Elden Ring Wskazówki na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Oto nasze Wskazówki za Elden Ring w Playstation 4. Najbardziej godne zaufania elementy otrzymują najwięcej „kciuków w górę” od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

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Low Risk, High Reward Wskazówki

Throughout the world in Elden Ring, there are creatures that offer great loot, but their only objective is to not be caught. These creatures are Teardrop Scarabs. They come in different varieties which offer different loot. Act as fast as you can and kill them before they disappear, never to be seen again. The loot that is offered is as follows:

Red Scarab: Restores three charges to your Flask of Crimson Tears.

Blue Scarab: Restores three charges to your Flask of Cerulean Tears.

Silver Scarab: Supplies you with a new Ash of War/ Sorcery.

These Scarabs offer little to no risk, but they offer a very good quality reward for killing them. So make sure to drop what you are doing when you spot one and head on over to claim your reward once you have killed it.


Legacy Gaming shows us the perks of killing the Teardrop Scarabs.


Will this fall kill you? Wskazówki

The bane of many players these days and in the days of old… Fall Damage. Testing to see whether a fall will kill you has always been a tough decision. Jump off a cliff from too high and you have to replay previous content to catch up to where you died, but jumping off a cliff and surviving can save you precious time by cutting the corner on longer routes. Elden Ring offers an interesting alternative to jumping off a cliff to test the fall damage. If you were to drop a Rainbow gem off a cliff, it will either shatter or it will not. In the case of it shattering, you will definitely die from that fall, however, if it does not shatter, jump away because you will not die from that fall.


Legacy gaming teaches us about the fall damage with the Rainbow Gem.


Torrent the trusty steed and Hazards Wskazówki

If you ever need to go through a zone that would otherwise poison or rot you, all you need to do to negate these effects is to summon your trusty steed, Torrent. Torrent is immune to hazardous effects, which can save you some time and health when you need to traverse hazardous areas. In addition, if you ever need to cross areas that would poison or rot you on foot, never roll. Rolling will coat you in more of the substance which will affect you even more and cause you to lose more health.


Legacy Gaming shows us how great Torrent is as a steed.


Kill Glowing Eyes for a Bigger Prize Wskazówki

When traversing the world in Elden Ring, you might come across some enemies that have glowing eyes, these enemies should not be easily overlooked. If you were to take your time to kill these enemies, you will find that they offer a lot more loot than a normal enemy of the same class would. Killing a glowing-eyed enemy will award you with four times the amount of runes a normal enemy would. So keep your eyes peeled for those glowing eyes.

Legacy Gaming shows us the full potential of the glowing eyed enemies.


Playing with fire traps Wskazówki

Throughout the world, there are some fire traps that will catch their unsuspecting victim by surprise. What some players might not know is that these fire traps can be shut away or activated by the player themselves by hitting them with a weapon, so whether it is making the trap retract to get ahead or activating the trap to kill pursuing enemies, playing with fire traps is not always a bad thing. You could even use these traps to get to higher ground or to get secret loot.


Legacy Gaming shows us the full range use of fire traps.


Learn about equipment swapping Wskazówki

Once you have played for a while, you might end up with tons of items in your inventory, this can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. The good thing is all the loot that you have, the bad thing is cycling through these items can take a while, and the item you are needing can get lost in the jumble. Learning how to prime the items that you use regularly can save you countless hours of dying and having to retry simply because you could not find an item fast enough. If you are to open your inventory and put all the items you want to prime in the first slots, these will be the items that you will cycle to first before all the clutter in your inventory gets cycled through.


Legacy Gaming shows how to prime your gear to avoid frustration.


Use Ladders Correctly Wskazówki

There are many more things to do on a ladder than what players know. The usual actions of sliding up and down are dwarfed by what you can do, for example, if you are to hold dodge while climbing a ladder, you will climb up the ladder faster. If you hold dodge while climbing down, you will end up sliding down the ladder much faster. To jump off a ladder, double-tap your dodge key. In addition, if you want to attack on a ladder, you can choose to attack above or below. The last tip is probably the most important tip to save you time having to reload and start from a checkpoint, you can use your flasks while being on a ladder. Use these tips to change up your combat and win fights more easily. 

Legacy Gaming shows us the versatile use of ladders.


Using your Talismans to best use Wskazówki

During the game, the best way to keep your offense and defense in check is to make sure that your talismans are upgraded to the best they can be. Upgrading a talisman is not as easy as visiting your nearest vendor; however, to upgrade a talisman, you have to find duplicates around the world. When you find a duplicate, it will add to the power of your talisman and upgrade your offensive and defensive capabilities. Sometimes looking for these talismans can be more important than pursuing your main quest as it will prepare you for your more difficult bosses and mobs.


Legacy Gaming shows us how to upgrade our talismans.


Collateral Damage Wskazówki

When facing large enemies, one of the best ways to do some damage is to let them damage each other. This works best when you are mounted on Torrent, if you are facing more than one large enemy, the best course of action is to circle around the enemies and let their attacks hit each other, you will notice that it does some damage. This is one of the best ways to deal with big groups of large mobs. Learning to kite around enemies will be at a great advantage to you.


Iron Pineapple shows us how kiting is to our advantage.


Learn the flow of combat Wskazówki

One of the ways that players fall short in games such as Elden Ring is that of the combat, many players focus more on their type of fighting, this may not always be the best way. Learning the flow of combat that Elden Ring offers can help you fight those enemies that give you trouble later on in the game. You can learn skills such as blocking and heavy attacks and when to use them, knowing the timing of your attacks can turn a fight from nearly impossible to basic child's play.


VaatiVidya teaches us the basics of combat.


Getting those backstabs for extra damage Wskazówki

Using the crouch/stealth option in games can definitely be to your advantage. Galloping full force into enemies most of the time will work, but you can get some extra damage on enemies by sneaking up on them and stabbing them in the back. The detection range of enemies is reduced in your crouched stance and reduced even more when it is nighttime. So use this to your advantage and get high damage to backstab on your opponent to start your fight off.


VaatiVidya shows us how to utilise the stealth ability with a backstab.


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