Thalamus's Puzzles for Dragon Quest Builders on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Thalamus's Puzzles

In Chapter 2, you will encounter four puzzles set by Thalamus. Completing all four puzzles is one of the chapter’s challenges. Follow the steps below to solve all of Thalamus’s puzzles.

Puzzle 1

Head south from your base on the island and cross over the limestone mountain. You’ll see a building. Head to the building and build a room with the following items:

  • Torch
  • Washtub
  • 2 Pots
  • Pot Plant
  • Cook Fire

You’ll receive a white block.


Puzzle 2

After solving the first puzzle, enter the blue portal and head west. There, you will reach an area where you need to plant a Palm Seedling.

You’ll receive a blue block.


Puzzle 3

After solving the second puzzle, go through the red portal and head northeast. Pass the temple and go around the mountain to find this puzzle, a clock puzzle. Set the clock to 3:00.

You’ll receive a red block.


Puzzle 4

Go through the green portal and head south. Cross over the earth and limestone mountain to find a golden golem and the final puzzle. To solve it, place the colored blocks from the previous puzzles on the correct columns.

The white block goes on the left, the blue block goes in the middle, and the red block goes on the right.

Your reward is the recipe for the Catholicon Ring, which protects you from negative status ailments.