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Last Updated: November 5, 2022
EA Sports UFC 4
  • First Released: Aug 13, 2020
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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There are basically 2 types of submissions:

Choke submission
Joint submission
Choke Submission

When you enter into a choke submission, a circle with 2 bars will appear on the screen. One bar will be for you and one bar will be for your opponent.  You will use your left stick to move the bar around the circle. The attackers aim is to keep their bar above your bar to drain your power.

Your aim is to escape.  You need to keep your bar away from your attackers bar. The quicker you move around, the larger your bar will become, making it easier for your attacker to catch you. You would need to find a balance to move just enough so that you bar doesn’t become too big, yet still keep away from your attackers bar.

Joint Submission

When you enter into a joint submission, instead of a full circle, a semi-circle will appear on your screen. That means that there will be less room for you to move around in.

You would use the back triggers on your control to move the bars. It is very similar to choke submissions, meaning,  you need to keep your bar away from your attacker bar. The more you move the larger your bar gets making it easier for your attacker to make you submit.

Your triggers are touch sensitive, so be careful not to slam them all the way down, otherwise your bar will get very big, very quick and you will probably get submitted fast.

Gently rock back and forth, trying not to be too predictable. Try faking going one way but immediately go the other so that your opponent does not anticipate your next move.

While you are in the submission, one of three options will sometimes appear on screen. CHAIN, SLAM and STRIKE

Chain – If the attacker presses it first, the move will go to a more aggressive stage of attack. If the defender presses it first, the move will be prevented so that the attacker cannot complete that move.

Slam – If the attacker presses the Slam button first, the attacker will pick up the defender and slam him onto the ground. If the defender presses the button first, it will prevent the attacker from picking him up and slamming him onto the ground.

Strike – If the attacker presses the Strike button first, it will give the attacker an advantage to complete the submission. If the defender presses the Strike button first it will give the defender an advantage in escaping. 

Sports Gamers Online goes through how to master the submissions.



If you hold down R1 and the X button, it will take your opponent down with a hip toss. In so doing you will be taken into a side control or side saddle position, depending on the stamina of your opponent.

Holding down the R1 and the O button will ankle pick your opponent. You will remain standing so that you can pounce on your opponent afterwards.

Once you are in the dominant position ( R1 and square button ) if you hold R1 and the O button, the game will cause this big back suplex move and you will be put into a top side control position.

Another tip is to use the clinch to launch body shots

Use the clinch for take downs

Push your opponent against the cage in a clinch.

If you are in the middle of the octagon, everything moves super-fast and it is difficult to find your bearings. So putting your opponent against the cage does have it’s advantages

BootStrapBilly's video goes through the clinch take downs.

How to unlock 28 Trophies


1.  The The Collector trophy – When all other trophies are collected in UFC 4

2. The Thrown To The Wolves trophy – When you make your amateur debut in your Opening Experience

3. The Risky Offer trophy -  When you accept an Amateur fight against a higher level Wrestler

4. The The Pro trophy – When you sign your first career contract after you complete your training

5. The Unleashed On Cam trophy – When you knock out your training partner during a streamed session in your Career

6. The Employee Of The Month trophy – When you complete an optional Contract Bonus in your Career

7. The No Pain No Gain trophy – When you receive a major injury and you win the fight during your Career

8. The I’m Back trophy – When you use Evolution points to recover a lost attribute point in your Career

9. The Rubbing Shoulders With The Best trophy – When you invite a fighter ranked in the Top 5 and learn a new move in your Career

10. The I Did My Homework trophy – When you unlock all the gameplans for a fighter in your Career

11. The The Overachiever trophy – When you collect all optional challenges from a sparring session in your Career

12. The The Undefeated trophy – When you defend the belt 12 consecutive times during your Career

13. The The Specialist trophy – When, during your Career, you unlock 5 perks in a single category through Evolution Points 

14. The The Apprentice trophy – When you upgrade a move during a training session or a fight in your career

15. The The Master trophy – When you knock down or knock out an opponent with a 5 star move in your career

16. The The Legend trophy – When you become the G O A T ( Greatest Of All Time ) during your Career

17. The The Facebreaker trophy – When a fight is finished by ground and pound

18. The Sleepy Time trophy – When a fight is finished by choke submission

19. The Bend My Will trophy – When a fight is finished by joint submission

20. The Stay Down trophy – When 5 successful takedowns are performed in a fight

21. The High Impact trophy – When your opponent is knocked out from clinch

22. The This Is Me trophy – When you edit all categories from your Player Card

23. The Wear ‘em With Pride Trophy – When 5 accolades are equipped in your player Card

24. The Show The Flag trophy – When a Legendary Background is equipped on your Player Card

25. The Words Of Wisdom trophy – When flair text is added on your Player Card

26. The Back To The Arcades trophy – When you play a match in Knock Out mode

27.  The The Undisputed trophy – When you become a champion and you defend the title once in Online World Championships

28. The There Can Only Be One trophy – When ultimate victory is achieved in Blitz Battles

RealityScrape Gaming has a complete trophy guide.



You should try and drain the stamina of your opponent to get a stamina advantage over your opponent. The easiest and quickest way to obtain that objective is to make your opponent miss his strikes completely so that it is not even hitting your guard. If your opponent gets you onto the cage, you need to lunge out f his way using L1/R1 or LB/RB in Xbox. Body kicks and other kicks from you will drain your opponent’s stamina very quickly. 

Another tip is to keep your feet square when you strike. In other words, do not touch your left stick. Sometimes it is necessary, like when your opponent moves away from you, but if your opponent is coming towards you, you can throw combinations without moving your feet. This is beneficial in two ways. First, your combinations come out a lot faster and more accurately and secondly, it causes a lot more damage.

Romero's video goes through different striking tips.



Initiate clinch by holding down the R1 and jab button ( square if you are orthodox and triangle if you are a southpaw ). 

Uppercuts to the head is caused by holding down the square or triangle button

Hooks to the head is caused by holding down the L1 and pressing down the square or triangle button

Uppercuts to the body is caused by holding down the L2 and pressing the square or triangle button

Hooks to the body is caused by holding down L1 and L2 while pressing the square or triangle

Elbows to the head are caused by holding down the L1 while pressing the square button and the X button together

Holding L1 whilst pressing the X or the O button will automatically take you to a tight clinch and throw knees to the head

Holding L2 instead of L1 will throw knees to the body

These strikes are very draining but if you land these correctly  and properly, they will cause huge amounts of damage.

If you are on the receiving end of a clinch and you try and defend against a strike, holding down the R2 and the L2 together, you will block anything coming toward your body.

Once you find yourself in an attacking clinch, use your left stick to push your opponent in any direction you want him to go to. When you want to get out of a clinch, whether attacking or defending, push your left stick away from your opponent and you will slowly move away.

If you are in an attacking clinch and you press R1 and the square button, you will move into a more aggressive and dominant position in the clinch where strikes to the head and the body can be thrown.

If your opponent has you in a clinch against the cage, it is more difficult to get out of it because there is no way to move back away from your opponent, so you would need to move your left stick either up or down depending on the position you find yourself in.

Combat Sports Gaming video helps you with the clinch control.

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