Stick it to The (Stick) Man Cheats on PC

Last Updated: March 1, 2023
Stick it to The (Stick) Man
  • First Released: May 10, 2021

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Secret character


This cheat is available in any mode and using any character. When a player starts the game they must push “backspace” and a secret character will appear.

New moves


In the gameplay, if a player presses “ control” + “:” + “ ‘ “ control+colon and apostrophe, they will receive an option for some new moves for their character.

Jean Moshian shows a player some cheats in stick it to the stick man

Free slowmo


A player can gain slow-mo by killing another stickman in the game. If a player presses “F1” or “F6” the player will receive a free slow-mo action that does not use their slow-mo energy bar.

eNtak shows a player some cheats

Go back to work


If a player presses the “C” button near a chair, the character will go into work mode. If a player attacks an enemy and presses “C” near a chair, the character will sit down and go into work mode. 

The enemy will stop attacking the player. When the player leaves the chair again the enemy will attack the character.

Storm insta shows a player some glitches on stick it to the stick man



If a player presses the “ delete” button the player’s game will reset from the start.

Kazzerx shows a player some cheats in stick it to the stick man.

Kill streak counter increase


If a player presses the “+” on the numpad section on the right of your keyboard. It will make a player’s kill streak counter go up by one. If a player presses the “-” it will decrease.

If this glitch doesn't work a player must check if the numlock is on. If a player takes a hit from an enemy their kill streak will decrease.

Fire blade shows a player a glitch in stick it to the stick man.

Enemy will say you're fired


A player presses “tab” and “shift” all the enemies will say “you're fired”.



Once a player has selected a character and started the game. If a player presses the “F5” button, the game will instantly start to lag. This glitch works with all computers.

How to get Saitama secret character


Firstly a player can choose any character and then they must choose to hit the gym with their character.

The player must run 10 kilometers at the gym. Running from one corner of the screen to the other in the game is equal to 1 kilometer. A player must do this 10 times.

After the player has completed the 10-kilometer run, they must do 100 sit-ups, pushups, and 100 squats. A player can do this by pressing the “space bar” after standing on each exercise mat.

After a player has completed these exercises they will unlock the Saitama character.

lfti101 takes a player through a guide on how to get the Saitama character.

Start-up Mode guide


Start-up mode is where a player can start up their own company. The player must go up to the start-up building and click “use” on it.

The player must select star-up mode and type in a company name. The player must select the minimum wage of $8. This is the lowest difficulty mode a player can select.

A player can select promotion by either the floors they go up or experience( kills). The player will have an option to select hydration and that will be the water coolers that hang from the ceiling of the floors.

There is an option called motivational message. This motivational message is not a welcome message. Whatever a player types there will appear at the end of a player’s game.

Once the player has completed the message they must press “ escape” on their keyboard.

After a player has selected their values the player will be given an option to select the moves that they will start the game. The player must highlight the moves they don't want to use and press “x”.

The player will then be able to design their first floor under the office building option. Every floor will have two-three regular employees. The player will be able to add additional employees.

The player must press “ enter” and select the new wave and the player will be able to select the enemies they want. Once a player selects an enemy it will appear on the screen and an “x1” will appear below the enemy.

If a player presses “P” the amount of enemies will increase, if a player presses “O” the amount of enemies will decrease. 

The character that appears below the enemy figure will indicate where the enemy will appear. If the “???” character will change when a player presses “I”. The character with the left arrow will mean that the enemy will jump one after another from the left window.

If the right arrow appears, the enemies will appear from the right window continuously.

If there are two arrows pointing toward each other the enemies will jump evenly from both sides.

Kazzerx shows a player a start-up mode guide

Some useful tips


A player must use slow-mo while attacking an enemy. This will allow a player to accumulate time to plan what to do in combat situations against enemies.

A player must collect the XP boxes and select the use moves that will assist their fighting technique.

NEKoTROnic shows a player some tips and hints in stick it to the stick man.

Tips how to beat boss


A player must choose the jogger class. At the start of the game, the player must select the jump kick, roundhouse kick, and forward kick.

A player must then get the fly kick and the stampede kick next.

At the taser enemy, a player must rush the enemy and use all their moves and go up and camp on the next floor before a player goes to the mini-boss level and select their best move.

A player must then choose bicycle kick and street sweeper moves.

A player gets to the floor that the boss is on, they must ensure they have more than 15 health. A player must use high range and high range damage moves. 

It is important for a player to use a platform if they have low health from the fight and use the platform to select their best moves. 

DoomSucksAtGames gives a player some tips to beat the boss.

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