Hidden Treasure Guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Hidden Treasure Guide

The following maps will lead you to hidden treasure.

  • Farmland Cave - You can find the map in Hafter's Woods. It will lead you west of the Redcliffe Farms, to Dead Ram Grove. At the top of a hill there, there is a cave, as well as a different cave in the south. Head inside to find the treasure.
  • Halihn Sulahn - You can find the map beyond the dragon at Ghilan'nain's Grove, near the camp. Get around the dragon either through force or stealth. Once you have the map, follow it south of the Dalish Camp in the Exalted Plains. Climb up to the right of the waterfall to find the treasure.
  • Watcher's Pass - You can find the map in a building in the camp at the Emerald Graves. The map will lead you west toward the Rush of Sighs, where a Fade Rift waits by a mountain. Climb up, and then head past the left side of the sole tree to find the treasure.
  • Waterfall - You can find the map in the high camp in the Hinterlands. It will lead you toward Lake Luthias, across the West Road to the damaged bridge. From there, head east to the waterfall. You'll need to fight some Templars. From there, another path leads to the waterfall and an out-of-place dirt patch, where the treasure is.