Dark Cloud 2 Unlockables on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Recruit Support Characters Unlockables

You can recruit support characters (NPCs that will help you rebuild towns in the future) by fulfilling their requests or otherwise helping them. Some become available at certain points in the story, but for others, follow the guide below to unlock them:

Adel – Give her a Sturdy Cloth, Hunk of Copper, and Thick Hide.

Aunt Polly – Deliver bread for her and complete the resulting quest.

Claire – Bring her a photo of a Lafrescia or a Himarra.

Corinne – Play hide and seek with her two times and win.

Donny – Bring him an Indestructible Coin and a Dark Coin.

Dr. Dell – Tell him about Lin, the sick girl in Balance Valley.

Fabio – Go fishing in the lake and catch a fish 50 cm or bigger.

Ferdinand – Give him a Roasted Chestnut.

Gerald – Upgrade the Trumpet Gun into the Bell Trigger.

Gordon – Give him Holy Water.

Granny Rosa – Tell her, “Let’s go together.”

Mayor Need – Tell him the combo to the safe (1221).

Milane – Upgrade the Gladius into a Chopper or Sand Breaker (or obtain one of those two weapons).

Mina/Mena – Fix 10 time distortions through Spheda after you learn about her problem.

Olivie – Come in first in Finny Frenzy and then talk to her.

Parn – Give him Gold Paint.

Pau – Give him a Carrot.

Priest Bruno – Solve the candle puzzle and extinguish all the candles in the church.

Rufio – Give him a photo of the Moon.

Sheriff Blinkhorn – Make it to the boat and back in less than 2 minutes after you talk to him, making sure to press X while on the boat.

Stewart – Give him 2000 Gildas.


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