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Final Fantasy IX on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Cheats, game codes, unlockables, hints, easter eggs, glitches, guides, walkthroughs, trophies, achievements and more for Final Fantasy IX on Playstation 4.

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  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Turn-based strategy (TBS)
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T
  • First Release (Any platform):


Main Menu Cheats

The PS4 release of Final Fantasy IX includes several cheats that can be accessed from the pause menu. You can toggle them on and off whenever you want by pressing the button indicated on the pause screen. They do not disable trophies.

  • Battle Assistance (press L1) – Your health, magic, and ATB gauges will be full at the start of battle, and you can enter Trance mode whenever you want.
  • 9999 (press L2) – Your party will deal 9999 in damage, and your healing items and spells will heal 9999 HP.
  • High Speed Mode (press R1) – The entire game will be sped up.
  • Safe Travel (press R2) – Random encounters will be disabled.


Booster Cheats

The PS4 release of Final Fantasy IX includes three “booster” cheats that can be accessed from the config menu. Warning: you cannot deactivate these cheats once you’ve activated them, and they will disable trophies for that playthrough.

  • Master Abilities – Your party members can instantly learn and master the abilities of any equipment you have or pick up.
  • Lv/Mag Stone Max – All party members will be leveled up to level 99, and you will also get 99 magic stones.
  • Gil Max – Your gil (money) will be maximized.



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Easter Eggs

Final Fantasy III song

If you have both Doga’s Artifact and Une’s Mirror from the Treno Auction House, go to Black Mage Village near the end of the game (on what would be Disc 4 in the original release). Enter the inn and speak to the black mage standing by the gramophone. The song that plays is from Final Fantasy III.


Ruby yelling at Zidane

At the start of the game, when you’re prompted to say who you’re kidnapping, Baku will yell at you if you incorrectly say Queen Brahne. If you answer incorrectly 64 times, Ruby will enter the room to also yell at you.


Final Fantasy VII & VIII reference

Near the end of the game, Zidane says “No cloud nor squall will hinder us!” While he’s referring to weather, this also is a shout-out to the protagonists of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, Cloud and Squall, respectively.


King Lear references

The play “I Want to Be Your Canary” is a reference to Shakespeare’s play King Lear.

  • It was written by Lord Avon, a reference to Shakespeare (who was referred to as the Bard of Avon)
  • The king’s name is King Leo, a reference to King Lear
  • His daughter’s name is Princess Cornelia, a reference to Cordelia from King Lear (as well as a nod to the princess from the original Final Fantasy, whose name is Cornelia)


Final Fantasy II reference

The music played in Castle Pandemonium is a slowed-down version of the music played in the final dungeon, Pandemonium, in Final Fantasy II.

Listen to the comparison here, which first plays FFIX’s song, then plays FFII’s song, and then plays FFIX’s song at a faster tempo.


Final Fantasy VII song

The music played in the “Orchestra in the Forest” Active Time Event is Rufus’s Welcoming Ceremony from Final Fantasy VII.


Resident Evil 2 reference

If you examine the fountain in Lindblum Castle, you’re told “Looks like there’s no place to put the medal here.” However, there are no such puzzles in the game and no medal this could be referring to. This message is most likely a reference to Resident Evil 2.


Star Trek reference

An NPC in Lindblum says "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker!" in reference to Bones from Star Trek.


Star Wars reference

Necron’s speech includes the lines, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering,” which is the same thing Yoda says in The Phantom Menace.


Monty Python reference

After your first battle with Steiner, he says his injury is “Only a flesh wound!” which is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Parasite Eve reference

In the Lindblum Synthesis Shop, you can find two characters named Wayne and Torres arguing over whether it’s better to have a strong weapon for power or strong armor for safety. This is a reference to Wayne and Torres from Parasite Eve, who have a similar argument.


Gilgamesh reference (Excalibur II)

To get the Excalibur II sword for Steiner, you must enter the final dungeon (Memoria) and fight Lich within 12 hours of starting the game. After the battle with Lich, search the rightmost pillar to find the sword and a message left for Gilgamesh that reads:

“To Brother Gil - Bro, I found the sword, like you told me. But there were two. One of ‘em had a lame name, Something II. It was a dingy, old thing with flashy decorations, something you'd probably like. So I went with Excalipur. I’ll be back after I find the Tin Armor.


This is both a difficult unlockable and an Easter egg, since Gilgamesh and Enkidu (spelled here Enkido) are recurring characters who first appeared in Final Fantasy V.



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