Citadel: Forged With Fire Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Resource Gathering and Extract Spell Hints

Gathering resources is very important. Early on, you’ll especially want to gather Ghost Orchids, Mushrooms, and Crowberries. These are all healing items. You’ll also be able to use them to make more powerful healing items.

Other important resources to gather early on are Wood, Stone, Yellow Pine, and Rune Crystals. These can be used for crafting, building, etc. You’ll want to pick up as many resources as you can.

Once you reach level 5, you’ll be able to gain an additional method of gathering resources. First, you’ll need to find the Nature’s Essence item and harvest it. Then you can unlock the first Utility spell, which is known as Extract. Once you learn Extract, you can open your spells and use it on a weapon. (All spells must be bound to weapons. If you’re playing early, you’ll probably be using a basic axe at this point.) This will let you spend mana to extract more resources, such as drawing stone and ore out of rocks. It’s worth noting that if you have a Primitive Magic Ring equipped for mana regen, you can keep using Extract indefinitely without needing to replenish your mana. Your damage dealt will also determine how much you can harvest using Extract, so consider that when choosing your weapon as well. This makes learning the Extract spell one of the most useful things you can do to help you with resource gathering.

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Beginning Tips Hints

Picking your starting zone is important depending on how you want to play. The western zone is best for gathering plants, the middle zone is best for leveling, and the eastern zone is best for gathering ore.

As you gather things and fight enemies, you’ll gain experience that lets you level up. When you level up, you can distribute attribute points. Focus on increasing your health, mana, and damage.

Meanwhile, knowledge points will go toward crafting and spells.

You’ll want to build a base for crafting and other important functions. It can just be a small area to start with, but you’ll want to add crafting stations. To make your base a permanent structure, you’ll need to add a Throne. This protects your structure from decay and from other players using the build option to change it or build immediately around it (aside from party members or house members).

Plan ahead based on how you intend to play. For example, if you intend to play with other people, you can plan out who has which spells and crafting capabilities, rather than everyone trying to take on every task. If you intend to play solo, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

You can ride a mount to travel more quickly. You will need to tame mounts in order to ride them.

Once you reach level 10, you’ll also have the ability to ride a broomstick using mana. This is another good alternative to riding a mount.

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Choosing the Best Base Location Hints

If you’re playing PVE only, you can build your base pretty much anywhere you want. Just pick a place you like and build there. However, if you’re playing PVP, that’s when you need to choose your base’s location more carefully. You’ll want to pick a defensible location that will make things more difficult for anyone trying to raid your base. Similarly, you’ll also want to reduce the available cover spots right around your base, to force enemies to retreat further from the base when they need to recover. If you’re looking for more tips on how to choose a good base location, check out the video guide below.

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