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Last Updated: March 24, 2023
Settlement Survival
  • First Released: Oct 10, 2021
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Managing a settlement can end up being quite a big job that entails a lot of responsibilities, thankfully those that play these games and have an intricate knowledge of the internet have created trainers to make city building easier. Settlement Survival does not offer cheats in the conventional sense, but if you download a trainer from a trusted site, it will give you access to cheats that you did not have before. Trainers offer cheats such as:

  • Free Construction - Default Toggle F1
  • Super Workers Speed - Default Toggle F2
  • Unlimited Silver Coins - Default Toggle F3
  • Unlimited Technology points - Default Toggle F4
  • Max Workers Stats - Default Toggle F5
  • Super Weight Capacity Default Toggle F6
  • Free Trades - Default Toggle F7
  • Game Speed - Default Toggle F8
  • Set Game Speed - Default Increase F9
  • Default Decrease Shift + F9

With the internet being such a vast place, there are other trainers that would offer you different cheats such as Fast Construction, unlimited happiness, and unlimited experience. So make sure to do your research and find the trainer that will offer the cheats that will suit your playstyle the best.

Health and Happiness are key


The health and happiness of your townspeople are one of the most important things to focus on. These are important because if your health and happiness are low, there can be a high death rate due to diseases or there can be potential for a high crime rate. Keep an eye out for the immigrants that you are accepting into your settlement. If you have a large immigrant acceptance rate, the potential for accepting diseases into your settlement is big. The happiness levels of your townspeople affect the fertility rate, so the higher the happiness, the more your town can grow without the need to accept immigrants, which then will lower the risk of accepting new diseases into your settlement. Happiness can be increased by adding structures such as churches and police stations. So focus on keeping your people happy and healthy and they will take care of your settlement for you.

Sarmate Gaming explains why health and Happiness is important.

Make Sure Your Workers Live Near Their Work


One of the most important things to consider when you are making the layout of your settlement is how close a person lives to their workplace. If one of your people lives too far from their workplace, they will end up spending too much time going between those two places and that will kill your efficiency. Another reason is that during the colder seasons, your workers could die from cold on their way to or from work, the same happens with thirst during the hotter seasons. So make sure that your workers live close to where they work so that your efficiency is not cut down too much so that you have to compensate in other ways. The best way to achieve balance in the layout is to make sure that your settlement is not set up with neighborhoods and working areas. Set up your village so that you have small clusters of living facilities and work facilities in blocks so that your people do not waste time running back and forth all day.

Sarmate Gaming tells us about the setup of our settlements.

Ideal Starting Animals


Within the game, there are animals that you can buy or trade for that will help you expand your settlement. Some of these animals will help you more in the beginning than others, make sure to pick the ones that will give you the most out of raising them. The best three to start with would be the Buffalo, Cattle ( not cows), and Alpaca. The buffalo will give you leather, the cattle will also give you leather( cows will give you milk) and the alpaca will give you alpaca fur. The way to get these animals is to build a hunter's cabin, once you have built one, you can assign up to three people to be your hunters and they will go out and find the animals.

Sarmate Gaming tells us about which starting animals to look out for.

Get Silver coins while you can


Keeping silver coins as a backup can mean the difference between your settlement surviving or being destroyed when a disaster event happens. If you have silver coins as a backup, you can buy resources outright instead of fumbling around trying to make a plan. The best way to get silver coins is to put all your excess resources in your dock and then your citizens will trade those with other settlements for silver coins. Another way is to set up a mint and a silver mine, the mine will harvest silver and the mint will then turn the silver into silver coins.

Sarmate Gaming teaches us how to make silver coins.

Make Your Buildings Indestructible


Disasters can be a huge pain, you have just finished rebuilding after the previous one, and another one hits. This can be one of the most frustrating things in the game, but what if you can make it so that those troublesome disasters do minimal damage to your settlement? I am here to tell you that that is possible, if you upgrade your building enough, it will become indestructible. Make sure to make the buildings in the path of a disaster indestructible, as most of the time, certain disasters take a similar route through your settlement.

Sarmate Gaming explains how to make buildings indestructible.

Which Tech Trees to focus on


All in all, there is no one best tech tree to follow, the best method is to look and predict what you would need next. Such as soap, police stations, etc. Early on, the number of research points that you have will limit how fast you can advance in a tech tree. The best way around this is to build as many research institutes as you can spare when you have some townspeople to spare. This will give you the research points that you need and will help keep the happiness of your townspeople higher, which will lead to a good expansion.

Sarmate Gaming teaches us how to best use our tech tree.

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