Darksiders III Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Essence of a Chosen Locations Hints

Essence of a Chosen allow you to fully upgrade your enhancements. There are 6 total in the game. Five of them are dropped by secret mini-bosses found in specific areas. The final Essence of a Chosen can be bought from Vulgrim for 5000 souls after you’ve defeated six of the seven sins. The five hidden bosses can be found in the Hollows, in Haven, in the Bonelands, in the Depths, and in the Scar. If you’re having trouble finding them, use the video guide below to locate each mini-boss.

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Chunks of Adamantine Locations Hints

There are three Chunks of Adamantine, which let you fully upgrade weapons. One is in Haven, one is in the Bonelands, and one is in the Scar. If you’re having trouble finding all three, use the video guide below for help.

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All Enhancements Hints

There are 12 types of Enhancements, which you can equip on your weapons to give them passive effects. Each Enhancement can be upgraded down either an Angelic path or a Demonic path, which alters the bonus you receive. Once you get it to a “Balanced” state, you’ll get the benefits of both paths. You’ll need to use artifacts to upgrade them.

  • Azazael, Angelic – generates Wrath passively
  • Azazael, Demonic – generates Wrath as you attack
  • Fortifier, Angelic – increases health bar
  • Fortifier, Demonic – increases damage and Arcane damage
  • Fafnir, Angelic – reflects melee damage
  • Fafnir, Demonic – increases damage for every 2000 Souls you have
  • Fortune, Angelic – increases power of consumable items
  • Fortune, Demonic – increases chances of Lurchers coming from enemies
  • Marauder, Angelic – increases item drop chance
  • Marauder, Demonic – increases chance of Health Lurchers spawning
  • Leviathan, Angelic – regenerates health passively
  • Leviathan, Demonic – get Lurchers from breaking objects
  • Obscurus, Angelic – increases evasion invincibility window
  • Obscurus, Demonic – generates more Havoc
  • Shade, Angelic – reduces Arcane damage taken
  • Shade, Demonic – increases Arcane damage dealt
  • Juggernaut, Angelic – reduces physical damage taken
  • Juggernaut, Demonic – increases physical damage dealt
  • Rage, Angelic – increases Wrath from Wrath Lurchers
  • Rage, Demonic – increases chance of getting Wrath from killing enemies
  • Enoch, Angelic – generates Havoc passively
  • Enoch, Demonic – increases damage when your health is below 25%
  • Chaos, Angelic – increases duration of Havoc form
  • Chaos, Demonic – gives health when you deal damage

Leviathan and Rage can be purchased from Vulgrim for 5000 Souls each, while the others must be found in the game world. If you’re having trouble finding any of the Enhancements, use the video guide below.

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