DiRT Rally 2.0 Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Easy Money Hints

Once you have a full garage and are able to take on the daily challenges, you can earn a lot of money by starting a challenge and then immediately quitting it. You won’t get the money from the challenges themselves, but the events will be marked as “complete” and then you will be rewarded with the event money for completing the events. (You’ll get it the next day or week, depending on whether it was a daily challenge or weekly challenge.) This means you can easily earn money without actually playing the events.

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Transmission Options Hints

There are five different transmission options:

  • Automatic – the game shifts gears for you
  • Semi-automatic – the game shifts gears for you, but you can take over and shift yourself if you want
  • Manual Sequential – you shift gears manually using the controller’s face buttons
  • Manual H-Pattern – you shift gears manually; designed for an H-pattern gearstick wheel peripheral
  • Manual H-Pattern with Clutch – you shift gears manually; designed for an H-pattern gearstick wheel peripheral and pedals with a clutch

Your setup and preferred gameplay style will determine which of these options is best for you.

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Beginning Tips Hints

With the emphasis on realism, you don’t want to fully press down on the accelerator or brakes. You’ll want to press them by different degrees in order to give yourself more control. Think of it as how you’d step on the pedals in an actual car.

Consider starting out with a less powerful vehicle to get used to the game and driving with something more manageable before moving on to the faster and more powerful cars.

There are a great deal of customization options and numerous assists you can turn on depending on your preferred playstyle. Many assists are turned off by default, so be sure to take a look and considering turning some of them on, especially when you’re starting out.

As the race goes on, the ground will become looser and more difficult to drive over. You’ll need to take this into account and adjust your driving accordingly.

Pay attention to your co-driver’s signals. The signals will alert you to upcoming conditions on the track and other important details. On-screen symbols will also be displayed with each call, helping you to understand what your co-driver is telling you.

When you stop for repairs, you have a limited amount of time. Take care of any critical repairs first, before moving on to anything less necessary.

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