Hints for Destiny on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Kill 2,500 Enemies then Collect Upgrade Materials

Getting 2500 kills on a planets doubles the upgrade materials you can collect from that planet. For example, if you kill 2500 enemies on Earth, and then collect a spinmetal plant, you will receive 2 spinmetals instead of one.

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Ether Seed

If you use an Ether Seed, which enemies may drop, you'll earn extra glimmer for 10 minutes.

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Earn 12 Strange Coins Each Week

You can earn 12 Strange Coins a week by completing the Level 22 Heroic Strike - 3 Strange Coins), the Level 26 Heroic Strike - 3 Strange Coins), and the Level 28 Heroic Strike - 6 Strange Coins). You also may find them as rare mission rewards or in engram/gold chests.

Take your Strange Coins to the Tower and exchange them with Xur, Agent of the 9, for special Sparrow and weapon upgrades. Xur is only in the Tower from 9:00 AM on Fridays to 9:00 AM on Sundays. He is in the Hall of Guardians, in the same area as the Crucible quartermaster.

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Auto Ammo Replenish

The ammo in your primary weapon and some ammo in your special/heavy weapons will replenish itself if you stand idle for 45 seconds.

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Guaranteed Engrams

  1. Find the place where you play The Dark Within. Kill the enemies there.
  2. Search around until on your radar see an enemy blip. Go to it.
  3. You will find a Thrall in a corner named "Servant of the Hand". Kill it.
  4. In the bottom left corner you will see "The Servant of the Hand has been disturbed." It will start doing all this freaky stuff.
  5. Don't worry, just pay attention to the enemies. There will be a bunch of Thralls. Kill them.
  6. At the end there will be a Blade of Crota. Kill that. You will get the Blade of Crota and guaranteed engram(s).

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Double Jump

Hit the jump button a third time after double jumping to deactivate your boosters and land quickly.

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Loot Cave in Old Russia

To quickly get loot, especially high-level gear, go to Earth and find the cave at Skywatch in Old Russia. There will probably be players already there, making use of this trick. Hive Acolytes and Thralls spawn in waves from the cave and rush out. Kill them before they find cover, but don't head in for the loot just yet. Remain just far enough away, and the waves will spawn over and over again. Eventually, they'll have dropped a ton of loot for you to collect.

This method can also be used to build up a lot of glimmer, especially if you use the Black Wax Idol items, which increase the glimmer you get from killing Hive enemies.

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Tower Sprint Jump

In the Tower, sprint, jump, and jump again the moment you land. By repeating jumps, your momentum will let you move faster than you can sprint.

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Glimmer Face

Go to the tower and head to the gunsmith.

Purchase the uncommon shotgun Preacher Mkl and go to Venus.

Kill Praerton, or whatever his name is outside of the Vog raid using that shotgun.

He will drop 10,000 glimmer each time you kill him with Preacher Mkl!

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Glimmer from Gear

Disassemble unwanted gear in your inventory to break it down into materials and glimmer.

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How to Get Legendary and Exotic Gear

Use the tips below to get Legendary and Exotic gear.

  • Go to the central areas of the Tower and talk to Xander to receive PvP bounties. By performing certain PvP tasks, you will sometimes be rewarded with Legendary gear.
  • Accept PvE bounties, which also sometimes reward you with Legendary gear.
  • Legendary and Exotic items are often rewards for the weekly Raid and Nightfall Activities.
  • Accept Vanguard bounties, play missions from the Strike Playlist, complete Public Events, and give materials to Roni. You'll earn Vanguard Marks for all of these things. Vanguard Marks are a form of payment for which you can get Legendary Vanguard gear.
  • Once you've accepted and completed many bounties, you might receive an Exotic Weapon Bounty. These bounties will reward you with Exotic Weapons. "A Voice in the Wilderness" is an example of one of these special bounties.
  • Collect Strange Coins and exchange them with Xur for Legendary/Exotic gear.
  • Gather Motes of Light, which can be found as random drops. Additionally, once you're Level 20, experience points will earn you Motes of Light, as well. You can give them to the Speaker to buy high-level items or give them to Xur in exchange for Exotic engrams. If you decrypt an Exotic engram, you will receive a good reward.

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