Dishonored 2 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 2, 2021
Dishonored 2
  • First Released: Nov 10, 2016
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Arkane Studios SA
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Drunken Whaler song

Easter Eggs

There is a microphone you can approach during the Death to the Empress mission, after eliminating your target, to sing the “drunken whaler” song used in the gameplay trailer for the original Dishonored.

Musical Duos


There are three Musical Duos in the game. If you find all three and listen to their song each time, you will get the “Songs of Serkonos” trophy/achievement.

Duo 1 – During the Edge of the World mission, search the market before Addermire Station.

Duo 2 – During the Dust District mission, sneak into the hideout for Howler’s gang and hide behind the bar to listen.

Duo 3 – At the start of the Grand Palace mission, head to the right before you pass through the Wall of Light, and find them in a back alley.

Note: You must listen to an entire song from start of finish for it to count toward the trophy/achievement. If the duo is already in the middle of a song when you approach them, wait for it to finish. Once they start their next song, listen to the entire thing. Combat will scare them away, so make sure to use stealth when approaching the duos.

Walking Dead reference

Easter Eggs

In front of one building marked “Condemned Due to Infestation,” you can listen to three NPCs discuss a plan to go inside and take money from the corpses, but change their minds because of the danger. This conversation is a nod to The Walking Dead.

Electroshock Machine puzzle


How to Solve It

If you’re having trouble with the Electroshock Machine puzzle in “The Clockwork Mansion,” you need to make sure the two terminals do not draw more than 4 power. (The total amount of power is 11, and the machine uses 7.)


If you select Anatomy and Optics, you will have enough power to use the Electroshock Machine.

Stilton's Master Key


During “A Crack in the Slab,” once you get the Timepiece, travel to the end of the hallway by switching from past to present to avoid enemies in each time. When you reach the room at the end, switch to the present to crawl under the table, and then switch to the past to get Stilton’s Master Key. You will also receive the “Under the Table” trophy.

Finding and Opening All the Safes


Use the instructions below to find all of the safes and their combinations. Many of the combinations are randomized, so you will need to find them in the game.

Safe 1
Mission: A Long Day in Dunwall

Location: Play until you leave the palace. Walk down the street until you pass a house with a “For Rent” sign. Check the door on the left side of the one marked with the sign, and go inside.

Combination: Look behind the painting for a clue. However, this code is not randomized. It is 451.

Safe 2
Mission: Edge of the World

Location: Go to the Karnaca Enclave and enter the Vice Overseers Office.

Combination: Take the note from inside the nearby room with the projector in it, and then check the book on the bench near the safe. The note tells you which items to check in the book. The numbers from the Seven Strictures assigned to those items give you the combination.

Safe 3
Mission: Edge of the World

Location: Once you get the “Carriage” objective, stop before entering the station. Find the Winslow Safe Company store nearby and approach the safe marked for the “Try to Unlock Me” contest.

Combination: Look inside the store’s cash register.

Safe 4
Mission: The Good Doctor

Location: At the start of the mission, head right and cross the broken walkway. You’ll find a room with one open safe and one locked safe.

Combination: Check the table by the door you came from.

Safe 5
Mission: The Good Doctor

Location: When you reach Alexandria Hypatia, explore the area before you talk to her. An injured man resting on a bed nearby will tell you where to find the safe.

Combination: The same man will also tell you the combination.

Safe 6
Mission: The Clockwork Mansion

Location: In the Lower Aventa District, leave the sewers and head to the left. Take the left alley until you find a group of people, and go inside the nearby apartment. The safe is upstairs.

Combination: Another room upstairs has a blackboard with two numbers written on it. Those are the first two numbers of the combination. Enter them and then try combinations until you find the correct final number.

Safe 7
Mission: The Royal Conservatory

Location: In the Cyria Gardens Conservatory, stand with your back to the Light Gate at the entrance and look up to find a balcony. Climb onto the balcony and go inside. When you find the Witch, the safe should be in the same room.

Combination: This combination must be bought from the area’s Black Market.

Safe 8
Mission: The Dust District

Location: This safe is not a safe at all, but the entrance to this area’s Black Market.

Combination: Behind the building, in the alleyway, look through the windows to find a barred door. Destroy the wood barring the door and go inside. Upstairs, you’ll find a room with a desk. There is a photograph on the desk, and behind the photograph is a Wedding Silvergraph. It gives you the clue “Month of Rain.” Leave the room and go into the hallway until you find a calendar and a list of months. The number beside “Rain,” along with the date marked on the calendar, are the numbers needed for the combination.

Safe 9
Mission: A Crack in the Slab

Location: Go inside Aramis Stilton’s Manor and use your Heart to find the Black Boneshard near an elevator in the building. While in the present time, crawl under the desk. Then switch to the past. You should now be able to enter the room and access the safe.

Combination: While in the room in the past, put the corpse in the furnace and burn it. Return to the present, and the room should be clear of the nests, allowing you to see the safe’s door and its combination. Go back to the past to use the code and open it.

Safe 10
Mission: The Grand Palace

Location: In the Winslow Safe Company store, take the key from the cash register. Head toward the Grand Palace, but don’t go inside yet. Instead, find the shopkeeper’s apartment, where you’ll find the safe.

Combination: A photograph in the apartment includes the combination. However, this code isn’t randomized. It is 123.

Safe 11
Mission: The Grand Palace

Location: Inside the Grand Palace, there is a safe in the Captain’s Quarters on the first floor.

Combination: Take the elevator to the third floor of the Grand Palace and go inside the room to the right of the elevator. There is a small desk in the far corner with a note on it. The note contains the combination for the safe.

Safe 12
Mission: Death to the Empress

Location: This is the same safe as the very first safe.

Combination: It also has the same combination hidden behind the painting: 451.



DUNWALL DAYS AND KARNACA NIGHTS (Platinum) – Earn all other trophies for Dishonored 2.

Clean Hands (Gold) – Complete the game without killing anyone.

Shadow (Gold) – Finish the game without being spotted.

Art Collector (Silver) – Acquire all collectible paintings.

Clockwork Collector (Silver) – Obtain numbered plates for 3 Clockwork Soldiers.

Empire in Chaos (Silver) – Complete the game in high chaos.

Flesh and Steel (Silver) – Complete the game without supernatural powers.

Ghostly (Silver) – Finish an entire mission without being spotted.

In Good Conscience (Silver) – Complete the game in low chaos.

Souvenirs (Silver) – Collect all the decorative objects for the Dreadful Wale.

The Empress (Silver) – Finish the game with Emily Kaldwin.

The Royal Protector (Silver) – Finish the game with Corvo Attano.

Well Funded (Silver) – Find 60% of available loot.

Acrobat (Bronze) – Eliminate 10 enemies with Drop Assassination.

Alternative Approach (Bronze) – Finish an entire mission with no casualties.

Black Market Burglar (Bronze) – Rob a black market shop.

Circle of Life (Bronze) – Cast Possession once, chaining between human, hound, rat, fish, and bloodfly.

Counter-serum (Bronze) – Chat with Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful Wale.

Dilapidation (Bronze) – Find the hidden balcony passageway.

Eureka (Bronze) – Crack the Jindosh Lock without finding the solution elsewhere.

Faithful to the Abbey (Bronze) – Side with the Overseers in the Dust District.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt (Bronze) – Rob Galvani multiple times.

Fatal Redirect (Bronze) – Kill an enemy with their own bullet.

Fearless Fall (Bronze) – Drop from Addermire’s highest point and take out an enemy below.

Flooded Basement (Bronze) – Drain the water to recover a Rune.

Freedom of Speech (Bronze) – Save the Printer of the Dunwall Courier.

Gazebo (Bronze) – Pay tribute to Jessamine one last time.

Heart Whispers (Bronze) – Using the Heart, listen to the secrets of 40 different people.

Heartbeat Reaper (Bronze) – Eliminated 6 enemies in less than 1.5 seconds.

Howlers ‘til the End (Bronze) – Side with the Howlers in the Dust District.

Morbid Theft (Bronze) – Steal a corpse for Mindy Blanchard.

Occult Carver (Bronze) – Craft 10 Bonecharms.

Oracular Echoes (Bronze) – Listen to the voices of the Sisters of the Oracular Order.

Place of Three Deaths (Bronze) – Kill Paolo three times.

Rogue (Bronze) – Eliminate 20 unaware enemies.

Royal Spymaster (Bronze) – Peruse all journals and audiographs by Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful Wale.

Silence (Bronze) – Eliminate Jindosh without him ever knowing you were there.

Sliding Marksman (Bronze) – Score a headshot while sliding.

Songs of Serkonos (Bronze) – Find 3 musical duos across Karnaca, and listen to their songs.

Stay of Execution (Bronze) – Stop the Grand Guard from pushing someone into the Wall of Light.

The Lovers (Bronze) – Link 2 characters with Domino just before one kills the other.

Under the Table (Bronze) – Obtain Stilton’s Master Key from under the table, with the guards there conscious & unalerted.

Secret Trophies

Imperial Seal (Bronze) – Recovered your signet ring.

Jewel of the South (Bronze) – Reached Karnaca.

The Beast Within (Bronze) – Dealt with Dr. Alexandria Hypatia.

Labyrinthine Mind (Bronze) – Found Anton Sokolov in the Clockwork Mansion.

A Night in 1849 (Bronze) – Visited the past.

Spirit Thief (Bronze) – Took Delilah’s soul.

Down with the Duke (Bronze) – Eliminated Duke Luca Abele.

The Greatest Gift (Bronze) – Saved your last known family member.

Years Ago, Another Time (Bronze) – Heard Meagan Foster’s story.

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