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Last Updated: June 9, 2023
eFootball 2023
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  • First Released: Aug 24, 2022
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  • Ratings: ESRB E

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Kick-off Glitch


A glitch occurs at the start of a football match that allows you to beat your opponents' defenders and score goals. For this glitch to happen, you must start the match and pass the ball back to your midfielders.

Once your midfielder has the ball, they must lobby the ball forward to your striker. Your opponents' defenders will remain static, and your striker will run past them with an opportunity to score the match's opening goal.

You can repeat this glitch after every restart; it is a sure way to score goals every time.

How to Dribble


Dribbling is one of the essential skills that you will need to master to score more goals. To effectively dribble past opponents' players, you must slow down as they approach your player with the ball.

Then once your player has slowed down and is approaching your opponent with the ball, tap on the “Dash” option and immediately move the cursor in the direction you would like to dribble towards to go past the defender.

Once you have passed the oncoming defender, you can continue to dribble forward faster until another defender approaches you. You must then either pass or you can slow down and perform the same technique to get around the approaching defender.

Eimurn gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to dribble

How to Defend


Scoring goals is one of the main objectives in football; however, you’ll also need to know how to defend your goals against attacking strikers. A solid defensive line can win you the game if you have a one-goal lead against tough opponents.

One of the critical elements to defending your goals against an opponent is to apply pressure when they're attacking. Go into the “Play Settings” and change the control configuration settings from “Match Up” to “Dash & Pressure.” 

Press the “Dash & Pressure” button on your screen when an opponent is attacking your goals. If a winger has the ball and is trying to run around your defender, you must press the arrow button in the direction the opponent is running and the “Dash & Pressure” button to stop them.

Your defenders can also match up to players that are running toward them. Press the “Match Up” button and the upwards arrow button simultaneously. This will cause your defender to match up against the opponent and steal the ball.

If you can’t get the ball from matching up or pressuring your opponents, you can always click on the “Tackle” button and try to remove the ball from the player. Only use the tackling option when your opponent is in front or on the side of your defender. 

Tackling a football player from behind or one that has managed to get around your defender will result in a foul and a possible red card for your defender. Defenders that are beaten should allow the goalkeeper to charge the striker.

Mr Abas demonstrates how to defend

How to Pass Accurately


Passing is one of the most crucial skills often overlooked by many players. Passing accurately and retaining the ball between your players will be the difference between scoring tons of goals and no goals.

To be accurate when passing to another player, you must use the measuring gauge correctly. The passing gauge appears underneath a player passing the ball and will increase when holding the pass button. 

Releasing the ball at the correct moment is critical to passing accurately. A low pass must not exceed 65% of the passing gauge, or the ball can be passed to your opponent.

Likewise, if the passing gauge is too low, it will be an easy intercept for your opponent, and your player will lose the ball. Passing the ball with a full passing gauge will blast it into a player and lose you possession of it.

Lastly, always pass to the nearest player available, and only pass to players you can see. Have the awareness to know where your player will be standing and search for players on the move.

Passing to moving players will decrease the predictability of your passes and create spaces for you to pass in the field. If all else fails, keep it simple and pass the ball to available players. 

Ballon D'Or Games explains how to Pass Accurately

How to Buy and Sell Players


Buying new players and selling old players is an important aspect of the game. Getting rid of standard players and exchanging them for new players will upgrade your football squad.

To sell players, first, go to the “My Team” menu option under Efootball World. Select the “Players” option under your team menu, and a list of your current players will appear.

Click on a player’s name card from the provided list, which will provide you with several options. Select the “Release” option to sell a player from your squad. You must unlock players before you can release them from your squad.

You can purchase new players from other clubs when you have some open places in your football squad. Go to the “Contract” option on the main menu to buy new players.

Under the “Contract” option, scroll to the right and select the “Standard Player List” menu. This menu will open up a list of players available to sign up with your squad and their price tag.

Select the desired player from the list and put in an offer to sign the player from their current club. They will then be added to the list of players in your squad, and you can use them in your next match.

SHADED 707 shares a guide on how to buy & sell players.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


First Touch Movement

Dashing in the direction of the ball can often lead a player to lose control of it. When you’re about to receive the ball from a player, touch the left of your screen to control the ball. This movement will allow you to avoid being pressured by an opposing defender and allow you to sprint away from them.

Have Patience When Attacking

Taking long, lofted shots from the middle of the field is easy for an opposition goalkeeper to defend. It’s important to have patience when attacking and pass the ball in gaps to create a close-range shooting option.

Direct Your Shot

When aiming for your opponent's goals, shoot towards the left or right corner of the goals. Simply pressing the shooting button will direct your shot at the keeper and save your attempt.

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