Disney Dreamlight Valley Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Sep 5, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Fantasy
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Infinite Seaweed Trick That Works


Seaweed is an important item in the game, used for cooking and as a tool. To get infinite seaweed, place it in a chest, and then repeatedly pick it up and place it back in the chest. This will cause the seaweed to duplicate, giving you an infinite supply.

The Very Effective Harvesting Crops Glitch


Another possibility is to invite someone to join you on your farming adventure. Fence them in, harvest all their crops, and then remove the fence to release them.

Skip Tool Quests using the Teleportation Well


Most players upgrade their tools by completing quests, but if you're feeling lazy, you can skip this step. Buy the teleportation well, pick it up, and move it to the other side. Then open the map and teleport there for free.

The Money Trick Explained


A money trick is an exploit that allows players to accumulate many coins quickly.

To accumulate many coins quickly, you must repeatedly perform specific in-game tasks.

These utilize specific in-game mechanics. In the game, there are many exploits that can be used, like purchasing goods from vendors at a discount. You can also make purchases with coins already in your inventory.

Making and selling souffle is how this money trick is accomplished. One souffle costs 820 coins to make, and they can be sold for 1230 coins each. The profit from each is worth 410 coins to you.

By making and selling souffle, you can use the money trick to get unlimited money in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, you must first unlock Remies' restaurant in order to perform this money ability. 

The Steps You Must Take Are As Follows:

  • Your stove, Goofy's Store, and Remies Restaurant should all be close to one another. You'll get a lot of time back as a result.
  • Invest as much money as you can into butter, cheese, milk, and eggs. Ensuring that you purchase from each in comparable quantities.
  • Cook the souffle on the stove. Make the process much simpler by using Autofill.
  • Sell all of the souffles you've made at Goofy's Store. You will receive 410 in profit for each.
  • Repeat this process at Remmie's restaurant until you have all the required coins.

Making Money By Planting And The Souffle Trick


To make money quickly, planting and harvesting crops is the most reliable method. Canola is a good crop to start with, but pumpkins are even better, as you can make over 700,000 gold from a single sail of pumpkins. Planting and harvesting crops can be made effortless by using the souffle trick. Eat souffles to gain maximum bonus energy, hold down the interact key to plant crops, and then go about your day. Harvesting crops is even easier and doesn't cost any energy.

Fast Travel Is Essential!


Take advantage of the fast travel options, such as teleportation wells and boats, to save time and quickly travel from one location to another.

Don't Ignore Emeralds; They Are Important!


Emeralds are valuable items in the game and should not be ignored. They can be used to purchase items, upgrade tools, and make purchases at the desert trader. Make sure to collect and save as many emeralds as possible.

Advanced Advice for Disney Dreamlight Valley


You can access extra cosmetics when creating a character if you use the free demo before making your save.

You can recruit an additional companion to follow you if you track certain quests.

The Best Way to Make Quick Money Is To Sell Unions


Making money from onions is serious business! Goofy's shop in the Forest of Valor sells these onion seeds. You should know the following, though:

  • The cost per onion seed is $50.
  • The cost to sell one onion seed is $170.
  • It takes an hour and fifteen minutes to grow.

A green arrow pointing up will appear if you plant the onion seed in the Forest of Valor. It must be the biome that plants prefer. This also applies to any other seed you purchase in that particular biome. You should take note of the following:

  • You need to purchase and plant 198 onion seeds, which grow to 99 seeds for $4,950 and 198 seeds for $9,900.
  • One hour and fifteen minutes for growth.
  • Which, using a specific gardening character, you can harvest at Level 10.
  • You will be collecting 372 onions
  • You can then sell the onions for $63.2K

Buy and sell onions, they will make you money really quickly!

Quick Tips shows you how to make money quick.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Few Game-Changing Tips


Gain access to a portion of the area that has been blocked off by mushrooms or a similar obstacle. Place the well inside the gated area. As in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust, you can now access both sides.

To hide the furniture screen, press F once more after clicking F to edit the town. Then you have to zoom out a lot. Now you can maneuver the camera to find blue-and-gold fishing spots and ore deposits in rocks. This eliminates the need for manual inspection at each location and can be done in any region that has been unlocked. To find them, simply use your town editor.

Canola and onions are the only crops that matter for money until you unlock higher crops. Canola sells for around 109 cents per pound, while onions sell for 170 cents. In front of my house, you will need an 8-by-8-foot field that you can farm repeatedly for a profit of about $10,000 each time.

Place all the fruit-spawning trees and bushes from each unlocked village biome in one location in the Meadow. Instead of running to each biome to find them, you can simply run up and down the line, harvesting them all at once.

Fishing Made Easy And Fun


Fishing is a fun activity in the game but can become repetitive because of its lack of challenge. To maximize the amount of fish caught, upgrade Mona's boat to the maximum. A new fish will spawn every 6 minutes, and the more you upgrade the boat, the more fish you'll get. But upgrading the boat is expensive and requires lots of money.

Ezlilyy has 12 tips and tricks for lazy players to be more efficient.

Watering And Auto Farming


Watering crops can be a tedious task, but there's a glitch that can make it effortless. If you don't water your crops and wait long enough, it may randomly start raining in the game, causing your crops to get watered. However, this isn't recommended and shouldn't be done. 

Create A Fruit Tree Alley


Fruit is important in the game, but collecting all the fruit trees scattered across the map can take forever. To save time, pick up all the fruit trees you've unlocked and place them next to each other, creating a "fruit tree alley." This way, you can easily collect all the fruits at once. Maximize the benefits of having a forager join you.

Go Fast Travel Fast


Cooking meals that give bonus energy is essential for fast travel in the game.

Super Important To Know!


This game is designed to be played at your own pace, but by taking advantage of these tips, you can make the experience more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you're looking to make more money, skip tool quests, or travel faster, these tips will help you achieve your goals and make the most of your gaming experience.

Getting started in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Here are some things to help you in the beginning of the game: 

  • Start Farming as soon as possible. Money has many uses.
  • When you perform actions in their place, companion boosts essentially just give you extra items.
  • To increase your chance of receiving more rewards, save character-class-related actions like gardening, fishing, etc. for when you have the right companion with you.
  • Anything you place on the ground will remain there for you!
  • You must first collect old plants in order to help new plants grow more quickly.
  • Dreamlight power is nothing to worry about; it will begin to accumulate eventually.
  • There isn't much free paid currency available; there is no point in looking for it.
  • An animal may only be approached or fed once per day.
  • You can alter nearly the entire map, so if something is blocking your path or obstructing your progress, such as rocks or bushes, you can remove it using the build mode or the F key.
  • Be aware that the battle-pass system requires you to finish every task in order to receive every reward.

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