FIFA 23 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: May 10, 2023
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  • First Released: Sep 28, 2022
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Score a Goal Every Time Using the Outside Foot Shot


The outside foot shot must be done from the ride side of the pitch with a right-footed player and from the left with left-footed players. Stats like shot power, long shots, and curve are vital when performing this shot. The better the stats, the better the outcome. 

To perform this shot, hold in L2 on your PS controller or LT on your Xbox controller and load the shot button. Depending on your player's distance to the goal, it must be between two and three bars. Also, the direction of the shot will depend on the angle you launch it at.

When inside the penalty box, the outside first shot will curve the ball and keep it out of the reach of the goalkeeper. Using the outside of the penalty box for long shots is also incredible. 

Ovvy explains the Outside Foot Shot Technique

Altering Gameplay to Cheat


Cheat Engine Usage

PC gamers can use an exclusive cheat engine in Career Mode that alters various game settings, from minor tweaks to significant changes, including player morale, position, potential, and club relocation. This tool only affects the player's game and not others, making it an entertaining option for those who want to customize their experience. Numerous cheat engines are available, each with its own features and customization options, allowing players to choose the one that suits their needs.

The Not-So-Secret Advantage Settings

Try this trick if you're searching for a way to gain an advantage over your friend in an offline match. Once you reach the team selection screen, focus on the center of the screen. You'll see an icon that prompts you to press R3 on PlayStation or the RS button on Xbox. By pressing this button, you can adjust the difficulty level of your friend's team. 

Be cautious and wait for the right opportunity to avoid being caught out. 

Edit Player Stats In Single Player Mode

In the main menu, you can modify any player's stats. Simply head to the settings, select "edit player", choose the player you wish to modify and tweak their stats to your liking. These changes will only reflect in Career Mode (you'll need to select "Use Current Squads" when starting a new career), kick-off, and tournaments. This technique allows you to generate new players and incorporate them into career mode.

Buying FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) Coins

Numerous methods exist to purchase coins on countless websites, and it's also one of the oldest FIFA Ultimate Team cheats. Regrettably, it's easy for a player to access a site that sells coins. The most popular ways to buy coins are:

  • Player Auction:
    You place a player on the transfer market, and the coin seller bids an exorbitantly high price for your item.
  • Comfort Trade:
    The most convenient option for the buyer is this: You only need to provide your credentials to the website you purchased the coins from, and they'll take care of the rest.
  • Mule Account:
    You receive an account with the purchased amount of coins and must transfer the coins yourself. This approach minimizes the seller's risk of getting banned since they're not transferring the coins themselves.

Using Bots For Purchases

Bots can be bought to snipe undervalued players on the transfer market. You input the desired price, and the bot does the rest, including relisting. Some bots place mass bids on items, hoping for a lucky purchase. Then, you seek to resell for profit. This is against EA's rules and can result in losing FUT access.

The No-Loss Win Tally Glitch

Opponents who quit Weekend League matches early may have lost their temper or used the No-Loss exploit. This exploit occasionally appears in FUT, allowing players to quit without a loss. However, they usually quit when they see a strong team or fall behind. EA Sports works to prevent these glitches and prohibits their exploitation.

The Esport Playing against AI Players Glitch

PC players can use glitches and cheats in FIFA 23, leading to console players being matched with them due to crossplay. Cheating is unlikely on PlayStation or Xbox, but PC players can use the Esport AI glitch to gain an unfair advantage. This involves letting the AI play against their opponent in online matches, and it's best to leave the game at 0-0 if you suspect your opponent is using this glitch or hacking. Deactivating crossplay is the only way to avoid this issue.

Ryan Reynold's Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

When you are playing a friendly game between Wrexham AFC and Liverpool, you will hear the famous actor Ryan Reynolds commentating alongside Derek Rae and Steward Robson. This makes for an interesting verbal intro to a game between a major and minor team.

Clip of Ryan Reynolds Easter Egg

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