Black Book Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 9, 2021
Black Book
  • First Released: Aug 9, 2021

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No-Sin Run

Easter Eggs

While there aren’t many effects of a zero-sin run, if you make it to the first gatekeeper of Hell with zero sins, he will comment on it.

Secret Cow Level

Easter Eggs

During Chapter 2, when your objective is to go to the vodyanoi’s chambers, go to the gatehouse instead. You will get a special scene involving cows, as well as a trophy/achievement.

Sin Effects and How to Unlock All Endings


Your ending can change depending on the number of sins you have. Making a bad choice (a choice that hurts someone or leads to an evil outcome) will give you a sin. A larger number of sins opens up new dialogue choices for you. A lower number of sins will make the final boss easier.

If your total number of sins is high enough, different endings will be unlocked. Your choice at the end together with your total number of sins determines which ending you’ll receive.

Destroy the book – This ending is only possible if you have less than 130 sins. If so, you will be able to destroy the book and get the game’s best ending.

Put down the book – If you choose to accept the agreement and put down the book instead of fighting, you will become the devil’s bride.

Escape Hell – If you fight, but have more than 130 sins, you can choose to escape Hell.

Take the throne – If you fight, but have more than 130 sins, you can also choose to take the throne for yourself.

Beginning Tips


As you talk to people and read things, new knowledge will be entered into your Encyclopedia. You can open the Encyclopedia at any time to help you figure out answers without using the game’s hint system (using hints halves the experience from that choice).

Don’t worry too much about getting a few sins. A small number of sins won’t be enough to lock you out of the best ending.

Try not to have too many pages in your book at a time or too much variety. Choose pages to help you fight based on a specific strategy. Attempting to do everything will make for a weaker book overall.

Buffs are quite helpful. Try to buff yourself in combat instead of relying on damage-dealing alone.

An exclamation mark above one of your companions means they have something to say to you. Talking to them enough times will open up new quests.

Chorts, or demons, will join you as you play, and you can send them out on tasks. Sending them on tasks that fit their skills will have the most beneficial results, but keep in mind that you should focus on low-sin tasks if you’re aiming for the good ending. More chorts will join you as you level up.

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