can kill them, summon, and kill again very quickly to farm AP however you need a very high level (over 70) to be able to one shot kill the Sabertusks. You may be able to one hit warp kill Sabertusks when you reach Lvl 40 if you use the Ultima blade which is accessible as early as chapter 3.

Machine Gun Damage


At recipe level 10 of Ignis’ cooking skill Golden Tail Soup is unlocked (consisting of Kujata MArrow, Platinum Myritrout Fillet and Allural Shallot, all available to purchase). Get Ignis to cook this disk, equip the Blow of the Clever and use the Overwhelm skill whilst you have the bow equipped and Noctis will become a human machine gunner. You can also boost this using items that boost strength (STR).

Insane 99,999 Damage / DMG


Near Volcano (Ravntogh Trail), go the Outpost, get the Feathered Giant Hunt (Lv67), make sure your car is parked at the Outpost. Climb to the summit until you reach the Camp. Sleep there. Fighting the monster will gain you 3 Zu Beaks. Use these to make Tier 4 Magic with the Limit Break Modifier (all three for a Lvl99 limit break). Now using Flare, Freeze of Electro you have a chance of hitting 99,999 in a single cast.

Killing Adamantoise in sub 8 minutes


Make sure you have full HP for bonus damage. Use your strongest attack modifier accessories and Royal Arms. Eat Golden Tail Soup for a 100% critical chance. Use Muscle Stimulant + Power Ex. Gain Enchantment from Ignis for extra damage. Use the Piercer from Prompto to lower Adamantoise’ defence. Armiger it’s legs/fins to quickly make it vulnerable. Focus on the bulge on it’s neck and the neck itself as they have the lower defences.

Play Through The Tutorial


Completing and mastering the ‘Platinum Demo’ isn’t a guarantee that you’ll know all the mechanics of combat and spellcasting for the main game, it is highly recommended that you play through the tutorial for this reason, also check out the Lore Guide.



A well fed party will have an edge, so gathering ingredients should be on your TODO list. If you see a food icon, go and gather ingredients.

Noctis - MP Stasis


Noctis will go into stasis when he has no magic points, in statis his special moves are disabled so keep a close eye on his MP!

DIners and Hunts


Talk to the owners of diners, they provide points of interest on the map and hunt quests which are fun and offer great rewards (in gil terms). They are probably the best type of secondary or side quest to invest time into.

Warp Kill


You can warp kill human enemies if you are undetected before a battle starts by pressing Triangle/Y when the prompt appears.

Blitz Combos and Finishers


A blitz is an attack that is performed by holding Circle or B to execute a basic combo that ends in a culmination. Greatswords have the longest blitz combo whilst daggers have the shortest. Using Noctis and a melee weapon with a locked opponent allows the use of L to warp your opponent with the first smash of your combo. The uses zero MP. 

After releasing Circle or B to finish a blitz, press it again to launch a finisher attack. Noctis will step back and this opens a window for a finisher attack with most weapons with the exception of the sword, for which you need to press Circle or B immediately after it starts to fade.

Oracle Ascension Coins


Oracle ascension coins are located around Eos, once you reach Altissia you can find a vendor who will exchange them for the following rare items.

  • Number of Coins - Items - Benefit
  • 1 - Megalixir - Regain HP and MP for the entire party.
  • 4 - Fire Crest - Reduced fire damage.
  • 4 - Ice Crest - Reduced Ice damage
  • 4 - Lightning Crest - Reduced lightning damage
  • 8 - Dark Crest - Reduces dark damage
  • 20 - Might Guard - Reduces frost, lightning, dark and fire damage
  • 30 - Stone Wall - Reduces fire, frost and ballistic damage
  • 40 - Ribbon - Protection from status ailments

Power Cooking Guide - Easy Levelling


In Lestallum, buy 60 to 75 Luncheon meats and cook “Mystery Meat Sushi” 60 to 75 times, this will max out your cooking skill in about 20 minutes!


Easter Eggs

After meeting the Oracle’s messenger, Gentiana in Ch 5 - Dark Clouds you may find that when reviewing Prompto’s photos you see Gentiana, she follows you and can be caught photobombing the photos even though you can’t see her.



To activate Chocobos there is a side-quest in Chapter 3: The Open World. As part of the Friends of a Feather side-quest you are asked by Prompto to visit the Wiz Chocobo Post, at the end of the quest there is Beast Hunt where you get to take down a lvl 15 behemoth, if you defeat it you then find yourself being able to rent Chocobos which are much faster than running (even with Infinite sprint) from Rent-A-Bird machines. It costs 50 Gil per day to rent a Chocobo and after the rental period has expired the Chocobo will return to the outpost. 

Sprint wears off after your Chocobo reaches sprint step 8. Chocobos retain sprint speed when gliding, and also recover stamina. Braking or halting your Chocobo gives a boost which allows a small amount of stamina recovery.

Faster Chocobo Riding

Press sprint
Between the Chocobo's 7th and 8th step, jump and glide.
Immediately after the Chocobo lands, press Halt (brake) to make the Chocobo slide.
Sprint again and repeat.

Chocobo Levels

Chocobos have 10 levels that you can achieve by riding them for certain periods of time. You start at level 1, but not that the Riding Time counter is reset after the last level is earned. So after earning Level 3, you would need to ride for an additional 8 mins to gain level 4. To get to level 10 you will need to have completed 2 hours and 18 minutes of playtime riding a Chocobo!

  • Level 2 - Ride for 2 mins - New Ability: Dash De Chocobo (You can summon your chocobo to flee once per battle)
  • Level 3 - Ride for 6 mins - Max Stamina +10, Running speed increased (20mph)
  • Level 4 - Ride for 8 mins - New Ability: Kick De Chocobo (Your Chocobo can join you in battles and deliver a devastating kick)
  • Level 5 - Ride for 12 mins - Max Stamina +10, sprinting Speed increased (28mph)
  • Level 6 - Ride for 16 mins - New Ability: Dance De Chocobo (Your Chocobo can buff you to increase your health regeneration in battle)
  • Level 7 - Ride for 20 mins - Max Stamina +10, Jump Height Increased (8' 8")
  • Level 8 - Ride for 20 mins - New Ability: Rush De Chocobo (Your chocobo can unleash a flurry of attacks)
  • Level 9 - Ride for 24 mins - Max Stamina +10, Stamina Recovery Rate x2
  • Level 10 - Ride for 30 mins - Link De Chocobo: Your chocobo can perform Blindside-Link attacks with Noctis

Chocobo Pears

There are 7 pears hidden during Chocobo races, they can be used to give your bird a new coloration when you visit the Chocobo Salon. These are found outside of the normal race so to get them you need to throw the race and just look for the pear.

Cieldalaes Pear

Prompto and Full Field.

After the final bend, a dirt path heads off to the right, between that and the main course is a fenced off area and the yellow pair is by a tree.

Xelphatol Pear

Gladio and Iris.

The southernmost point of the route has a dirt path going off to the left followed by a flat rock that curves round the corner, behind that rock is the Xelphatol pear.

Han Pear

Ignis and Rocky Road

After the race begins go to the right and off the road and there is a pear before the bushes.

Doman Pear

Prompto and Ignis

Only available when raining.

As the final corner begins to curve, go left past a short stone wall into the centre of the course. After the bushes there are some rocks with a green pear in the middle.

Mamook Pear

Chocobo Hoops.

At the start take a left and the pear is next to a tree and the wall hidden in some grass.

Only available during rain.

O'Ghomoro Pear

Prompto, Ignis and Full Field

Only available at night (8:30pm - 4am).

On the last corner turn right back to where the sign up desk for the race is, the pear is by the Cobcobo races sign next to the road if you head to the road from here.

Val Pear

Rocky Road.

Only available at night (8:30pm - 4am).

Go towards the first hoop then right and the pear is near an edge.

Friendly Sabertusk

Easter Eggs

There is a friendly Sabertusk near Longgwythe Peak which does not attack you and appears to stay there day and night.

Dungeon Locations


Here is a list of all the dungeons in FFXV in their location.

Keycatrich Trench in Leide

This is the first dungeon and to get into it you need to do the main quest during Ch 2.

Contains the Tomb of the Conqueror and the Axe of the Conqueror.

Boss Battle: Lvl 12 Arachne.
Attempt at character lvl 12.

Greyshire Glacial Grotto in Cleigne

Another main quest dungeon, you are sent here to look for an Armiger after you first visit Lestallum.

Boss Battle: Lvl 17 Ronin mini boss and 3x lvl 19 Mindflayers at the end

Attempt at character lvl 19.

Fociaugh Hollow in Leide

A main quest dungeon during “The Trial of Ramuh” in Ch 5. Blocked by an impassable rock until the quest is complete.

Boss Battle: Lvl 30 Naga.

Attempt at character lvl 30.

Malmalam Thicket in Cleigne

Accessible whilst driving during the main quest “All Set to Set Sail” in Ch 6 as your buddies will recommend you check this dungeon out.

Contains The Tomb of the Pious and The Scepter of the Pious.

Boss Battle: Lvl 38 Bandersnatch

Attempt at character lvl 38.

The Rock of Ravatogh in Cleigne

The “Rock of Ravatogh” side quest takes you here and the reward is Armiger weapon – Mace of the Fierce. It is also part of the side quest Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration.

Boss Battle: Lvl 38 Wyvern Note: You can go through the whole dungeon without fighting the boss and picking up all the loot, including the Armiger, at around lvl 30.

Attempt at character lvl 38.

Steyliff Grove in Cleigne

You will have a chance to enter this dungeon as part of the main quest Party of Three.

Mobs: Lvl 24 Skeleton, lvl 25 Reaper, lvl 25 Creme Brulee, lvl 27 Lich, lvl 30 Iron Giant

Boss Battle: Lvl 32 Quetzalcoatl.

Attempt at character lvl 32.

The Myrlwood in Cleigne

You will have to follow the main story up until Chapter 7 to enter the part of the map containing this dungeon.

Boss Battle: Lvl 38 Treant

Contains the Tomb of the Rogue and the Star of the Rogue.

Attempt at character lvl 38.

Daurel Caverns in Duscae

Boss Battle: An Iron Giant accompanied by Necromancers and Hecteyes.

Contains a Moogle charm accessory is found on the ground fairly early. It increases EXP earned from battles.

Attempt at character lvl 41.

The Baloue Mines in Leide

You can enter this dungeon at any time. Notes: It has several floors you can access via the elevator or hidden passages/stairs. Boss is on the 3rd floor down.

Contains the Tomb of the Clever and The Bow of the Clever.

Boss Battle: Lvl 52 Aramusha.

Attempt at character lvl 50.

Crestholm Channels in Leide

You will have to follow the main story up until Chapter 7 to enter the part of the map containing this dungeon.

Boss Battle: Lvl 50 Jormungand – bring fire resistance.

Reward: When you kill the lvl 38 Black Flan you can pick up the Auto-changer accessory. This changes Noctis’ weapon after each attack. Cindy sends you here as part of her side quest to get Enhanced Headlights. These will drive away daemons when you drive at night!

Attempt at character lvl 50.

Costlemark Tower Dungeon in Duscae

You can only enter this dungeon at night. Dino sends you on a side quest Treasure beyond measure here.

This dungeon takes several hours to complete.

Contains the Tomb of the Tall and the Greatsword of the Tall.

Boss Battle: None, waves of enemies.

Attempt at character lvl 55.

FFXV Secret Pitioss Dungeon in Cleigne

Entrance: You can only access Pitioss dungeon by using the Regalia Type F flying car. See the other section on how to unlock that Regalia Type F but once you have it go to the volcano and look for a small section of road (yellow line on the volcano’s mini map). You can land there if you time it perfectly. After landing follow the path up to the building. Only Noctis can enter and this dungeon filled with puzzles.

Attempt at character lvl 45.

Power Fishing Guide - Easy Levelling


From level 1 to level 10 in 2-3 hours.

You need to have unlocked Ch 7 and have about 30 to 35 thousand Gill available. 

Go to Vesperpool (north of the map). Every time you stay there you get into a long conversation with Gladio about a fishing tour, don’t accept this. Take the right path and follow it until you get to Bert’s Bobber ‘n’ Stuff and a fishing spot called Vesperpool Lake East Bank, north western corner of Celigne which is the best fishing spot in the game. 

  • Buy the Death Spin rod and the Nereid Reel (total cost of about 21000 Gil).
  • Get 20x Malboro Lures.
  • Get 20x Dragonsbeard Silk.

  • Use the Malboro lure, and we are looking to catch rare fish such as Phoneix Bass and Golden catfish.
  • Throw your line at small dots.
  • Ignore Gladio and Ignis.
  • Purchase more silk and lures as needed.

 The more fish you catch the greater skill increase you will get, you can take a break at a campsite to rank up and then continue fishing.

Soundtrack Locations


The Regalia has a music player that allows you to listen to different soundtracks. You can purchase original Final Fantasy soundtracks from various vendors on the map of Eos although not all of them are accessible until you reach Ch 3.

Here are the locations of all the soundtracks and vendors selling soundtracks for purchase: 

  • Memories of Final Fantasy 1 - available in the Regalia on starting the game..
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 2 - Longwythe Rest Area vendor in the Leide.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 3 - Coernix Station - Alstor shop in Duscae.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 4 - Hammerhead Outpost in Leide.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 5 - Galdin Quay shop in Leide.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 6 - Taelpar Rest Area vendor in Duscae.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 7 - available in the Regalia on starting the game.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 8 - Hammerhead Outpost in Leide.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 9 - Coernix Station - Cauthess shop in Duscae - 2 disc set
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 10 - Wiz Chocobo Post in Duscae
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 11 - 5 disc set from the Burbost Souvenir Emporium in Duscae
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 12 - Verinas Mart, Ravatogh vendor in Duscae
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 13 - available in the Regalia on starting the game.
  • Memories of Final Fantasy 14 - 2 disc set from the Coernix Station, Lestallum in Duscae
  • Final Fantasy Dissidia - The old Lestallum vendor in Duscae (500 Gil)
  • Original Drive Music - available in the Regalia on starting the game.
  • Afrojack - available in the Regalia on starting the game.
  • Justice Monsters Five - available in the Regalia on starting the game.
  • Kingsglaive - available in the Regalia on starting the game.

Stuffed Moogle Surprise

Easter Eggs

When you have Iris as a party member / partner during Ch 6 if she follows you into battle and you perform a link or blindside attack and she is nearby she will throw a large stuffed Moogle at the enemy!

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