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Last Updated: June 22, 2022
  • First Released: Nov 30, 2021

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How to get free companions


A player must go to the country of Arthes. There a player will find a group of bandits situated on a hill.

There is a brute who is the leader of the group, her name is Hildacan. A player must click on the group and the player will be given a few options.

The player must click on the "recruit" option.

The player must then head to the stake camp to the North of Cortia. There a player will find a ranger.

The player must click on the ranger and have a dialogue with her. The ranger comes with Alkeme.

The player will have to then click on a second Male character that appears in the stake camp.

The player must select the "attack" option and fight the Male character. When a player attacks the Male character there will be an inquisition party.

Once the player has defeated the inquisition party. The ranger will join them.

Kaghal shows a player where to find free companions in Wartales.

Trainer Cheat


There are numerous cheats available for Wartales. The player must download a trainer cheat engine first.

The player can download any table (.ct file) from the website MehTrainer.com.

The player must then first click on the cheat engine and run it.

The player must then start the game and copy the (.ct file ) to CE´s folder. 

The player must click "ALT+TAB" and through the Cheat Engine choose the wartales game on the process list.

The cheat engine will ask a player if they want to load the associated Cheat table. The player must select "YES".

HGA gaming shows a player how to use a cheat engine in wartales.

How to make money Fast


One of the fastest ways a player can make money in Wartales is by selling prisoners. The player must first locate any prisoner tower in any region and find the prison master.

Once a player has located the prison master they must purchase shackles and chains from the master.

The player must then find bandits that will join his party and fight with him. Once a player has a group of bandits that have joined him the player must enter a battle with other bandits.

The player must attack other bandits and must capture an enemy combatant that has 50% health or lower

An option will appear for the player to knock out an enemy combatant when the enemy has 50% health or lower.

The player must then click on the knock-out option and the enemy will become the player's prisoner.

When the bandit or outlaw is the player's prisoner, the player must take the prisoner to a prisoner tower that can be located in any region.

The player must find the prison master who will be located behind a desk.

The player will then receive 100+ gold for any prisoner that they sell. This is one of the best ways to earn gold.

Kaghal shares a guide how to make money

How to Fish


A player must learn how to fish so that they can provide a steady supply of food for their party. 

The player will need to first acquire fishing hooks. A player may acquire fishing hooks that are dropped by human enemies.

A player may purchase fishing hooks from wandering traders for gold.

Fishing hooks can be forged from iron ore in a player's camp by a party member in the Tinkerer profession.

It is important that a player must forge more than a single hook as a player's fishing hooks may break or get lost during the process.

Once a player has acquired their fishing hooks. They will need to find a fishing spot.

A member of the player's party must have the Angler profession. 

This can be obtained when a player visits an angling spot on the map and clicks on the rod in world space.

A player can find the fishing points of interest by finding an area on the water that has a sparkle and where ripples are seen.

The player will now have to click on the water to start the fishing. The player will use a rod and reel to catch the fish.

The player must then "left click" on the mouse and keep their marker centered on the progress bar. The player must keep out of the red zone of the bar on either side until they reel in their catch.

Larcath- Vanilla Gaming shows a player how to fish.

Buy Skills From the Black Market


The black market band camp can be found when a player leaves their starting county of the game. 

When a player discovers the Black Market bandit camp they will have the option to buy skills for 150 gold.

Buying skills will allow a player to give their bandits an advantage when fighting or give new party members skills like first aid. 

Assigning professions


There are eight professions that a player can assign to their troops. The player can only assign one profession at a time to a troop but may change the profession of the troop if they wish.

The player will lose all their gained experience in the profession. It is advised to assign a single profession to a troop and avoid changing professions.  

A tip would be to assign the Blacksmith profession to a troop from the brute class. This grants the player extra strength, which will result in the player inflicting higher damage.

TeddyNinja shows a player a guide how to assign professions.

Earn Coin Through Missions


A player can earn coins by accepting missions that will appear on the town’s tavern board or by taking bandits captive and collecting their bounties.

Pitstop Head shows some tips and tricks for Wartales.

How to get Lockpicks


A player can find lockpicks in the game as they are sometimes dropped by enemies such as poachers and ruffians.

The player must first find Iron ore along the road and buy them from traders that appear in brown. The player can alternatively mine Iron ore with a party member with a Miner profession.

The player must create their own lockpicks from iron ore in their camp by a member of their party members that has the Tinkerer profession. Once a player has acquired a lockpick the player must utilize the lockpicks to steal loot from chests.

These chests can be located in the game at areas like camps, farms, and windmills. 

Once a player has located a chest, they will need to click on a chest to unlock the Thief profession and then they must assign this profession to one of the player’s party members.

When the player is attempting to lockpick a chest. The pick will rotate in an attempt to find the correct spot. The player must pick three pins before the chest lock will be unlocked. 

A player must be careful when picking locks, if they apply too much pressure on the wrong spot it can cause the lockpick to break.

Larcath-Vanilla Gaming takes a player on a guide how to pick locks

How to Craft Medicine


In order for a player to craft medicine in Wartales they will need to obtain a few items. These items are an empty glass vial, two snow Iris, two comfrey, and a party member with the Alchemist profession.

A player can ascertain comfrey as they explore the map. A player can find comfrey in the very beginning area of the game.

A snow iris can be found growing in snowy areas on the map. It can be purchased from trade caravans and vendors.

A player can find vials of loot from some enemies after the player has fought bandits. Vials can also be obtained from empties in a player’s inventory after a player has consumed medicine to regain health and their troops.

The player must go to a town and visit the Apothecary. Once the player is at the Apothecary they must click on the “apothecary” tools that appear in the workshop, and the player must assign one of their party members. 

theRadolskie shares some tips

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