Elden Ring Easter Eggs na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Oto nasze Easter Eggs za Elden Ring w Playstation 4. Najbardziej godne zaufania elementy otrzymują najwięcej „kciuków w górę” od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

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Bloodborne weapons Easter Eggs

Quite a few weapons in Elden RIng seem to have made their first appearance in Bloodborne. So if you have ever played the Bloodborne game, you might just be taken back in time when wielding Ghiza’s Wheel, which seems to be a reference to Bloodbornes’ Whirligig Saw. Some other weapons from Bloodborne make an appearance in Elden Ring as well, weapons such as Kirkhammer and Moonlight Greatsword show themselves under different names in Elden Rings world. 

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Beserk Easter Eggs

There are many Easter Eggs that reference this 1989 Manga. Paying homage to this manga seems to be a recurring theme in a couple of content sources such as:

  • The greatsword design looks similar to the DragonSlayer sword used by Guts from the Manga
  • The Armour worn by Malakith the Black Blade looks strikingly similar to the armor worn by the Beserker in the Manga.

These are the more prominent references to the Beserk Manga, there are tons more of the smaller references hidden throughout Elden Ring, can you spot them all?


Gameranx and Falcon explain how much of Beserk made it into Elden Ring.


Game of Thrones Sword Easter Eggs

Within Elden Ring, there is a swordon offer that many will not fail to recognise, a sword that the second it was seen, made many headlines once Elden Ring had been released. This sword is the weapon you receive from killing the boss of Castle Morne, the Grafted Blade Greatsword.This weapon requires forty strength to wield. This sword bares a resemblance to the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. The Throne is made up entirely of swords, that is why the Grafted Blade Greatsword is similar to it. The sword is literally made up of other swords.

Gameranx and Falcon show us the sword modelled after the Throne in Game of Thrones.


The Return of Smough Easter Eggs

If you did not have enough of the enemy “Executioner Smough” in the Dark Souls franchise, you might just get enough of him this time around. Smough was one of the boss fights offered in the Dark Souls franchise, you fought him along with Dragon Slayer Ornstein, although Ornstein does not make an appearance, Smough once again rears his ugly head. You will find Smough in Fort Laiedd, on Mount Gelmir. He looks very similar to the previous Smough however he is tinted slightly redder, but his moves mimic those of the past with a few new ones added in. So be aware of your past to revisit you if you had a tough time defeating him previously.


Gameranx and Falcon show us the appearance of Executioner Smough in Elden Ring from the Dark Souls Franchise.


Severus Snape Easter Eggs

If you were to be roaming around Ranni’s Rise, you might just come across a character named Seluvis. If you chat to this person, you might notice the pompous manner in which he speaks to you strikes a familiar chord in your memory. He seems to remind you of a certain greasy haired, hook-nosed teacher from the Harry Potter series. We are referring to Professor Severus Snape of course, the way in which Seluvis speaks and the choice of words he uses are strikingly similar to the way in which Severus Snape talks to Harry Potter in the movies. Was Seluvis placed in Elden Ring to reference our potions master from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? That is up to you to decide.

FunWithGuru leading us to the discovery of our favourite potions master.


Frozen Armour Easter Eggs

One of the most popular armor sets in Elden Ring is that of Blaidd. Blaidd’s armor is decently hard to obtain and will be obtained decently far into Ranni’s questline. The interesting thing about this armor is the description that goes along with it. When you equip it, take a look at the description and you will see it quoted “The pelt serves as a cape, to protect from the cold / Blaidd was the blade of Ranni, but the cold never bothered him anyway.”  The last part of the quote “the cold never bothered him anyway.” is an almost direct quote from the song Let It Go, sung by Elsa.


Dark Souls chest Easter Eggs

While exploring the Road’s End Catacombs, you would come across a chest at the end of a tunnel, this chest has nothing spectacular about it, but for a select few players, it will strike a chord within their memory. The chest bears a striking resemblance to the chest in the first Dark Souls game. This is something only the players of the first Dark Souls would realize if they were to chance upon this chest.


FunWithGuru shows us where to find the Dark Souls chest.


Blind Girl Irina Easter Eggs

During your escapades in the world that Elden Ring has to offer, you might come across a blind girl by the name of Irina that claims to have escaped from Castle Morne. This blind girl can be thought of as the same girl from Dark Souls Franchise, Blind Girl Irina. In addition, Irina's guard wears Morne armor, which can solidify the fact that she has managed to escape from the castle. 


FunWithGuru showing us the similarities of both blind girls.


Trusty Patches Easter Eggs

In each game of the Soulborne series, there has been a repeat appearance of a non-player character by the name of Patches. In each appearance, patches are a crafty scoundrel who tries to steal any valuables from the player or kick him off a cliff in some extreme cases. Elden Ring is no different, in this installment, Patches appears once you try to unknowingly rob him, when you approach a campsite, Patches jumps down from an unseen area to confront the player. Once around one-quarter of his health, Patches attempts to surrender, this leaves you as the player with a choice, let him live or let out years worth of resentment on the poor fellow. If you let him live, he will hunker down and set up an overpriced shop for you to buy items at. 


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