Dragon Quest Builders Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: August 21, 2019
Dragon Quest Builders
  • First Released: Jan 27, 2016
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3,PlayStation Network (PS3),PlayStation Vita,PlayStation Network (Vita),PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10+

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Connection to Dragon Quest I

Easter Eggs

Dragon Quest Builders is set in the same world as Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III, Alefgard. It follows the “bad ending” of the original game, where the hero accepts the Dragonlord’s offer instead of defeating him.

Easy Blocks


The Flooring and Cladding recipes let you transform dirt into blocks made out of various materials. Surround yourself with dirt blocks and use Cladding to get a great number of blocks. Cladding works on a 5x5x4 around you, which allows you to create 98 blocks at a time.

You can also do this by digging into the ground at least two blocks down, rather than building the earth blocks around you.

Easy Experience


Every time your base levels up, your experience starts over at zero for you to begin earning experience toward the next level. While your experience is at zero, remove all of the doors from your base. This will lower your experience, but since it’s already at or near zero, you’ll lose almost nothing. Restore all of the doors, and it will consider those to be new rooms and give you experience for them.

Terra Incognita


Once you finish the first chapter, you will unlock Terra Incognita, an open-ended creative mode.

Challenges - Unlock items for Terra Incognita


Complete the challenges described below to unlock special recipes to use in Terra Incognita. Every chapter has five challenges.

Chapter 1 Challenges

Flame Blade – Complete the chapter in 20 days or less.

Stone Furniture – Build your Base up to Level 5.

Costume Set – Build a Cantlin Garden.

Featherwear Footfall Accessory (negates fall damage) – Repair the graves for the hammerhood.

[Item/Equipment] Display Stands – Defeat the three dragons.

Chapter 2 Challenges

Gourmand’s Girdle (negates hunger) – Complete the chapter in 30 days or less.

Wood Furniture – Build your Base up to Level 5.

Roofing Tiles set – Repair the ruined roof.

Water Crystal – Obtain the Crown Goowels from the King Slime.

Meteorite Bracer (allows you to run faster) – Complete all of Thalamus’s puzzles.

Chapter 3 Challenges

Talaria (grants you the double jump ability) – Complete the chapter in 30 days or less.

Special Blocks – Build your Base up to Level 5.

Forbidden Furniture – Defeat all of the boss trolls and gigantes. (There are two of each.)

Hot Water Crystal – Complete the blueprint for the spectacular spa.

Lyres of Slime Immemorial (plays 8-bit background music) – Discover the recipes for the Lyre of Slime Immemorial.

Chapter 4 Challenges

Erdrick’s Legendary Items and Gear – Complete the chapter in 30 days or less.

Superior Crafting Station –Build your Base up to Level 4.

Forbidden Gear – Find the Sword of Ruin, a cursed sword you can’t switch until it breaks.

Novelty Items – Show the Verdant Vision to a certain someone (King Slime).

Ring of Criticality (increases your critical hit rate) – Defeat the final boss without wearing the legendary armor (the Auroral Armor or the Hero’s Shield).

Thalamus's Puzzles


In Chapter 2, you will encounter four puzzles set by Thalamus. Completing all four puzzles is one of the chapter’s challenges. Follow the steps below to solve all of Thalamus’s puzzles.

Puzzle 1

Head south from your base on the island and cross over the limestone mountain. You’ll see a building. Head to the building and build a room with the following items:

  • Torch
  • Washtub
  • 2 Pots
  • Pot Plant
  • Cook Fire

You’ll receive a white block.

Puzzle 2

After solving the first puzzle, enter the blue portal and head west. There, you will reach an area where you need to plant a Palm Seedling.

You’ll receive a blue block.

Puzzle 3

After solving the second puzzle, go through the red portal and head northeast. Pass the temple and go around the mountain to find this puzzle, a clock puzzle. Set the clock to 3:00.

You’ll receive a red block.

Puzzle 4

Go through the green portal and head south. Cross over the earth and limestone mountain to find a golden golem and the final puzzle. To solve it, place the colored blocks from the previous puzzles on the correct columns.

The white block goes on the left, the blue block goes in the middle, and the red block goes on the right.

Your reward is the recipe for the Catholicon Ring, which protects you from negative status ailments.



Avid Accessoriser (Silver) – Awarded for obtaining eight different accessories.

Beginner Builder (Bronze) – Awarded for building your first room.

Chamber Potty (Gold) – Awarded for learning 50 different room recipes.

Conqueror of Cantlin (Gold) – Awarded for completing every challenge in the Cantlin chapter.

Custodian of Cantlin (Silver) – Awarded for completing the Cantlin chapter.

Enemy Miner (Gold) – Awarded for defeating eight enemies with a single wrecking ball.

Epic Epicurean (Gold) – Awarded for eating 20 different foodstuffs.

Escape Artist (Bronze) – Awarded for escaping from your tomb and heading out on your adventure.

Handy Crafter (Silver) – Awarded for using a crafting station 500 times.

Keeper of Kol, Guardian of Galenholm (Silver) – Awarded for completing the Kol & Galenholm chapter.

King of Kol, Grandee of Galenholm (Gold) – Awarded for completing every challenge in the Kol & Galenholm chapter.

Master Planner (Silver) – Awarded for completing 10 blueprints.

Monster Masher (Silver) – Awarded for defeating 2000 monsters.

Perfectionist (Platinum) – Awarded for earning all other trophies.

Redeemer of Rimuldar (Silver) – Awarded for completing the Rimuldar chapter.

Ruler of Rimuldar (Gold) – Awarded for completing every challenge in the Rimuldar chapter.

Super Smasher (Silver) – Awarded for smashing 3000 objects.

Superior Decorator (Silver) – Awarded for placing 3000 objects.

Titan of Tantegel (Gold) – Awarded for completing every challenge in the Tantegel chapter.

Torchbearer of Tantegel (Silver) – Awarded for completing the Tantegel chapter.

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